Top Ten Tuesday: My Fave Book Boyfriends of 2017

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Did anyone else jump for joy when they discovered that this week’s Top Ten Tuesday theme from The Broke & The Bookish is ‘book boyfriends’? No? Just me then. 😉

Since I may have talked about book boyfriends a time or ten before now (ad nauseum, you say? Oh well…. it can’t be helped. I have the shirt to prove it. lol), I decided to focus this week’s post on My Fave Book Boyfriends of 2017. Of course, these are the faves so far. I still have books to read – including The Secret Life of Sarah Hollenbeck and An Inconvenient Beauty – and I have a feeling there are more fave book boyfriends to come!

In no particular order …


1. Davis Carter (A New Shade of Summer by Nicole Deese)

Davis… did I mention how yummy he is? Single dad. Veterinarian. Chapter 19 (trust me). Flirty when it counts, sincere when needed. A good friend. A good kisser (I’m assuming. Callie sure wasn’t complaining).

2. Michael Carrington (All of You by Sarah Monzon)

At the risk of sounding completely shallow… hello Carrington brother #2! For all of Trent’s flirty bad boy yumminess that we enjoyed in Finders Keepers, it’s MICHAEL Carrington’s deep emotion and raspy voice that currently has me swooning. Navy pilot. Double amputee. Willing to become a pirate when needed. Murmurs husky things like “You’re killing me” in the middle of a don’t-dare-breathe romantic moment. Hero. Hunk. Honorable. Be still my book-boyfriend-collecting heart.

3. Jack Bowdon (Someplace Familiar by Teresa Tysinger)

I have two words for you: Jack. Bowdon. Two more words: Have. Mercy. Jack has a sexy Southern drawl that gets deeper and lazier when he has romantic intentions. “He could teach a class on how to flirt.” Muscles. Handyman. House builder. Loves his dog. Loves his woman. His best friend describes him as “the guy who swoons easily and loves hard.” Seriously – a sexy, flirty, drawling, twinkly-eyed, winking, earned-his-muscles-through-hard-work guy who swoons over the women he fiercely loves? Yes Please!


4. Jonas Sullivan (The Writing Desk by Rachel Hauck)

Jonas will have book boyfriend collectors everywhere scrambling to add him to their collections; his heated kisses combined with his commitment to wait ‘for the right girl and marriage’ will tempt even the least romantical reader to read this book from the safety of the nearest fainting couch.

5. Ryan Brooks (Just Look Up  by Courtney Walsh)

Ryan Brooks. Can we just say yum-my?!? He lived up to all my swoonilicious expectations and then some! Strong in character as well as physically, Brooks is a flirt and a gentleman all at the same time. And his kisses!!!! (Did I mention he rides a motorcycle?) Pardon me while I melt into a little Book Boyfriend puddle all over again.

6. Tyler Hawk (Count Me In by Mikal Dawn)

I love that Tyler can go from not taking anything too seriously, a mischievous/flirty twinkle in his eyes, to taking Allegra very seriously. Yes, he needed a purse whomping more than once but then he goes and does something swoony and redeems himself. He has a firm place on my book boyfriends shelf, forever and ever amen.


7. Holt McKnight (Concealed Identity by Jessica R. Patch)

Holt. Be still my heart. Holt hereby and forevermore claims a spot in my book boyfriend collection. And not just because he reminds me of Henry Cavill with his “dark scruff that did little to hide the deep dimple in his squared chin”. I mean, also, Blair did say he was “built like a superhero made of steel” … But if anyone is still coherent after reading that description, I will also add that Holt earned his way into my book boyfriend collection as soon as he laughed. And flirted a little. And was in general tenderly protective. SWOON.

8. Wes Harrison (Just the Way You Are by Pepper Basham)

British actor. Reformed bad boy. Looks like Henry Cavill. “Ghirardelli in human form”. Enough said.

9. John Lawson (True to You by Becky Wade)

John…. blissful sigh. Former Navy-SEAL-hero John. He has a book and a movie based on his heroism (Hold your swooning until the end, please.) (Ok, who am I kidding? Go ahead. Start swooning.) Besides running his emergency/terrorism training company, he is searching for his birth family. John’s understandably a little angsty and broody but he’s also charming and sexy. (Seriously, keep a fan handy)


10. Sion Morgan (A Moonbow Night by Laura Frantz)

And let’s not forget to mention the romance, aye? (Side note…. There’s something so swoony about these frontiersmen and their ‘ayes’. Blissful twitterpated sigh.) While A Moonbow Night isn’t drowning in romance, a certain kissing tree … and a certain cave scene … and a … well, you get the idea. It’s not lacking in romance by any stretch of the imagination. And since Laura Frantz has a distinct gift for making every word count, trust me when I say to make sure you read this from the comfort of your favorite fainting couch or facsimile thereof.

