Some Goodreads Giveaways and Weekly Update for May 20

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Happy Saturday to you!

And Happy 45th Anniversary to my parents 🙂 They are such an example of what a godly and loving marriage should look like, and I’m so very blessed to be their daughter. We’ve had a rough grief-filled week due to the passing of my mom’s brother from alcoholism, and I saw again how my parents love and support each other so well through joy and through sorrow.

Here are the Goodreads giveaways ending this week that I thought might be of interest to y’all. Best of luck to each of you! ? As always, clicking on the covers will take you to the giveaways and neither myself nor my blog are in any way affiliated with Goodreads or these giveaways. All giveaways are US only unless otherwise indicated.

Giveaways Ending May 21



All 4 giveaways ending on May 21st are open to US and CAN.

Giveaways Ending May 22


Giveaways Ending May 23


(Re) Union and A Tailor-Made Husband are open to at least the US and CAN.

Giveaways Ending May 24

Giveaways Ending May 25


The above two giveaways are open to the US and CAN.


Giveaways Ending May 26



Giveaways Ending May 27

It’s been a busy week here at RimSP!

I reviewed the following books:


I talked with the following authors:

Amanda Barratt || Matt Johnson || Audrey Rich

Top Ten Tuesday: My Fave Moms in Childrens/MG/YA Fiction
First Line Friday

AND we had awesome Guest Posts from the following authors:

Don’t forget to enter all these fantastic giveaways!


This week, I will review at least the following books:



I’ll talk to the following authors:

Mikal Dawn | Lee Wolfe Blum | Becky Wade

And we’ll hear from…

Aubrey Grayson
Stephenia H. McGee
Connie Almony
Misty Beller

…as part of the Excellence in Indie Publishing Giveaway!

For Top Ten Tuesday:

Cover Love: Summer Edition

Some links I loved:

Suzie’s Book Convention Survival Tips and GIVEAWAY @Remembrancy

Character Interview w/ Becky Wade’s Nora Bradford @ Litfuse

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Swoony Saturday: Sam Miller @ Pepper Basham

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13 responses to “Some Goodreads Giveaways and Weekly Update for May 20

  1. Congratulations to your parents! And what a sweet wedding picture. 🙂

    I’m sorry to hear about your uncle. I lost two uncles and a brother to alcoholism. It’s really a tragedy.

    • Carrie

      It’s heartbreaking, isn’t it? I’m so sorry that it has taken so many loved ones from you :-/

  2. So sorry about your uncle. Addiction is a vicious problem that damages the addict and hurts so many around them. Not many families are untouched by this desperate issue.
    I love that you have great parents who support each other and you. What a blessing.

  3. Connie Saunders

    I am so sorry to hear of your uncle’s death. My mother died Feb. 20 and today my the home that my parents shared for 41 years and that my mother lived in for 11 more years was put up for auction. Household belongings that had been in this family unit for over 66 years were also sold. I experienced the feelings of grief and loss all over again but my husband was right there with me so yes, a long marriage is a sharing of both joys and sorrows!
    My prayers to you and your Mom.

  4. Kim

    Congratulations to your parents! I know they must be incredible because just look at you!

    My husband and I have been married for almost 35 years – we were very young when we married ? It is such a blessing to have a wonderful spouse who supports at all times.

    Thanks Carrie- love this post. Praying for you and your family.

    • Carrie

      Thank you so much, Kim!!! And I didn’t even bribe you with chocolate to say those lovely things 😉

  5. Donna B

    So sorry for your families loss. Praying for you. Congratulations to your parents on their anniversary.

  6. Marilyn

    Congratulations to you parents. God Bless them. May they have many more.
    Sorry about your Uncle. May he rest in peace.

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