Author Interview (and a Giveaway!): Gabrielle Meyer & Inherited: Unexpected Family

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I am always delighted to spend time with Gabrielle Meyer, whether it’s in person at CFRR or online for a blog chat!

Gabrielle Meyer lives in central Minnesota on the banks of the Mississippi River with her husband and four children. As an employee of the Minnesota Historical Society, she fell in love with the rich history of her state and enjoys writing fictional stories inspired by real people, places, and events. She loves connecting with readers on Facebook, Instagram, and her website,

Her newest book, Inherited: Unexpected Family, released August 1st.

An Unexpected Partnership 

After arriving in Minnesota Territory with her sisters to claim their late father’s hotel, Elizabeth Bell is shocked to learn her inheritance comes with a handsome co-owner. After too long working for a domineering boss, Elizabeth yearns to be in control—of the hotel and her life. But Jude Allen won’t sell his share, and Elizabeth refuses to leave.

Rescuing soiled doves and giving them hotel jobs is Jude’s way of redeeming his past. He’s counting on rough frontier life driving his new business partner away before she learns the scandalous truth and demands he stop his mission. But he may have underestimated Elizabeth…and the power of love to turn a complication into a bright new beginning.

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Hi Gabrielle! Welcome back to the blog! Let’s start with a fast four:

Gabrielle: Anything with chocolate and peanut butter.

Carrie: amen & amen

Gabrielle: Lily of the Valley.

Carrie: that makes me want to sing a song …. ‘He’s the Lily of the Valley, the Bright & Morning Star. He’s the Fairest of Ten Thousand to my soul….”  <ahem> sorry. to the next topic!

Gabrielle: Fourth of July

Carrie: oh fun!

Gabrielle: Amazing Grace, by Chris Tomlin

Carrie: one of my absolute faves too!

Q: Who is your favorite book character from childhood?

Gabrielle: Betsy Ray from the Betsy-Tacy series by Maud Hart Lovelace. Maud grew up in Mankato, Minnesota around the turn of the Twentieth Century and later she wrote thirteen books about her life, from age five to her wedding. It’s similar to Little House on the Prairie, but set in a slightly later time period in a charming community on the banks of the Minnesota River. This series shaped my life in many ways and had a profound effect on my writing. I’ve read the series to my daughters and we visited Mankato a couple summers ago. Each time I read the books, I love them more and more. 

Carrie: This is one of the top answers I get for this question, right next to Black Beauty. I really must read these books sometime soon!

Q: If I sneaked a peek in your purse right now (which I would never do, I promise!), what would it tell me about you?

Gabrielle: It would tell you a couple things. First, I hate carrying a purse around and only started when I had my children. I’ve found the bigger the purse, the more junk I tote from place to place, and since I have four children, it’s pretty big! They are constantly shoving things in there like empty wrappers, rocks, sticks, broken toys, and used Kleenexes. My purse usually looks more like a garbage can than a purse! Second, it would tell you I’m not very organized or prepared. I’m constantly digging around in there to find my sunglasses, Chapstick, and wallet, which are never in the same compartment, and sometimes not even in my purse! When I need a pen or nail clippers, I usually have to ask my eleven-year-old daughter, who is always prepared and organized.

Carrie: haha! i love it!

Q: In your new book, Inherited: An Unexpected Family, Elizabeth Bell gets an at-first-unwelcome surprise when she claims her inheritance. What is something you’ve inherited (either physically or emotionally/spiritually) that you’ve come to treasure?

Gabrielle: Without a doubt, I inherited my mother’s love and passion for my community. I grew up watching her pour her heart and soul into the town we live in, first as the travel and tourism director, and then as our mayor. It left a major impact on me and taught me the importance of servant leadership, volunteerism, community pride, and dedication. It’s an honor to write stories inspired by the people, places, and events that shaped my hometown and share those stories with my readers.

Carrie: what a great legacy!

Q: Around here, I like to say that reading is my superpower. You’ve already told us your superpower, but what about your kids? Which superpowers would they have?

