Author Interview (and a Giveaway!): Debra E. Marvin & The Case of the Clobbered Cad

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I am so delighted to host Debra E. Marvin today! She is a follower and frequent commenter here on RimSP, so some of you may recognize her just from conversations we’ve all had together. AND I get to see her in person this Saturday at #CFRR2017!!!

Debra E. Marvin is a member of ACFW, Sisters in Crime, a Grace Awards Judge, and serves on the board of Bridges Ministry in Seneca Falls, NY. She’s one of the founders of Inkwell Inspirations Blog, and is published with WhiteFire Publishing, Forget Me Not Romances, Journey FIction and contracted with Barbour Publishing.  Debra works as a program assistant at Cornell University in upstate NY, and enjoys her family and grandchildren, obsessively buying fabric, watching British programming and traveling with her childhood friends

You can connect with Debra on her website, Facebook, Pinterest, Inkwell Inspirations and Twitter.

Her new book, The Case of the Clobbered Cad, released this week from Journey Fiction!

Inspired by the famous Girl Detective, the members of the Olentangy Heights Girls’ Detective Society, affectionately known as the Nosy Parkers, spent their formative years studying criminology, codes, and capers. Unfortunately, opportunities to put their unique skills to work were thin on the ground in the post-war boom of their little corner of suburbia and they eventually grew up to pursue more sensible careers. Until…

Heather Munro’s youthful devotion to The Girl Detective led to a passion for digging around in history. Now pursuing her Master’s Degree in Celtic Studies, Heather must balance exploring Edinburgh with her determination to excel in her all–male classes at the University. Unfortunately, on her first night working in the Archives room, she discovers the dead body of a visiting professor, the same would-be lothario she’d hoped never to see again.

As clues come to light, it’s clear someone hopes to frame Heather for the murder. Besides her quirky landlady, whom can she trust? How can she clear her name? The police and the American Consul have plenty of suspects, but only two seem to have both motive and opportunity: Heather and the quiet Scottish historian she longs to trust.

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Hi Debra! Welcome to the blog! I start all of my guests out with a fast four:

apples or oranges

Debra: Apples all the way. I grew up in ‘the Fruit Belt’ of NY State, surrounded by apple orchards.

Carrie: YUM!

winter or summer

Debra: I hate to be cold, but I enjoy the slower pace and lack of heat and humidity, and ragweed pollen.

Carrie: Amen & amen.

dogs or cats

Debra: I can’t believe I’m saying this but I’ll go with Cats. Just because they can use a litter box (and give us freedom) and have fewer emotional issues. 🙂

Carrie: <gasp> Here is where we part ways. You’ve been hanging around DeAnna Dodson for too long LOL

coffee or tea

Debra: So not fair.  Coffee because I’m psychologically dependent on it, even if it’s decaf!

Carrie: That’s a prerequisite to being an author, isn’t it? 😉

Around here I like to say that reading is my superpower. If YOU had a superpower, what would it be?

Debra: Coming up with a plan. I like to organize things and find better ways to do something or practical solutions to a problem.

Carrie: That’s an awesome superpower to have!

Who is your favorite book character from childhood?

Debra: That would have to be Black Beauty. I not only loved and re-read that book, I lived it. Well, okay, I played Black Beauty, and yes, I played it by myself. Across the street from me was a big old, unused barn with three levels. The bottom level was in the hillside and included a row of stalls and old gear from harnesses, etc. My favorite playground and I did a lot of pretending with the characters from this classic piece of literature.

Carrie: So many people mention that book and its characters when I ask this question! I really need to make time to reread it someday soon 🙂

If I asked your characters to describe YOU as an author, what would they say? 

Debra: They would say that I have some strange quirks. I’m an obsessive plotter but despite all the work I do, I still end up having to write notes over and over by chapter to remind myself what each character is feeling at that time. (I’m an ISTJ, after all) They’d tell you how ugly my first draft is (something akin to “See Jane run,”) and that I go through it over and over to improve layers of action, emotion, and setting. A very slow process. They know me very well by the end!

Carrie: haha!

Your new book The Case of the Clobbered Cad (love that title!) is part of the new Nosy Parkers mystery series, which features a group of amateur sleuths inspired by THE Girl Detective (ahem.) Besides the Nosy Parkers, who are some of your fave amateur sleuths in fiction?

