First Line Friday (Week 61): Dark Deception

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This has been a week. And I am glad to see the end of it 🙂

Since it’s Friday, it’s time to grab the book nearest to you and leave a comment with the first line.

The book I’m featuring today is Dark Deception by Nancy Mehl.

And the first line is …

“Playing dead was harder than she ever could have imagined.”


Check out my review and enter to win your own copy!

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29 responses to “First Line Friday (Week 61): Dark Deception

  1. “The airport announcement tugged Clara’s gaze away from her lap and away from her grandmother’s jasmine-scented, maple-gold envelope.” –The Song of the Desert Willow (my WIP). Because what else would be nearest me at 1 a.m. when the husband is at work? 😉 Happy Friday!

  2. Kay Garrett

    Lately, I have resorted to stalking. Not a person, but a book.
    Once Upon A Spine by Kate Carlisle

  3. Janice Moore

    “At least they couldn’t fire her” is the first line in “Five Days in Skye” by Carla Laureano.

  4. “Jenny Bennett woke as pebbles clattered against her window.”
    First line in To The Farthest Shores” by Elizabeth Camden.

  5. Haley Resseguie

    “Like manna from heaven, the words fell from the sky.”
    First line in High as the Heavens by Kate Breslin. I am a third of the way through and I want to play hookey (impossible as a stay at home mom!) to keep reading it!

  6. carylkane

    Turtle Springs, Kansas
    April 1866

    Pa had some kind of nerve, up and dying like that-just when I’d gotten used to Frank being gone. Adjusting her somber bonnet, Caroline Kane exited what was now her inn, onto the boardwalk and then stepped down to the hard-packed dirt street.

    First line from Dime Novel Suitor by Carrie Fancett Pagels. This is my “debut” as a character in the story.

  7. Rebecca Maney

    “Well, I suppose crime will just have to start to pay!” . . . .I am half-way through ” A Lesson in Love and Murder” by Rachel McMillan.

    Love it!!!!

  8. Becky Smith

    Happy Friday! My first line is from Widow by Denise Weimer: “Oglethorpe County, Georgia, June 1857, An angel of light stood before me, blonde, beautiful, one hand behind his back.”

  9. Andrea Stephens

    It has been a week, hoping next week is better for you, my friend.
    My first line is:
    The promised view of the mountain peak waited, cloaked in mist like a tissue-wrapped gift not ready to be unveiled.
    “The Road to Paradise” by Karen Barnett

  10. Bless you and your hubby, Carrie! Just arrived yesterday in time for First Line Friday, from Lisa Wingate’s BEFORE WE WERE YOURS: “My story begins on a sweltering August night, in a place I will never set eyes upon.”

  11. The line I’m sharing here is a book my 9 year old just finished and enjoyed:
    “A bright bolt of lightning splits the dark and flickers over the skylight.”
    Frank Einstein and the Antimatter Motor – by: Jon Scieszka

  12. Paula S.

    The Lost Boy by Thomas Wolfe : Light came and went and came again, the blooming strokes of three o’clock beat out across the town in thronging bronze, light winds of April blew the fountain out in rainbow sheets, until the plume returned and pulsed, as Grover turned into the Square.

  13. Great first line! I am intrigue 🙂

    My first line is :
    “The first inkling that something was wrong was the waking in the darkness to find the cat pawing at my face.” ~ The Woman in Cabin 10 by Ruth Ware.
    I’ve heard great things about this book. I am really looking to reading this mystery/thriller.
    Dinh @ Arlene’s Book Club

  14. “Maude Welling’s twelve-year-old brother, Jack, raced across the waxed wood floor of the soda shop, straight toward her, then skidded to a halt.”
    This first line comes from the book I am currently reading – My Heart Belongs on Mackinac Island by Carrie Fancett Pagels

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