First Line Friday (week 52): One Year of FLF Giveaway!

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Guess what today is??

It’s First Line Fridays’ birthday!

At least on my blog.

That’s right – I’ve been doing FLF for a year now so I thought today we would celebrate!

Instead of giving you a first line, I’m going to show you all the books I’ve spotlighted for FLF since I started doing this a year ago.

AAAAAAAND i’m giving one of you winner’s choice of any ONE of these books!!!













Let me know your first line in the comments & then head over to see what First Lines these friends are sharing today:

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As I mentioned, I’m giving one of my readers WINNER’S CHOICE of ONE book that I’ve featured on First Line Friday for the past year! Your choices are above, and it’s open internationally except where prohibited. (US winner get choice of paperback or ebook. International winner gets ebook only.) Giveaway is subject to Reading Is My SuperPower’s giveaway policy which can be viewed on the Disclosure page. Enter via the Rafflecopter below.

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102 responses to “First Line Friday (week 52): One Year of FLF Giveaway!

  1. Kay Garrett

    From My Heart Belongs in the Superstition Mountains: Carmela’s Quandary by Susan Page Davis
    You get out there, and I mean now.

  2. “Alice-Ann Branch stood in front of her bedroom dresser, eyes focused on her reflection in the large oval mirror hanging before her.” ~ The One True Love of Alice-Ann by Eva Marie Everson

    Happy FLF Birthday, Carrie!

  3. Janet Ferguson

    Oh wow! Thanks for offering my book as a possible prize!!
    My first line:
    Charles Martin’s Long Way Gone:
    “I’d seen him before.”

  4. Carrie, you know how impossible that is! You’d have to help me choose 😉

    I’m starting The Memory of You by Catherine West today (finally)!

    The wood-paneled walls of the boardroom were closing in.

  5. “I find it shocking,” said Clarissa Webster. “Shocking and, if you must know, rather frightening.”

    Mr. Campion’s Farewell

    The subject of author here is quite interesting. Margery Allingham’s most famous creation was Albert Campion (delightfully brought to life on the BBC by Peter Davison). When she died, her husband finished her last novel and wrote two Campion books of his own. When HE died, he also left an unfinished Campion story. This one, Mr. Campion’s Farewell, was completed fairly recently by Mike Ripley with the blessing of it’s owner, The Margery Allingham Society. Ripley has written two sequels of his own now (which I have not read, but plan to soon). I wish him the best in not leaving any unfinished ones. If so, I hope he leaves them to me. 😉

    P. S. If you have not read any Campion stories, you’re in for a treat. Allingham wrote the most amazing plots ever. If you start with what is technically the first one (The Crime at Black Dudley), keep in mind that Campion was only a bit player there. He came into his own in Mystery Mile, and what a delight he is!

    P. P. S. Thank you, Meez Carrie for including Drew. He says mere words can never express his delight.

      • You must! You must!

        And if you’d rather watch, again Peter Davison is a treat. He has a manservant, Lugg (Brian Glover) who is a hoot. As the books tell us, he was a cat burglar “until he lost his figure.”

        I’m sure all eight episodes are available on Netflix or Hulu or somesuch.

        You can’t go wrong with TV or books in this instance. Books are more detailed, of course, and Allingham’s plots fit like fine watchworks.

        Try them! Any of them! All of them!! 😀

  6. That is awesome news! Congratulations! I’m so happy to have been a part and to be a part of such a lovely literary endeavor. 🙂 Thanks Carrie for making First Line Fridays so much fun! 🙂

  7. What great choices, I think I would pick the Ringmaster’s Wife.

    My first line is: “It was the worst twenty-four hours of my life.” – Your Next 24 hours by Hal Donaldson

  8. Shelia Hall

    Kendall Mayes shoved freshly signed contracts into her purse as she turned the corner and walked through main section of downtown Goose Creek. From “Small town Girl” by Jessica Keller. Would love to win “Fetching Sweetness” by Dana Mentink.