Debra: Nancy Drew (have you heard of her?), Goldie the Caterer (Dianne Mott Davidson), Amelia Peabody (Elizabeth Peters), Miss Silver (Patricia Wentworth), Maisie Dobbs (Jacqueline Winspear), Lord Peter Wimsey  (Dorothy Sayers), and Charlotte Pitt (Anne Perry). That’s a good start, huh?

Carrie: A very good start – and several I need to add to my TBR! And yes… I think I’ve heard of Nancy Drew 😉

Did you have Heather’s story plotted out ahead of time or did you encounter some surprises along the way?

Debra:  I was pretty well plotted out but like any good mystery author, (ahem) I debated on who the final, actual killer was. It changed which is so much more fun for me! The book was originally going to be set in the U.S. until I booked a last minute vacation to Scotland. So, new setting, new murder! And the supporting cast of characters was a joy to write.

Carrie: SCOTLAND!! I’m so jealous that you’ve been there. Another place on my bucket list.

What do you most want readers to take away from The Case of the Clobbered Cad?

Debra: I want readers to recall the enjoyment of reading the tales of The Girl Detective and perhaps some armchair travel to Scotland. And… an interest in reading Heather’s next adventure!

Carrie: You had me at The Girl Detective and armchair travel to Scotland. I’m sure I’ll be eagerly waiting Heather’s next adventure too!

Debra is giving away a copy of The Case of the Clobbered Cad to one of my readers! Winner’s choice of paperback (US only) or ebook (open internationally, except where prohibited by law). This giveaway is subject to Reading Is My SuperPower’s giveaway policies which can be found here. Enter via the Rafflecopter form below.

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What about you? Who is one of your fave girl detectives?

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66 responses to “Author Interview (and a Giveaway!): Debra E. Marvin & The Case of the Clobbered Cad

  1. Rebecca Maney

    This sounds EXACTLY like my kid of book. Love sleuthing! Nancy Drew was my favorite growing up, but Drew Farthington (J. Deering) and Merinda and Jem (R. McMillan) have been close companions of late.

  2. Kay Garrett

    Have to go with my girl detective hero from my youth on this one – Nancy Drew. 🙂 Many an hour spent sharing her great adventures and fun memories too.

  3. Evangeline

    Nancy Drew was my fav detective when I was young…not sure who would be my fav now. ? Debra is a new-to-me author, and I would love to win a copy of her book. Thanks for the chance.

    • Debra

      Hi Evangeline! I have a variety of novellas out there. Mostly historical romance, but this is my first mystery! My favorite genre! What was your most memorable Nancy adventure?

  4. Meredith Miller

    As a kid, Nancy Drew. Now…Stephanie Plum (maybe not quite a detective) or Charley Davidson….I’m sure there are more.

  5. Sharon Guagliardo

    This books sounds like lots of fun. Gee, I think I have to go with Nancy Drew. She’s the one I grew up with!! Thank you for the chance.

  6. Arletta

    Nancy Drew when I was younger but recently read through Sandra Orchard’s series “Serena Jones Mysteries” and highly recommend those three books. The book covers do not draw you in but the story line is unique and the love triangle makes you reach for the next book. I am hoping there will be a fourth eventually, or a spin off into a new series.

  7. Debra

    I am on vacation and tapping away in my smart phone. I’m much more wordy when I can use all ten fingers at a time!

    Waving to you all from Cape Ann Massachusetts where I’m working on a novella. I wish it was the next adventure for my heroine, Heather! I sure hope this series dies well as I’m anxious to write that next mystery for my amateur sleuth!

  8. Shash

    Like so many, I’ve got to go with Nancy Drew. I loved reading those books when I was younger! My aunt even gave me the books she had when she was a little girl. I still treasure them!

    • Debra

      Very nice! I found out there was Nancy Drew fabric but too late to buy any. Well I can buy some on EBay if I want to spend the big money! And,as I’m a quilter I might just do it. They have panels of book covers! Thanks Shash! I appreciate your comment!

  9. :::waves at Deb::: SO glad to see this book coming out. Woo hoo! The world needs more cozy mysteries!

