Top Ten Tuesday: Recent YA Additions to my TBR

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Today on Top Ten Tuesday, we’re talking about books we’ve recently added to our TBR piles from a genre of our choice. I decided to look at Young Adult novels since that’s not my most-read genre, but it’s something I’m trying to branch out into more.

In no particular order, here are some YA books that have recently grabbed my eye and piqued my interest. Covers are Carrie-bait so most of these first got my attention because of their covers and prompted me to investigate further (i.e. – read the back cover copy). These are not all Christian fiction, but I *think* most of them are clean.  Not having read them yet, I’m not positive though.





I know that inevitably I have forgotten several so … What about you? What are some YA books you’ve recently added to your TBR?

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32 responses to “Top Ten Tuesday: Recent YA Additions to my TBR

  1. It Started With Goodbye is next on my TBR! I put it on my Christmas wishlist, my dad forgot he ordered it for me, and it showed up as a surprise on release day 🙂

  2. MH

    I read a bit of YA some time ago but have been too busy on my favorite genres’ TBR planets to revisit this genre. I fortuitously received a copy of Unblemished by Sara Ella from NetGalley so I’ll be starting that book soon (thanks, Carrie, for all your endorsement of the series….now I’m intrigued).
    I do love Melanie Dickerson’s fairy tales. The Noble Servant was excellent.

  3. I’m not a big fan of YA (probably due to my advanced age! LOL), but Hunting Prince Dracula looks like a good read. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Rebecca Maney

    Sara Ella’s second book is definitely on my radar, and I very much want to try this side of Jennifer Rodewald’s exceptional skills, just have not taken the plunge.

    I am looking very much forward to Stephanie Morrill’s next book, but I have “no clue” when that will be.

    Consistent reads? Anything YA by Jody Hedlund or Melanie Dickerson.

    By the way, what do you know about Lorie Langdon/Carie Corp’s series?

  5. Suzie

    I really liked Seeking Mansfield by Kate Watson. A modern-day YA adaptation of Jane Austen’s “Mansfield Park” but the backstory Watson gave to the main character made this character!

  6. I’m currently reading ‘Sky’ and am liking it quite a lot. “Hunted” is on my eventual-TBR, as is ‘Goodbye’ and the ‘Dracula’ books have me really curious! I hear good things so that’s positive.

    Marissa’s new novel has me super curious too even though I haven’t read her Lunar books. Yet. 😀

    • Carrie

      oh good! i’m so glad to know you haven’t read the Lunar books either. It makes me feel less “out of the loop” lol

    • Carrie

      I’ve recently read a couple YA fantasies/sci-fi books that were really really good! The Evaporation of Sofi Snow (Mary Weber), Unblemished (Sara Ella) and its sequel Unraveling, Shimmer and Burn (Taranta), and Flame in the Mist (Ahdieh)

  7. Gasp! I recognize one of those!!! 😉 Thanks, Carrie! I’m very much looking forward to reading Sara Ella’s follow up to Unblemished, and just for the cover alone, I’m totally chomping on the bit to read The Girl Who Could See by Kara Swanson. Oh! And Slave, by Laura Frances looks wonderfully intriguing. Must read this soon! So many books…

    • Carrie

      i have been stalking the internet for word about it ever since I finished reading Stalking Jack the Ripper 😉

  8. Toward a secret sky sounds like my kind of book. I must put on TRL. If it is a love triangle I all over it like white on rice. Lol

  9. I read what some of the other books are about on Amazon and they seem so intriguing. I read Towards the Secret Sky now and I loved it.

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