  9. Jenny

    Can i choose after I win?? ?
    Eleanor Braddock startled when the soldier grabbed her hand, his grave surprisingly strong, his palms slicked with bood, sweat and war. With eyes clinched tight he held onto her as though she were the last person on earth. Which for him… she was.

  10. Tracey Hagwood

    Lady Ella Myerston knew more than everyone thought she did-and more than they thought she should.

    A Lady Unrivaled by Roseanna White

  11. Alison Boss

    Lucy knew she was going to regret this.

    ~Love, Lies & Typewriters: A Wartime Western Romance Novella
    by Heather Blanton

  12. Paula S.

    I would love to have a print copy of ALady in Disguise by Sandra Byrd. I just finished the French twist series and the Bride of a Distant Isle. She is sooo good!
    First line: If I had known exactly where and in what kind of trouble I was about to land, I’d have stayed in Paris. Piece de Resistance. Sandra Byrd.

  13. Anne Rightler

    My first encounter with light as more than illumination from a flashlight was on our homestead in Alaska at age five.
    Introduction to Who Told You That You Were Naked by William E Combs
    Congratulations on a year of FLF!!!

  14. MH

    “I hesitated at the gate, afraid that my mere presence would seem a sacrilege to death’s inmates” from Of Stillness and Storm by Michele Phoenix.
    Congratulations on your first year of FLF!!

  15. Winnie Thomas

    “A thin layer of snow and ice covered the narrowing road, and Link Whitman tapped the brakes to slow his pickup.” Home at Last by Deborah Raney

    You have soooo many great books listed. I’m not sure which one I’d pick. I have over 20 of them either in print or on my Kindle. Our reading tastes are very similar, my BFFF!

  16. Nadine

    “Every seven-year-old deserves a superhero.” From My Grandmother Asked Me to Tell You She’s Sorry by Fredrick Backman

    As for a choice of book, I’ll leave it your discretion as I’d want one which is appropriate for Amish and Mennonite readers as those communities are growing in my area and the local libraries need appropriate books. I donate books I win in contests to libraries after reading.

  17. Merry

    It’s my good luck you’re here from Bookman Dead Style by Paige Shelton

    I would love to read The Devoted by Suzanne Woods Fisher

    Thanks for the chance and congrats on the year of FLF’s!

  18. Debbie Clatterbuck

    “An angel of light stood before me, blonde, beautiful, on hand behind his back.” From Widow by Denise Weimer. If I win, I would like to have Irish Meadows by Susan Anne Mason, please. Thanks for the giveaway and congratulations on your FLF Birthday. Good luck everyone.

  19. Linda

    From Told You Twice – “Yes, I’m meeting them, Jeffrey.” Would the world wobble on its axis if just once someone didn’t feel the need to check up on her?

    I had to read this after finishing Told You So, and it’s been a wild ride! I’ve either read or have many of the books on my ever growing TBR pile, but A Lady in Disguise looks particularly intriguing. Thanks for all your recommendations!

  20. Becky Smith

    My first line is from For the Love of Grace by Kimberly Rae Jordan
    “Grace Anderson stared straight ahead at the white wall of a small hospital room.”

    My choice would be The Sound of Emeralds

  21. Janice Moore

    “Anything could happen while the dead slept” was penned by DiAnn Mills in “Deep Extraction.” It is looking like a great book!
    I would want to read “”Red Rose Bouquet”!

  22. Andrea Stephens

    Congratulations! Happy Anniversary FLF!!! You have so many good books! I’ve read a few of those too 🙂
    My first line is from The Viscount’s Proposal by Melanie Dickerson
    May 1813
    Was this the night she would actually die of tedium, triviality, and hypocrisy?

  23. Janice Moore

    “Anything could happen while the dead slept” was penned by DiAnne Mills in “Deep Extraction” and it is looking like a great book!
    I would like “Red Rose Bouquet” if chosen.
    Thank you, Carrie, for a wonderful list of books to suggest reading – just my taste!!