    :::gives Deb a high five and whispers “Cats rule, dogs drool.”:::

    • Debra

      DeAnna I will tell you a secret. I am on a sort of vacation but I’m alone and writing all day on deadline. Not really alone because I brought my cat. 7 hrs in the truck. She was great! Except what kind of weirdo takes a cat on vacation? I guess I do ?

      • Poor Zuzu. She needs to get out more. There’s more to life than petals.

        You need to show her some cat/dog friendship pictures.

        ~O~ All that I’m saying . . . is give cats a chance. ~O~

  10. Susanne Dietze

    Love the interview of a fantastic lady *by* a fantastic lady! I’m so jealous I can’t meet up with you both later this week. Get a pic!

    So happy for Deb with the release of this fabulous book. Congratulations!

    I don’t know how to be a cat person. My mom is allergic so we never could have a cat, stay with people with cats, etc… Sorry DeAnna and Deb.

      • Debra

        Ha ha. Traveling with my little buddy was not the original plan but she’s been good. She’s used to being all over the state in summer.

        Thanks for all the kind words Susie. I’m excited to get to meet so many readers, reviewers and bloggers in a few days. And some authors I’ve never met. Thanks for all your support through the rough times ( aka the rough first draft!).

    • Carrie

      “i don’t know how to be a cat person” – me either, Susie lol! Wish you were joining us this weekend!!

    • Debra

      Hi Martha. I re read a few of them last year. Nancy made some brave ( or dangerous ) decisions that were admirable when I was a tween but now feel a bit silly. I think I liked her lifestyle as much as anything. Always running Off on vacations or adventures with her car and spending money! Sweet!

  11. Winnie Thomas

    I’m reading this book now! Well, not right this minute, as I’m writing a reply here. 😀 I’m about half way through and really enjoying it, Debra.

    I’m sooooo excited to meet both of you in a very few days! Eeeep! It’s getting close!

    • Debra

      Janet Evanovich created a gold mine There. With a series you have to leave room for slow growth overall as a main character can’t remain stagnant. Which is part of the draw. Readers don’t just read for the mystery or crime solving but for more time with a great character!thanks for stopping in Linda!

  12. Vivian Furbay

    This sounds like a fun and interesting book to read, happening in one of the places I’ve been interested in. Hope top win a copy!

  13. Debra

    Hi Vivian. I must say it was hard for me to let go of this story because writing it was like returning to Edinburgh each day!

  14. Karen

    When I was little, I read the Bobbsie Twins. Do you guys remember them? I checked those out of the library. My family owned a collection of books called the Happy Hollisters. Those were my very first chapter books! I was so proud of myself when I started reading them!

    I also read a lot of Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys when I was young. They were funny and a little bit cheesy. It cracked me up that every chapter ended in a cliffhanger! ? I liked it when the three of them teamed up too.

    • Debra

      Hi Karen. Lisa Richardson and I chatted about this a lot. We felt we couldn’t quite replicate Nancy in our heroines. Nowadays her sneaking around in dangerous conditions time after time would make her a Silly heroine. Our heroines did not want to get involved but felt they had no choice. True amateur sleuths. If you get a chance to read our stories I think you’ll like how we handled that. It’s fun to think we’d be out taking chances but would we? I completely agree with the cheesy part. And yes I read the Bobbsey teleins too.

    • Carrie

      Karen – I LOVED it when the HB and ND teamed up!! I always thought Frank was a better match for Nancy than Ned anyway lol

    • Cathi

      I remember these books! I loved them when I was younger. I remember being terrified of riding on a carousel after reading about one of the Hollister boys climbing up the horse’s pole and getting stuck. (PS – I still don’t really like carousels or any amusement park rides!)

  15. Janet Estridge

    The first girl detective book I read was Trixie Belden, followed by Nancy Drew. Maybe that is why I love reading mysteries so much.

  16. Marilyn

    Nancy Drew. I just started to read a mystery “A Molly Murphy Mystery””For The Love of Mike’ by Rhys Bowen. She[Molly Murphy] has become a favorite of mine.

  17. Cathi

    What a nice interview! I liked Nancy Drew also when I was young. Now I like so many of the women detectives I can’t even list all of them. Some of my favorites are Stephanie Plum, Goldy Schulz, Hannah Swensen, Kinsey Millhone, V.I. Warshawski and Sarah Booth Delaney, to name a few.

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