Guest Post (and a Giveaway!): Linda Goodnight’s Top 5 Reasons for Writing Lone Star Bachelor

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I love chatting with prolific author Linda Goodnight, and today I’m delighted to welcome her back to the blog to talk about her new novel Lone Star Bachelor (June 2017, Harlequin Love Inspired).

Winner of the RITA Award for excellence in inspirational fiction, Linda Goodnight has also won the Booksellers’ Best, ACFW Book of the Year, and a Reviewers’ Choice Award from Romantic Times Magazine.

Linda has appeared on the Christian bestseller list and her romance novels have been translated into more than a dozen languages. Active in orphan ministry, this former nurse and teacher enjoys writing fiction that carries a message of hope and light in a sometimes dark world.

She and husband Gene live in Oklahoma with their daughters, Masha & Victoria.

Connect with Linda at her website, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Amazon, and Goodreads

Her new book, Lone Star Bachelor, is the 4th book in the Buchanons series for Love Inspired!

Her Unexpected Hero

Sawyer Buchanon was against hiring Jade Warren. The escalating threats against his family’s construction business—and Sawyer in particular—don’t warrant the time and money spent on a private investigator. Even if Jade’s smart, beautiful and challenging in a way that intrigues him.

Jade has personal reasons to mistrust any Buchanon—especially one as handsome and smooth as Sawyer. But everything she’s been led to believe about the successful Buchanons crumbles in the face of Sawyer’s decency and sweetness. And the closer Jade gets to Sawyer, the more intense her feelings for him become.

Soon the biggest risk she’ll face is having Sawyer steal her heart.


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Top 5 Reasons I Had to Write Lone Star Bachelor

Linda Goodnight

I’m a list maker. I love the things. Grocery lists, to-do lists, lists of places to visit, books to read, and so on. Part of the reason for making lists is to keep my head straight and avoid forgetting all the things I need to do. But I also like the order and control I feel when I have a nice, tidy, fresh list in front of me. Or on the fridge. Or pinned to my bulletin board. Or sticky-noted to my computer monitor. Well, you get the idea. I like lists. So, it was only natural, for me anyway, to create a list of reasons for writing the final book in The Buchanons series, Lone Star Bachelor.

Just for fun, let’s make it a countdown. Are you ready? Here we go:

#5.       Hero Sawyer Buchanon. This guy needed a story! Witty, charming, goodhearted, and did I mention dreamy-looking? He was fun to write because he reminds me a lot of my sons who are also witty, charming, goodhearted and handsome. (Says their mama, who is not at all biased. No, not one bit.)

#4.       Heroine Jade Warren. I wanted to create a smart, strong woman in a non-traditional career who was also beautiful and vulnerable. Let me know how I did.

#3.       To contrast the effects of twisting scripture and using religion as a hammer with the love and light of true Christianity. Wow, that was a mouthful, but you’ll see what I mean when you read the book. Jade’s dad is a piece of work.

#2.       Even after three books, I didn’t know who was vandalizing the Buchanon Construction properties. I had to write book 4 to find out, and boy, did I surprise myself!

#1.       And the number one reason I wrote Lone Star Bachelor? (Drum roll please.) Men in tool belts! Need I say more?

So there you have it. Five reasons why I was practically forced to bring this new book to you. I hope you’ll love it.

So tell me, what’s the number one reason you purchase a book? Is it author, storyline, the cover or title, or something else entirely?

Oh, and if you haven’t read the other three Buchanon books, they’re still available for order. Here’s a link to all four: The Buchanons


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49 responses to “Guest Post (and a Giveaway!): Linda Goodnight’s Top 5 Reasons for Writing Lone Star Bachelor

  1. Janice Moore

    The book needs to be on a topic I really love, an author I really love, or a cover I really love!

  2. Rebecca Maney

    All of the above. I can’t help but pick up a book with a beautiful cover. Then I progress to reading the back cover blurb. Word of mouth is another biggie for me, I love to read what others have loved reading. And I am very loyal to authors once I enjoy their books!