  24. Kris M

    Nikki Boyd grabbed the armrest of the aisle seat as the plane hit another air pocket and the FASTEN SEAT BELT light flickered on above row 29 on the Airbus.
    – Lisa Harris “Pursued”. My choice would be “A Changed Agent”.

  25. Dianne Casey

    The sky is falling, and I’m searching for somewhere to hide.
    From.Amish Wanderer by Laura V. Hilton. I would like to read Dressed for Death.

  26. Pam K.

    “When Maggie Greene heard a noise in the big old house below her, she sucked in her breath to listen.” from Murder is No Accident by A.H. Gabhart.
    If I won your drawing, I would love to have Long Time Gone by Mary Connealy.
    Thanks for the chance!

  27. Sylvia M.

    “Why, Livvie! Whatever are you doing?”

    The Elusive Miss Ellison by Carolyn Miller

    I would love The Thorn Keeper by Pepper Basham. Such a good author.

  28. Elizabeth

    I would choose Tackling the Fields if I won. “A new day-another opportunity to prove herself to her boss.” Almost Like Being in Love by Beth K. Vogt

  29. Katie Andersen

    “Young lady, my marital status is none of your concern.” From Secrets and Charades by Cindy Ervin Huff

    I would choose A Lady in Disguise by Sandra Byrd

  30. Debra Watson Duncan

    I disappeared the day I moved to Manhattan. Five years ago I took a train to a boat, crossed the water and landed on the shores of the city that never sleeps.
    12 Saturdays by F.P.Lione
    My book choice would be The Carpenter’s Daughter

  31. You’ve got some great book selections there. 🙂

    My first line is…
    Far-off screams filled the air and rattled six-year-old Jimmy Colton’s bones.
    (from Beyond the Silence by Tracie Peterson and Kimberly Woodhouse)

  32. What a fun post! For a first line, I’ll share one from These Broken Stars: “Nothing about this room is real.” It’s outside my usual genre, but the series was a fun and compelling read.

    Which book would I choose if I won? Tough choice, but I’d have to say The Merchant’s Daughter would be my choice. I’ve read several of the ones listed, but I haven’t read that one yet.

  33. “Aurora Daniels inhaled the scent of justice wafting through the courtroom.” – Final Verdict by Jessica R. Patch. (By the way, Final Verdict was AWESOME!!)

    I’ve read many of your FLF, but I’ve always wanted to add Jennifer Rodewald’s Red Rose Bouquet to my READ list since I heard such great things! Thanks for the giveaway!

  34. “I should have listened to my mother.” From ‘A Fool and His Monet’ which I just picked up at a sale today. It sounds really good so far. 🙂

    I would love a copy of ‘Can’t Help Falling’ which is on my list.

    Happy FLF Birthday!! Thanks for the giveaway too.

  35. carylkane

    Happy One Year FLF! It is the HIGHLIGHT of my Friday! *wink*

    My first line comes from A LOVE SURRENDERED by Julie Lessman

    Boston, Massachusetts, May 1932

    So help me, if I get caught tonight, Peggy Pankow’s name is “Mud”.

    I would love to a copy of A Lady in Disguise by Sandra Byrd.

  36. Jordann

    “Pressing her nose against the glass of the carriage window, Miss Permilia Griswold felt her stomach begin to churn as she took bit of the throngs of people lining Fifth Avenue.”

    – Behind the Scenes by Jen Turano

    There are so many good books to choose from, but Love’s Faithful Promise by Susan Ann Mason would be the one I would choose!

  37. Julie Waldron

    “The problem with good things that happen is that very often they disguise themselves as awful things.” The Bookshop on the Corner by Jenny Colgan.

    I’m not sure which book I would choose, there’s so many great choices. Maybe Long Time Gone.

  38. JJ

    “After all the women I’ve known and all the illusions of romance I’ve helped create on stage and film, you’d think I was Hollywood’s leading expert on love.”

    Excerpt From: Eide, Camille. “The Memoir of Johnny Devine.”

    I loved this book.

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