Excellence in Indie Publishing GIVEAWAY Guest Post: Aubrey Grayson

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As part of the Excellence in Indie Publishing FANTASTIC Giveaway going on this week, I’m delighted to welcome Aubrey Grayson as she talks about her Regency novel Legacy Redeemed and how it teaches us to lean in to our struggles!

In my novel Legacy Redeemed, Susannah starts out in a tough place. Through a combination of unexpected circumstances and some of her own decisions, her life is heading in a dangerous direction.

So she runs away, determined to make a fresh start.

That sounds nice, sometimes, doesn’t it?

Just leaving all our troubles behind, and starting over.

Because we live in a broken world, I know you have troubles.

It might be that someone you love said something unkind. Or that someone you love is on the brink of death. Or just that you are stuck in a cycle of drudgery that you see no end to. Regardless of what it is, it is a struggle. It is your struggle.

And it stinks.

But truth be told, most of us don’t really want to leave our lives. Just because we are tired of getting up before dawn to pack healthy lunches for our children, (who may or may not go on to complain about the contents of said lunch), doesn’t really mean we no longer wish to have children, or don’t recognize the blessing they are in our lives.

Those of us who are walking alongside someone struggling with health, or even end of life, issues, don’t really want to walk away from that person.

We just want things to be different. Better. Easier.

And who can blame us?

But our circumstances mold us. They teach us lessons about ourselves, and others, and God.

And you, struggling with a baby you can’t get to sleep, or a child who doesn’t care about his grades, or a husband who is more interested in playing video games than spending time with you, are no exception.

For you are God’s handiwork. You were created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for you to do.

And all these circumstances are just preparing you to do them.

When Susannah finally turns her life over to God, He gives her more than she had asked for or imagined.

And my prayer for you today is that as you lean in to the struggles in your specific life that God does the same for you.

May you look back a year from now, and be blown away by how those struggles have been redeemed!

From a young age, Aubrey Grayson devoured books with alarming alacrity. Ignoring her mother’s pleas of “Come and watch TV with us!”, her most frequently uttered response was “Just let me finish this chapter!” She dreamed that one day, she could write stories just as entertaining as the ones she found at her local library. When a middle school teacher informed her that her writing suffered in comparison, little Aubrey gave up on the dream of living a life full of words, and found solace in something she discovered she liked just as much – numbers! As she grew, she eventually embarked on a career in corporate finance, complete with a shiny, expensive MBA. But as God is wont to do, He pulled her off this path a few years in, and gave her back her dream of writing. She hopes you enjoy reading her work at least as much as she enjoyed writing it, which is to say – a lot! Aubrey Grayson lives in Texas with her own Prince Charming, and three not-so-little children.

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Nick Daventry is a widower, with a young son, whose family is encouraging him to remarry. But Nick never expects to find love again. When he discovers his inheritance is in jeopardy thanks to a crazy provision in his grandfather’s will, he puts everything he has into saving it. He returns to his coastal home, only to encounter a deceiver in the form of a devilishly beautiful woman he’d traveled all the way from London to escape. But is she the key to redeeming what is lost?


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  1. So true! I have been reading about seeing trials as a necessary means of pushing us to grow in new ways, and I think so much of it boils down to trusting that God is working things together for good. So glad you were able to return to your love of writing!

  2. Paula S.

    We had a district rally at our Church last month and our verse was Ephesians 2:10! We decorated with quilts and pieces of quilts, potholders-to show how we are stitched together in God ‘s love. Great post! I love Regency Christian fiction. Thanks .

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