First Line Friday (Week 62): A Wrinkle In Time

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Yay! Happy Friday!

Since it’s Friday, it’s time to grab the book nearest to you and leave a comment with the first line.

The book I’m featuring today is A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L’Engle.

And the first line is …

“It was a dark and stormy night.”

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56 responses to “First Line Friday (Week 62): A Wrinkle In Time

  1. Sabrina Templin

    A small scraping sound exploded in the still night like a pistol shot setting Claire’s every nerve on end.
    ‘To Tame the Wind’ by Regan Walker 🙂

  2. Paula S.

    Newton and Polly by Jody Hedlund: ” I fear that our wassailing has become a nuisance.”

  3. Kay Garrett

    “She was so young and lovely, in her late twenties, but she was dying of cervical cancer, which had spread to many parts of her body.”
    More Glimpses of Heaven by Trudy Harris

  4. Becky Smith

    I need to read Madeleine L’Engle’s books! Happy Friday! My first line is from Karen Krist’s new LIH book The Engagement Charade, coming out July 1st (and it’s REALLY good!): “Alexander Copeland’s one goal in life was to be left alone.”

  5. Rebecca Maney

    “There was nothing like a letter from the IRS to stop a man in his tracks.”
    Sweetbriar Cottage by Denise Hunter.

    What an heart tugging story so far!

  6. It doesn’t get any more original than that first line! When I make up stories to tell my son, “It was a dark and stormy night”. It’s great!
    I’m currently reading (and loving) All Of You by Sarah Monzon. “Lieutenant Michael “Finch” Carrington pulled up the zipper of his green flight suit and stared at the mass on the opposite rack.”

  7. carylkane



    Silvery moonlight slanted through the closed shutters, faintly illuminating Caroline Fletcher’s bedroom.

    Candle in the Darkness (Refiner’s Fire Book 1) by Lynn Austin

    Happy Friday and Happy Reading!

  8. I loved that book! Hmmm…. In my case, the first line of what I’m reading isn’t published yet. It’s not due out until April of 2018. But I’ll give you her first line anyway because I just love this book.

    Amaryllis Fililppopoulos lay in the hayloft hours after her father’s second squad of warriors had left the estate grounds empty-handed.

  9. I’m currently reading three books: “The Valley of Vision” (devotional prayers from the Puritans), “Candle in the Darkness” (Lynn Austin), and still working on Sherman’s Memoirs so I’ll pick a line from “Valley of Vision” that stood out to me today…
    “If I oppose the Word I oppose my Lord when He is most near;
    If I receive the Word I receive my Lord wherein He is night.”

  10. April Gardner

    I’m reading “The Last Great Magic” a story of Tecumseh by L.C. Fiore.

    First line: After you die, your ears still work.

  11. Elizabeth

    “She held the brass ring in her fingers at last.” Love Among the Lilacs by Jenna Victoria

  12. Ah yes, the epitome of first lines!!! Love “A Wrinkle In Time!” OK, I’m in my office at the library, so let’s see what is closest . . .

    “Playing dead was harder than she ever could have imagined.” Wow!! That’s from Nancy Mehl’s “Dark Deception,” book 2 of her Defenders of Justice series. It’s in the “new” stack – must read that one!!

  13. Debbie Clatterbuck

    What cannot be cured must be endured. From A Moonbow Night by Laura Frantz. Just started reading it, but I’m sure it’s a good one.

  14. Anne

    With her right hand flat on the glass-topped table, fingers spaced apart, Olive used her left hand to dip the black brush into the small glass tube. Kerfuffle by Kristin N Swanson

  15. “My daddy used to tell me the best way to stay out of trouble was to think about tomorrow before you act today.” from The Raven by Mike Nappa

    Wow, just realized I last read A Wrinkle in Time in the late 1970’s. I think it might be ripe for my Nostalgia Rereads pile 🙂

  16. Kristy Shelton

    Rebekah Carrington stood shivering across the street from her childhood home, satchel heavy in hand, cloak dusted with snow. – A Note Yet Unsung by Tamera Alexander.

    I’m an author and had never read A Wrinkle in Time. At my last book club meeting in May, the organizer, who happens to be a dear friend and former elementary teacher, made me raise my right hand and promise to read it. She then gave me a copy. I kept my promise. I can’t believe I had never read it before. Classic first line, for sure!

  17. I’m starting a novella by Melissa Tagg called “Three Little Words”. The first line is “Seven years shouldn’t feel like such a gaping span of time.”

    And I love “A Wrinkle in Time!”

    • Carrie

      Aaaack. Rachel! I can’t even. No. You and Beth MUST read A Wrinkle in Time by CFRR. You just must. In your spare time. Lol!

  18. I’ve seen a lot of writing advice that you should never start with “A dark and stormy night” because it’s too cliché. They should say you can’t use it for the same reason you can’t start a book with “It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune, must be in want of a wife.”

    I haven’t actually read A Wrinkle in Time. I must fix that.

    I’ve just bought Bridge to Haven by Francine Rivers (something else I haven’t read but should have). The first line is:

    Filling his lungs with cool October air, Pastor Ezekiel Freeman started his morning vigil.

    • Carrie

      That first line didn’t seem to hurt L’Engle at all but we certainly don’t want everyone copying lol! I haven’t read Bridge to Haven. I must fix that! 🙂

  19. Andrea Stephens

    So many great first lines. I’m sorry I missed yesterday. My first lines were in a brochure about eye surgery, I won’t be sharing 🙁

  20. I’ve never read this book. That makes me sad. 😉

    Unless you get one of those miracles they’re always talking about in church, I don’t see how you’ll be able to keep the business open into spring.
    Weaver’s Needle by Robin Carroll

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