Gabrielle: Oh! I’m so happy you asked. My oldest, Ellis, is thirteen, and she’s phenomenally talented in the creative arts. Whether it’s singing, acting, taking pictures, or writing, she blows me away with her abilities. Maryn is eleven and she is my organizational extraordinaire (see comment about my purse)! When we take a trip, I’m never worried I’ll forget something, because if I do, I know Maryn will have remembered. She bounces with glee when she organizes her closet. Judah is one of my seven-year-old twins and his superpower is athletics! He has never tried a sport that he isn’t good at. It’s a blast to watch him participate. Not only is he good, he glows when he plays and it makes my heart so happy. Asher is my other twin and his superpower is his intelligence and persistence. He’s extremely smart and relentless once he sets his mind on something. Even if it’s never been done before, if Asher is determined it can be done, he’ll find a way. I can see him being an inventor, engineer, or scientist one day. His dream right now is to build the largest barge on the Great Lakes.

Carrie: I love this answer so much! How fun! What fantastic kids you have – and they are so blessed to have you as a mom 🙂

Q: This book is part of your Little Falls Legacy series, set in the Minnesota Territory. How have you researched this series? Is there something specific that stands out to you from what you’ve learned?

Gabrielle: I worked for the Minnesota Historical Society for ten years, and the local Morrison County Historical Society for two years, prior to staying home with my children. I also studied Minnesota history in college and have gone to countless museums and historic sites across the state. I’m also an avid collector of Minnesota history books and have dozens in my collection that I’ve read and studied. Along with all that, I’ve devoured newspapers, journals, and letters from people who lived in Minnesota during the territorial period. The thing that stands out to me in all my studies is the dedication, persistence, and hope the early pioneers exhibited. They were people of great faith in God, themselves, and the American dream. My desire has always been to share their stories so their hard work and sacrifices can be recognized and honored.

Carrie: You know… I called the Minnesota Historical Society once several years ago- to find out some info on my husband’s 2nd-great grandfather whose family settled there after immigrating from Germany. Maybe I talked to you! Wouldn’t that be a small world! haha!

Q: What do you most want readers to take away from your book?

Gabrielle: God doesn’t make mistakes. Sometimes we feel like things have gone terribly wrong and we’re faced with situations that look impossible to overcome. It’s important to remember that God isn’t surprised and, if we’ll let Him, He’ll use those times to demonstrate His power and faithfulness. I’m in the midst of one of those times right now with the closing of the Love Inspired Historical line. God used this book to remind me of that very lesson.

Carrie: Yes. Amen to that. I’m in one of those seasons myself, and I have said many times already ‘ God was not surprised by this’. Now to remember to watch Him demonstrate His power and faithfulness! Such a great reminder, thank you. ♥

Thank you so much for taking time to talk with me! 🙂 Before we say goodbye for today, tell us what‘s coming up next for you.

Gabrielle: In December, the third and final book in the Little Falls Legacy series will release with Love Inspired Historical. It’s called The Gift of Twins, and for those who have read the other two books, they’ll be happy to know that Ben finally gets his happily-ever-after! It was a fun story to write, because I used my twin boys as inspiration for the twins who get left on Ben’s doorstep at the beginning of the story.

Carrie: Oh yay! Definitely something to look forward to 🙂

Gabrielle Meyer is offering a copy of Inherited: Unexpected Family to one of my readers (US only). This giveaway is subject to Reading Is My SuperPower’s giveaway policies which can be found here. Enter via the Rafflecopter form below.

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What about you? What is something YOU have inherited (either physically or emotionally/spiritually) that you’ve come to treasure?

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75 responses to “Author Interview (and a Giveaway!): Gabrielle Meyer & Inherited: Unexpected Family

  1. Lori Smanski

    I have inherited my moms love and compassion for others, and her prayer warrior style.
    I have inherited her first sewing machine. And it sits in my sewing room.
    I have inherited the grace of Jesus and try to live like He would desire.

