Top Ten Tuesday: Recommended Time-Slip Novels

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Time-slip novels are quickly becoming one of my fave sub-genres in fiction. They blend contemporary with historical and usually have a little bit of mystery thrown in. Best of all worlds, right there!

These dual timeline novels are not time-travel books, but rather stories whose perspective slips back and forth between time periods. When done well, this makes for a completely captivating story. So, here for your enjoyment are 10 time-slip novels done captivatingly well!






I highly recommend any and all of these books – for newbies to the genre, longtime fans, or people who are hesitant about the dual timeline aspect!

What about you? What are some of your favorite time-slip novels?


50 responses to “Top Ten Tuesday: Recommended Time-Slip Novels


    I love dual timeline stories! I’ve read two of these (Kristy Cambron and Rachel Hauck…love them both). Thanks for the other recommendations!

    • Carrie

      you are most welcome! A lot of Rachel and Kristy’s books are timeslips – I highly recommend all of them!

  2. I love Sarah’s books, of course! I haven’t read the others, but they look great! Lisa Wingate kind of has time slip novels in The Story Keeper and The Prayer Box and The Sea Keepers Daughter. They have two stories in them, but told in letters for the historical parts. They are lovely books.

  3. LOVE All of You by Sarah Monzon! Also, my fave (I think it’s a time slip, not quite sure on the definition there…) is The Shape of Mercy by Susan Meissner (pretty sure I spelled that wrong! Sorry.)

  4. Paula S.

    How about The Butterfly and the Violin? I like them when they are well done. I have read the Lisa Wingate novels and they were memorable.

  5. Pam K.

    Susan Meissner writes time slip novels too. I think hers were the first I’d read of this type. My favorite books of hers are A Fall of Marigolds and Secrets of a Charmed Life. Cynthia Ruchti’s When the Morning Glory Blooms is also a very good time slip novel.

    • Carrie

      i didn’t realize that Cynthia’s book was a timeslip. Ahem. Clearly I haven’t read that one yet lol

  6. Mary Kay

    Yes! the Butterfly & The Violin. Most all of Kate Morton’s (Forgotten Garden, House at Riverton, Distant Hours) and recent Susan Meissner ~ The Girl in the glass, A Bridge Across the Ocean, Secrets of a Charmed Life, A Fall of Marigolds, Lady in Waiting ~ all excellent, compelling novels (as well as the startlingly good one mentioned above: The Shape of Mercy). Sarah Jio has some good ones too (though I haven’t read as many of hers as the other authors) ~ Blackberry Winter, Violets of March

    Apparently time slip novels have become a favorite of mine. Glad to add some new ones to my TBR. And I’m writing one too.

  7. I’ve been curious about “All of You” because I’ve seen it around the blogosphere (including here!). Of course, I adore Kristy’s ”Ringmaster,’ too. 🙂

    Fun topic AND list, Carrie.

  8. Thank you for all of these recommendations, Carrie! Super honored to be included. I didn’t know about some of these, and I want to read them ALL!

  9. Tracey Hagwood

    Both of Sarah’s books in the Carrington Family series
    Lisa Wingate’s Carolina Chronicles series that Janet mentioned
    The Writing Desk by Rachel Hauck
    Loved all these!

    • Carrie

      I didn’t realize that series by Lisa Wingate was timeslip – moving those up higher on my TBR list!

  10. Megan Hamsher

    Masterpiece series by Kristy Cambron
    Butterfly & Violin is Book #1, Sparrow in Terezin is Book #2
    (I read Butterfly and enjoyed it, but refused to read anything WWII-related for a couple of months.
    My review is on amazon and goodreads, if anyone wants to look it up)

    Another one that fits this description is Remembering You by Tricia Goyer
    Grandfather takes granddaughter on a trip to WWII battlefields.

  11. Carrie, I’m honored that Secrets She Kept is included in your outstanding list–thank you! I love time slip novels and have read several of the ones you mentioned . . . now I have more to add to my TBR list! Thank you!

  12. Sarah

    Ooooh!!! I get to add some to my TBR pile! Thank you for adding my Carrington boys!

    Also, I LOVE that dual timeline books seem to be gaining in popularity. I love them so much (as you could guess).

  13. Becky Smith

    I have many of these waiting on my Kindle, but The Wedding Shop is one of my favorites! And also The Writing Desk by Rachel Hauck!!!

  14. carylkane

    Carrie, the time-slip sub-genre is becoming one of my favorites too! Thank you for eh recommendations. I may need a time-slip shelf on my Goodreads page. *wink*

  15. Mark Bayliss

    Hi Carrie
    I have just completed my debut novel which I have recently discovered happens to be a time/slip novel. I’m looking for a publisher, ideally in the UK. Do you have any suggestions. Thanks

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