Zuzu Interviews: Robin E. Mason’s ‘dog’ Jasper

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Hi folks! Zuzu here!

Mom’s off at the RT Convention this week, so I told her I’d take over the blog today. Not. to. worry.

She thinks she’s the one with all the connections so she booked an interview for me with the dog of one of her author friends, Robin E. Mason.

(I just smiled and wagged my tail. So sweet of her to think I need help. Please. I have my own connections, thankyouverymuch)

Jasper is a dog of no particular breed, but that’s ok. We love all dogs around here. Cats? No thank you. But all dogs are welcome.

Now… just between us… I think our friend Jasper needs to hire someone else to do his head shots. I mean, he’s got a cute face and all but it sorta looks too airbrushed. Like someone who doesn’t know how to use photoshop got her hands on it. (I’m looking at you, Mom.)

Hi Jasper! Welcome to my blog! Or my Mom’s blog… or whatever. We all know it’s really my blog. I just let her borrow it.

Jasper:  Pshah! it’s your blog, Dude. Let the human think it’s hers. Kinda cute around here. Super Power, that was your idea, right?

Zuzu: Yes… I let her think a lot of things are hers. Like the bed, the couch, the loveseat, this blog. But we all know they belong to me. (And of course it was my idea.)

Mom starts all of her guests with a fast four, so I do too.

Bones or Chew Toys?

Jasper: string because it’s enticing and never ending

Zuzu: String?? Ok. I guess that could be a dog toy… Never tried it.

Frisbees or tennis balls?

Jasper:  easy peasy! tennis balls! they go EVERY where! BONUS – they drive the human crazy

Zuzu: Truth. Ok – so – this next question. I don’t even know why she asks this one. I mean, seriously. The answer is so obvious.

Dogs or cats?

Jasper: well duh. that’s is so unreasonable to even ask!!! just rude <<shrugs and harrumphs>>

Zuzu: I hear ya. Moving on… quickly. That one doesn’t even count.

Squirrels or birds?

Jasper: ooohhh, birds!! all | the | birds!!! And they’re everywhere this time of year

Zuzu: Really? Birds? I find them curious but I’d never chase them. I don’t chase squirrels either though. But my favorite stuffed toy is a squirrel. We’ve been through a lot together.

Behind-the-ear scratches or Belly Rubs? Why?

Jasper:  oh ears, definitely. but she just | won’t | stop

Zuzu: And that’s a problem??

Jasper: yeah, you know, too much of a good thing

Zuzu: I could let Mom and Dad scratch behind my ears and rub my belly allllll day!

Jasper: belly is okay but she gets mad when I try to play. of course, sitting on her shoulder is good too, and this computer thing, takes up MY lap space!! sheesh

Zuzu: I don’t think sitting on Mom’s shoulder would go over very well…. but I know what you mean about the laptop. Infuriating rectangle.

Jasper: petting – my game, my rules! ha!

I recently heard this Colonial American Proverb – You will always be lucky if you know how to make friends with strange cats. What are your thoughts on this controversial statement?

Jasper: strange cats can just stay away! my mom is mean and decided she wanted to live outside again. we get along much better without her. I mean she was hogging all the food!

Zuzu: Your mom lives outside??? You know… I’m starting to get a little suspicious. You like string. You like birds.  You like sitting on your mom’s shoulder. Were you raised by cats or something?

Jasper: well yeah. duh. my brother and two sisters.

Zuzu: Oh that’s sweet. How you’ve sorta adopted them as your siblings.

Jasper: Jake is so shy, makes no sense to me. I mean ya gotta rule them, right?? and Penelope is such a diva! Juniper thinks she’s the human’s favorite. we all know I’M the favorite.

Zuzu: Well, of course. Dogs always are! I’d rather run the neighborhood cats out of town than adopt them, but that’s just me.

Jasper: I’d love to get out and chase the neighborhood cats away but this stubborn human won’t let me out!! ever.

Your mom doesn’t let you go outside? EVER? <<whispers>> Not even to piddle?

Jasper:  well no, we have a box. two in fact. don’t you???

Zuzu: <<blinks>>

Jasper: <<blinks back>>

Zuzu: You piddle in a box? Like a CAT?!? why would you do such a thing?

Jasper: LIKE a cat??? Dude, i AM – wait for it… wait for it… I AM A CAT!!! RAWR!!

Zuzu: hang on. I need to conference with someone. (Off screen) MOM! WHAT IS THE MEANING OF THIS?!?