  2. Kay Garrett

    I like to think I inherited my Mom’s love for being in the kitchen. Doesn’t matter if it’s baking, cooking or prepping for a meal. I love to put good food that taste great in front of family and friends and see it disappear because they enjoyed it. Mom always said the secret ingredient is love. 🙂

    As you get older, you realize that material things aren’t as important as what’s inside. I try to do as both my folks did by serving God, putting others first and remember that others may be having a worse day than I am. Miss them both dearly but thankful for what they taught me and passed on to me.

    • Carrie

      You can’t tell by looking at me … but I did not inherit my mother’s (and both grandmothers’) love of being in the kitchen. lol! And you are so right – it’s the emotional and spiritual inheritances that are most priceless

  3. Hi Carrie,
    What about you? What is something YOU have inherited (either physically or emotionally/spiritually) that you’ve come to treasure?

    J*O*Y is one of the inheritances I have received from the Lord. Definitely a gifting! Nondependent on circumstances.

    Absolutely jumped out at me ~ “…letters from people who lived in Minnesota during the territorial period.” Journaling our times!

    I firsthand know that the closing of the Historical section of books would not be because of lack of readership! Loved this interview! Thanks, Kathleen ~ Lane Hill House

  4. Anne

    I have an afghan that my mom crocheted and when I see it on my couch it reminds me of her. I also inherited the legacy of faith in Christ from her and my dad. I couldn’t ask for anything better! Thanks for the interview. She and I were at the same table for lunch at CFRR!

  5. Winnie Thomas

    Well, I certainly didn’t inherit my mother’s organizational skills, cooking ability, or energy, and I didn’t inherit my dad’s athletic prowess. I did inherit the family genealogical and history records, though. I also inherited my grandfather’s piano and my great-grandmother’s china set.

    I enjoyed the interview, Carrie and Gabrielle! Your book sounds wonderful, Gabrielle. I loved hearing you tell about your research for it when we were at CFRR.

  6. MH

    I think my dad’s curiosity about the natural world has been passed down to me….and also to some of my children, thankfully.

  7. Marilyn

    I inherited my Mom’s love of reading and my Dad’s interest in sports[baseball,basketball, bowling and horse racing.]

  8. Dianne Casey

    I inherited my Mother’s love of reading. She always had a book nearby and would try to read any books we bought before we had a chance. We would find her initials on the first page of a book she had read, my sister and I still do this because we share our books.

  9. Debbie Clatterbuck

    The only thing I can think of that I have inherited is the bad things from my parents, obesity, premature graying hair, etc. But I do stand to inherit my grandmother’s Hutch that I cherish because it reminds me of her. She displayed her salt and pepper shaker collection on it that I used to play with when we visited in the summers. Mom is using the Hutch for now.

  10. Veronica

    I inherited my mother’s love of nature and reading. I’ve really tried to pass both on to my children, and it’s exciting to see my daughter pass both on to her two boys!

  11. Evangeline

    I inherited my dad and mom’s love for ministry. My dad was a loving, caring pastor, and my mom was actively involved in his ministry. I also inherited my mom’s love of reading!

  12. Andrea Stephens

    Wonderful interview! It was so nice meeting Gabe at CFRR this year, she is a sweetheart! I love her books too. I’m not entering because I already won this book at the Goodreads LIH Q&A! I can’t wait to get it and read it!

  13. Becky Smith

    I’ve inherited a Swedish Bible that belonged to my great grandfather. Also my grandfather’s pigeonhole desk and dining room table. They are real treasures! I LOVED this interview!!

  14. Paula S.

    My love of reading from my Mother, who is 100 yrs old. She is a writer. She and my sister published a book when she was 99! From my Dad: a great work ethic. He was always working and doing a fantastic job. Physical item: a diamond from Tiffany’s that my Grandfather gave my Grandmother. They were missionaries in China in the early part of the 20th century ( my Mother’s book is about growing up there) and he sent to Tiffany’s for the ring and they threw in the setting! I don’t have the original setting but that’s ok. Thanks for the review and interview!

