Book Review: A New Shade of Summer by Nicole Deese

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about the book

As an artist, Callie Quinn relies on inspiration to guide her wandering soul. This summer she accepts a short-term muralist job in her sister’s charming town to spend some much-needed time with her family. After meeting her nephew’s friend, Brandon, she’s eager to draw out his untapped artistic talents—however, it’s the boy’s straitlaced single father who could use a little color in his life.

Davis Carter may be the town’s favorite animal whisperer, but his experience is limited when it comes to understanding his preteen’s rebellious behavior. Desperate for a breakthrough, he follows the lead of a free spirit who claims to know the way into his son’s closed-off world. Soon, Davis isn’t the only one caught up in the hope of a new beginning.

Just as Callie considers trading her unattached existence for a life rich with promise and permanence, an unexpected visit from the past threatens to send her packing once again. Davis and Callie must learn to surrender their fears so they can find a love that will outlast the summer.

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SERIES: Love in Lenox #3
GENRE: Inspirational Contemporary Romance
PUBLISHER: Waterfall Press
RELEASE DATE: September 12, 2017
PAGES: 336

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“…contrast is what draws us in. Draws us closer.”

I’m a latecomer to the Love in Lenox series and this has clearly been to my detriment. Deese’s writing style is so full of life and heart, charming you from the very first page and keeping you hooked until the last word. And even then, you find yourself frantically shaking the book, hoping more pages fall out, because you aren’t ready for it to be over.

Such is the case with A New Shade of Summer. Callie is one of my fave heroines this year, even though we have absolutely nothing in common. Except for our mutual appreciation of Davis (yummy) … and our cool-aunting skills. So, clearly that makes us best buds.  And Davis… did I mention how yummy he is? Single dad. Veterinarian. Chapter 19 (trust me). Flirty when it counts, sincere when needed. A good friend. A good kisser (I’m assuming. Callie sure wasn’t complaining). Add in a quaint small town, a lovable dog, a larger than life best friend, a trio of tweens, and a couple of emotional subplots … you’ve got yourself a book that’s impossible to put down.

Undergirding the story is a beautifully-woven tapestry of themes that will hit you in all the feels. Grief, abandonment, marital strain, prickly family dynamics. Each of these wounds leaves at least one character broken on the inside, and when seen through an equally broken lens life could look very bleak indeed. But when seen through God’s eyes, when given a new pair of life-viewing glasses, we see the subtleties we had previously missed. The brushstrokes of God’s masterpiece portrait of our lives. Nicole Deese tucks this truth gently and authentically into the story, especially in one particular scene that will take your breath away.

Bottom Line: A New Shade of Summer is fun and romantic and heartfelt. Deese’s witty and endearing characters move right on into your heart, Callie’s tiny house hooked up to the trailer hitch. You will fall in love with Davis and Callie and their romance for sure, but you will also readily embrace the rest of the supporting players as well. Deese avoids cliches and trite caricatures, yet this story feels familiar in all the best ways – like a warm hug after a long journey home. If you’ve never read a book by this author, you are missing out!

(I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book which I received from the publisher. All views expressed are only my honest opinion.)

My Rating: 5 stars / Fabulous!

KissingBook Level: 4 / Keep those fans handy!!

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about the author

Award-winning author Nicole Deese is a full time lover of humorous, heartfelt, and hope-filled fiction. When she’s not writing a sweet romance, she can usually be found reading near a window while drinking a La Croix. She lives in small-town, Idaho with her happily-ever-after hubby, two rambunctious and smarty-pants sons, and a princess daughter with the heart of a warrior.

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What about you? What interests you the most about A New Shade of Summer? (It’s totally ok to say the cover – isn’t it striking??)

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18 responses to “Book Review: A New Shade of Summer by Nicole Deese

  1. Kim

    I love the cover. I’ve only read one of her books (The Promise of Rayne) but it was really good! Looking forward to this one. Since this is the 3rd in the series, does it need to be read after the first 2? Or does it work well as a stand-alone?

    Thanks Carrie!

      • Melissa Romine

        I’m reading – and listening to – A Season to Love! I can’t believe I waited this long!!
        I am so looking forward to reading book #3!!

        And personally, I love your reviews! You can put into words all the feels I have when reading a book!!

  2. carylkane

    Great review, Carrie! Your review has been wanting to discover the joy of reading Nicole’s books.

  3. Winnie Thomas

    Nicole is definitely a favorite author for me. I adored this book and Nicole’s sense of humor and fun.

    Lovely review, Carrie, as always!

  4. Even if I wasn’t a devoted fan of Nicole’s the cover alone would have sold me on this book. Good thing the writing inside is even more beautiful than the picture outside!

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