    And speaking of Linda Goodnight, I have enjoyed anything that I have read that she has written!

  3. Kay Garrett

    I think the number one reason I read a book is reviews or recommendations. Next has to be the storyline. It has to be about what appeals to me in general. I will have to admit that a cover can attract me too. 🙂

  4. Winnie Thomas

    I don’t have a number one reason I read a book. I go by a combination of cover, blurb, author, recommendations by others who have similar tastes in books, posts on my BFFF Carrie’s blog.

    This book looks and sounds intriguing. It must go on my TBR list.

  5. Lori Smanski

    this sounds like fun. trust is a big issue for so many. I start with the author, then the story line, than the covers. but most of all it has to be Christian and something that ultimately I can walk away with something that I can apply to my own life.

  6. The number one reason I purchase a book is the author. When I find an author I like, I tend to buy anything they write. I’ve discovered many new authors when I read novellas where three or four authors contribute. It usually features an author I am familiar with, and then I am introduced to new ones. I’ve been introduced to so many great authors and follow up by reading their other books.

    • Sabrina Templin

      But a title or a cover that grabs me is why I pick up the book to look at the blurb usually. So something ahs to grab my attention.

  7. Becky Smith

    I buy a book because of the author, the storyline, the cover or title, book reviews or recommendations from bloggers like you or from friends… It’s really a combination of these. Sometimes I don’t buy a book because of the price, but for some authors I don’t pay much attention to the price.

  8. I pick a book first for the storyline, then the author, then the cover. Usually the author/cover is what makes me pick it up, but the storyline has to sound appealing to me otherwise I’ll pass.

  9. Trixi

    Can I say that I pick a book based on “all of the above”? 😉 The number 1 reason is because it’s Christian & I know I will find a strong faith-theme in the pages. Some message God has just for me through that particular author! I’m always amazed at how He has just the right thing to say to me at the right time 🙂

    Book looks/sounds good, Love Inspired are my go-to reads!

    • Carrie

      “I’m always amazed at how He has just the right thing to say to me at the right time” – yes. this. 🙂

  10. Sonnetta Jones

    I pick a book for the storyline/ author and sometimes if I like the scene on the cover.

  11. MH

    The author and the storyline!!
    A beautiful cover does help me remember the book after I’ve read it.

  12. Caitlin

    The reviews or recommendations are the most important thing, but the power of an attractive cover should not be underestimated.

  13. Donna B

    I would have to say all of the above plus it has to be a clean book. Also any recommendations from friends and reviews that I have read.

  14. Shash

    The author is definitely my number one reason to pick up a book. If it’s a new-to-me author, then it depends on the storyline and reviews, but it’s usually the cover that grabs my attention first.

  15. Julie Waldron

    My main reason is the storyline. The cover is important too, even though they say “you can’t judge a book by its cover”. 😉

  16. Deana Dick

    It is because it helps me deal with PTSD and I love to read and review books to bless authors for their hard work.

  17. Dianne Casey

    A cover makes me pick up a book to read the description of the story. I buy the book because the story interests me. Books by my favorite authors I will usually pre-order.

  18. Connie Saunders

    I must admit that a favorite author will draw me in but I do read the back cover to see what the book is about. And, show me a cute baby, handsome guy or beautiful scenery and once again, I take that second look!

  19. Terrill Rosado

    For me, it’s the author first. If the author is unfamiliar, I will try to find out more about them. What I really want is an author who is transparent and authentic in their faith, because most often those same traits will be apparent in their writing.

  20. Chanel M.

    For me, the title and the cover draw me to a book. If I know the author, then seeing the familiar name will draw me in as well. But ultimately, I won’t buy a book unless I like the storyline. If I need a little more convincing, I sometimes read the first and second page of the book to get more of sense of it. Or just stare dreamily at the cover a few moments longer.

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