  15. Maryann

    I inherited my mom’s outlook on life to never give up in difficult times and to always have faith. From my dad I inherited his compassion in helping others.

  16. Kathy Ross

    My mom used to tell me to let things go and not to worry so much because it wasn’t worth the stress. I’ve (since her passing) learned to understand what she meant and use it in my life. I think I got my determination and stubbornness from my dad. 🙂

    • Carrie

      haha! You really need both in life, ya know? The ability to let things go and a determination to survive 🙂

  17. Karen K.

    I have an antique bookcase that came from my dad’s side of the family. It’s overflowing with books, and I adore it! The poor fragile thing has held together for many years through numerous moves, and I pray that I can pass it on to my daughter someday!

  18. Bonnie Roof

    Along with my spiritual faith – which was passed down through my grandparents, I inherited some of my grandmother’s beautiful maple furniture, china, a tiny book stand with her books (she always ordered from one of the Christian book clubs), and her well-worn bible – which is held together with masking tape.

  19. Vivian Furbay

    Would love to win a copy of Inherited: Unexpected Family. I am reading The Whys Have It now. It is a moving book about loss and grief. Love the way Amy Matayo wrote it. Thanks so much for making sure I got it!

  20. Perrianne Askew

    I inherited my love of reading from my grandmother. She was a teacher & helped me learn to read at an early age.

  21. I inherited my love of reading, from both of my grandmothers, I think!
    Another thing that I inherited, a “thing”, is a lovely (very antiqueish looking) old china cabinet. It was in my grandmother’s home when she was a young girl, and now I am the privileged family member that gets to enjoy it for a season, and then pass on to one of my own daughters!

  22. Penny Mooney

    I don’t know if I inherited my love of reading or if I just found it for myself. I can remember always loving books even before I could read. To me they are my friends and take me on journey’s I would never be able to take. Both of my sons love to read and that makes me so happy. Both of my granddaughters do too. Elisabeth is like me in the regard of collecting books and taking care of them like they are precious. You and many other authors make my life enjoyable and take me on trips. Thank you for that, dear, and for the chance in this contest. May God bless and keep you. xoxoxo

  23. Penny Mooney

    I forgot to tell you that I inherited the love of my country and of people from both of my parents and grandparents. We all love to give a helping hand to anyone in need. Physical things are old churns, Milk Cans, and various other antique things. I have inherited several antique pieces that belonged to my late husband’s family. I plan to pass these on to my son still lives and my granddaughters.


    I inherited a beautiful rosary from my husbands aunt. Of all the blood relatives she could have chosen, I was honored she picked me. I inherited so many things from my parents. They are such a blessing. Faith, importance of family, hard work, compassion. My Dad loved to travel, take pictures and read, and those are three of my favorite things too. Thanks for the fun interview! I am from MN too! Would love to read a “new to me” author.

  25. Lynne M Feuerstein

    Thanks Carrie and Gabrielle for this fun interview! I would say I inherited my love of reading,history,movies,art,a sense of humor,and most importantly my love of God from my parents. I inherited and learned so much from them!

  26. Tracey Hagwood

    I inherited a briefcase full of our family’s genealogy.

    I love Gabrielle’s books and this one looks great!

  27. I inherited a pewter bowl from my Grandmother Webster. I love it and it reminds me of her.
    I loved meeting Gabrielle at CFRR. Thanks for the chance to win.

  28. Connie Saunders

    My Daddy was the reader in our family so I have always given him the credit for my love and my obsessssion of the written word. I recently inherited his mother:d treadle sewing machine and it reminds me of a strong farmwife who gave birth to nine children, raised eight of them to adulthood during the Depression and fed and clothed them through her hard work and her desire to nurture her children. She sewed on that sewing machine regularly and my dad remembers the shirts she made him and even a suit. I was blessed to have dresses made from feed sacks and I thought I was the best dressed girl in 2nd grade.

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