First Line Friday (week 76): Lady Jayne Disappears

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Happy Friday!

Before we get to First-Lining, I have some exciting news!

Since First Line Friday first began here on my blog, we’ve experienced lots of fun growth!
Coming October 6th… a new way to First Line Friday 😀

If you’ve ever debated joining us but weren’t sure you could commit to something every week, now’s the time to throw your first line into the ring!

Since it IS Friday, it’s time to grab the book nearest to you and leave a comment with the first line.

The book I’m featuring today is Lady Jayne Disappears by Joanna Davidson Politano

And the first line is:

“Well, Miss Harcourt. Are you, or are you not, Nathaniel Droll?”

Intrigued?? (You should be – it’s an awesome book!)

Enter the giveaway for Lady Jayne Disappears by clicking on the image below!

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36 responses to “First Line Friday (week 76): Lady Jayne Disappears

  1. Great first line, and it sounds like a great book!

    I’m sharing from Hold the Light by April McGowan over on my blog today, and I’ve just started reading what I’m told is an excellent writing craft book, Understanding Show, Don’t Tell by Janice Hardy. It starts well:

    Show, don’t tell is one of the most frustrating pieces of writing advice out there.

    I’m looking forward to understanding it better. And I’m looking forward to First Line Fridays getting bigger and better!

  2. Bhriv

    So looking forward to this read! Sounds like a great on.

    I think one way I’m probably like this character is that I would rather serve than be served.

    Sounds like a delightful read! Wishing this new author great success!!

  3. Andrea Stephens

    How dare the stars still light the night and the James River continue to flow, when the one who made Lettie’s life bearable was gone?
    This is the first line from chapter 1 (not the prologue) of Carrie Fancett Pagels novella “Love’s Escape” in The Captive Brides Collection.

    I’m excited to see what’s coming for First Line Friday.
    I also want to read the book you quoted from ?

  4. Veronica

    “Jeremiah Ring had witnessed death as often as the next man on the Allegheny frontier, but in all his thirty years he had encountered no deaths more dismaying than those confronting him now.”
    I’m reading Many Sparrows by Lori Benton, and it’s wonderful!!

  5. Really want to read this!

    I’m featuring the first line from J. Rodes’ “Charging the Darkness” on my blog today–great conclusion to her dystopian trilogy–but right now I’m going to share the opening of Rachel Dylan’s recent release, “Deadly Proof”:

    “You can’t call that a settlement offer.” Kate Sullivan looked directly into the dark eyes of her opposing counsel, who represented a medical device company.

    Have a great weekend!

  6. I’ve been seeing Lady Jayne Disappears a lot on social media. It looks intriguing.

    I’m reading Jaime Jo Wright’s The House on Foster Hill. “Death had a way of creeping up on a soul, and Ivy Thorpe was determined that when it visited her, she would not be surprised.”

  7. Haley Resseguie

    Okay looks like I will be ordering Lady Jayne Disappears soon! My first line today is also based off of your recommendation, Carrie. I just started A River Too Deep by Sydney Tooman Betts. First line is “Escaping Henry was so effortless I could hardly believe I had succeeded.” Haven’t gotten very far yet but I am already intrigued with the story.

  8. This first line from the prologue of Nancy Mehl’s Dark Deception is probably the best I’ve read this summer. “Playing dead was harder than she ever could have imagined.”

    The one from Lori Benton’s Many Sparrows sounds intriguing too.

  9. Paula S.

    From Murder on the Moor by Julianna Deering:
    A two for one :
    Madeline, reading to Drew from Jane Eyre :
    “And I sank down where I stood, and hid my face against the ground.”

  10. Gloria A

    I am about to hear the novella, Getting To Yes by Allie Pleiter.

    The silky ballad fades into my show’s theme music.

  11. Trixi

    FINALLY got my review copy of “An Inconvenient Beauty” by Kristi Ann Hunter (which I’m sure you’ve already read); so here’s the intriguing first line:

    Prologue “The line between boy and man was never murkier than when a father dies too soon, leaving his son to walk through the foibles of youth while shouldering the responsibilities of adulthood.”

  12. Winnie Thomas

    “If you’re willing to admit it, you probably know me as Raine de Bourgh. Yes, that Raine de Bourgh. Did you blush at the mere mention of my pen name? Yeah. So did I.” From The Secret Life of Sarah Hollenbeck by Bethany Turner. I had to put the whole first paragraph. 😀 I’m anxious to get started on this book, but I have a couple of others I need to read first.

  13. carylkane

    I just won Lady Jane Disappears from Goodreads! I’m excited to read it! 😉

    Mrs. Pollifax had attended church that Sunday morning, and her hat-a garden of pale pink roses and green leaves-still sat on her head as she ate lunch in the sunny kitchen of her apartment. – The Amazing Mrs. Pollifax (Book 2) by Dorothy Gilman

    Happy Friday!

  14. Kay Garrett

    Katie Ann reached into the drawer of the end table next to the couch and pulled out th eletter she’d received two weeks ago.
    The Wonder of Your Love
    by Beth Wiseman

  15. Andi

    Hi Carrie,

    I am so excited about all the changes going on with FLF, and I believe it will make things a lot easier. I can’t wait to read this book!
    Happy Weekend!

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