Jasper: we can still be friends, right??

Zuzu: I’ll think about it.

<<mumbles>> Mom says that reading is her superpower and sleeping is mine. If YOU and YOUR MOM had superpowers, what would they be?

Jasper:  sleeping is da bomb!!! my mom?? writing I guess. it’s all she does even when she clearly should be paying attention to me (yawns)

(Still a little grumpy) Tell me about your mom’s books. What does she write about?

Jasper:  they’re people stories (ugh) she does have a sweet cat in the new one, and four dogs – that should make you happy

Zuzu: <<perks up>> That DOES sound promising!

Jasper:  she writes about people who don’t seem to know who they are. i don’t get that. like this last one, the lady was a servant but she was really royalty or something.

Zuzu: Like a cat who pretends to be a dog?? Yeah, not letting that one go for awhile.

If you were going to write a book, what would you call it and what would it be about?

Jasper:  The Great Outdoors – all the birds and Squirrels. I’d catch them all. Would you ever write a book?

Zuzu: Nah. It cuts into my sleeping time too much.

Jasper… I guess I should say ‘thanks’ for stopping by the blog today. Even though there was an epic misunderstanding apaw.

Jasper: hey, thanks for letting me visit. sorry about the, uh, jokester. My mom is really good at that.

Zuzu: yeah, well… you seem like a good guy so i’ll allow it this time.

What’s coming up next for your mom?

Jasper: geez man, she’s been so crazy. A new book coming out this summer and another one in the fall – and two more after that! AND she just said she has another new idea for more!!! is she ever gonna stop???

Zuzu: Probably not. Kinda like my mom and reading books – it’s neverending! Well, Jasper, it’s been fun… mostly! Maybe we’ll talk again after I work on my cat issues

Jasper:  I hope i’ve helped. Zuzu, i like talking with you. and tell your mom her new favorite book is The Long Shadows of Summer. my mom wrote it – it’s gotta be good.

About Jasper’s Mom:

“I’ve always had voices—er, stories in my head. I once said I should write them all down so someone could write them someday. I had no idea at the time that someone was me!”

Ms. Mason has been writing since 1995, and began working in earnest on her debut novel, Tessa, in 2013.  Meanwhile, she cranked out a few dozen poems, made countless notes for story ideas, and earned her BFA in Interior Design.  Ms. Mason lived with depression for many years, and the inherent feelings of worthlessness and invisibility; she didn’t want to be who she was and struggled with her own identity for many years.  Her characters face many of these same demons.

Ms. Mason writes stories of identity conflict. Her characters encounter situations that force the question, “Who am I really?” For all who have ever wondered who you are or why you’re here, her stories will touch you in a very real—maybe too real—and a very deep way. “I know, I write from experience.”

Ms. Mason has three novels published, the unsavory heritage series. Tessa, Clara Bess, and Cissy are available on Amazon, both for Kindle and in print. She also has several poems included in an anthology, Where Dreams and Visions Live (Anthologies of the Heart Book 1) by Mary Blowers, as well as a short story, Sarafina’s Light, also in an anthology, Blood Moon, compiled by Mary Blowers. She is currently working on The Tilting Leaves of Autumn, Book Two in her new series, Seasons. It releases in November, following The Long Shadows of Summer which releases in August. Books 3 and 4 in the series will be out in 2018.

You can connect with Robin on her blog, Facebook and Twitter.

Zuzu here again. Rumor has it that my mom is hanging out at her convention AND on Jasper’s mom’s blog today! Head over here to check it out!



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  1. Kav

    Bwahahahaha! Zuzu, you will have to give your mom a stern talking to when she gets back home. What a trickster!!! I admire how you kept it professional though. 🙂

  2. Jasper here. Zu, my friend, you’ve been a good spot, i mean a good sport with all this. Thanks for letting me be your guest today – while the human’s away, the pets will play! #highpawfive

  3. carylkane

    ZuZu, I love your interviews! Your Mom must bring back lots of treats to overcome the anxiety of this interview! You MUST demand MORE snuggle time when she returns! I hope you don’t have to see a therapist due to the trauma!

    ZuZu, Keep watch over Dad until your Mom returns!

    • Hullo Human, it was all in good fun, and Zuzu is a good sport. all the treats and all the snuggles (that’s our job as pets – it’s how we control, er, I mean – that’s our job. that is all) Zu and I have laughed over it, no need to call in a therapist! #shakeshead

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