11. Parker Mitchell (Still Life by Dani Pettrey)

Can we all just pause a moment and appreciate that cover? I have two words for you that will make that hot guy even hotter. Irish. Accent. Yep. My book-boyfriend-collecting heart swooned right into a little puddle when, after Avery has been knocked down by an assailant, Parker wiggles two fingers at her and says: “Come here, lass. Let me check you out.” So… let’s just take another moment or ten to absorb the fineness of that cover and know that he speaks with an Irish brogue. (Is brogue the right word to use here? I don’t know… i’m still twitterpated.)

12. Drew Farthering (Murder on the Moor by Julianna Deering)

I have finally met Drew Farthering, and the pleasure is all mine. Suave but not arrogant. Handsome and besotted with his wife, Madeline. Kindhearted. Strong but not so much that he doesn’t realize he needs God. A book lover (be still my heart) and an amateur sleuth. Yep. Drew, my friend, I apologize for not making your acquaintance much sooner.

Oops! I went right on past ten, didn’t I? I’m sure you’re all shocked.
Ah well, might as well throw another three in here while I’m at it 😉


13. Tavin Knox (The Reluctant Guardian by Susanne Dietze)

Speaking of falling head over heels… Tavin. He’s Scottish. (I also sorta see him as Henry Cavill, but that’s not really important right now.) When Tavin’s emotions are running especially deep, he slips into a Scottish brogue and ohhhhh be still my book boyfriend collecting heart!

14. Thomas Baker (An Uncommon Protector by Shelley Shepard Gray)

Y’all just go ahead and get your fans and fainting couches handy, ok? Because Thomas Baker will have you swooning before the first chapter is finished. His rakish grin, his handsome figure, his rogueish thoughts … whew. Maybe just go on ahead and sit by the nearest snowbank while you’re reading this too. Or, if your weather is miserably unwintry like Kentucky’s, read by the open freezer door.

15. Josh Tyler (Then There Was You by Kara Isaac)

Josh? Hello. He’s hot, he loves Jesus, he’s a musician, he’s adorably grumpy at times and HE HAS AN AUSTRALIAN ACCENT! Need I say more?

Ok…. I know that even though I’m over my limit I’ve inevitably left someone out. What about you? Who are your fave book boyfriends so far in 2017?

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57 responses to “Top Ten Tuesday: My Fave Book Boyfriends of 2017

  1. Rebecca Maney

    I would say that you had it covered! . . . . and just saying . . I was on the “book boyfriends” team at CFRR and that candle is almost burnt out!

    I tend to love the ones I am reading, so keep your eye out for Silas (love that name) Rotherham in “Lady Jayne Disappears”! A handsome book lover who can weave a witty conversation to perfection!

  2. Who are my favorites? You definitely have most of them on your list! I’d add Silas from Lady Jayne Disappears & Cort Stanton from The Outlaw’s Second Chance by Angie Dicken!

  3. Whew, girl…. I should’ve come ready with my fan to cool off. And your description of Jack makes me tingle/giggle. Thanks for including him! John Lawson from True to You was a top pick for me, too!!!

  4. Melissa

    I’d say you did pretty well there. I am in the middle of reading Someplace Familiar and yes, to Jack! But I just have three words – Holt, Holt, Holt! Jessica Patch can sure write a book boyfriend!!!!

  5. Michelle Lunsford

    Carrie, I always enjoy reading your book boyfriend musings. They never fail to put a smile on my face and a new title or two (or three or four) on my ever-growing ‘to read’ book list. 🙂

  6. Susanne Dietze

    Oh myyy! Totally agree–but I haven’t read all of these books yet, so they’re going on my TBR list! Thanks for including Tavin. <3

  7. Valerie S

    I totally fell for Callum in Jane of Austin by Hillary Manton Lodge. He’s a strong, silent, dog-loving, military veteran hero … swoon!

  8. Jeanne

    Oh, just wait till you meet Griffith in “An Inconvenient Beauty”!
    Your “book boyfriend” posts make me laugh out loud. Keep up these delicious posts! ?

  9. Oh this list!!!!!! I didn’t come up with a coherent list in enough time so I’m happily swooning over everyone else’s lists. It’s SUCH a hardship!!! 🙂

    I’m totally with you on 5, 6, 8, 9, and 10. whew!

  10. Amy

    Reading your descriptions of your book boyfriends had me laughing out loud, and I thoroughly enjoyed strolling down memory lane since I’ve read many of these as well. I would add:

    * Cole “Tox” Russell – Ronie Kendig’s Tox Files Series
    * Sir Gabriel de Vere – Tamara Leigh’s “Lady Betrayed”
    * Adam Stone – Irene Hannon “Sandpiper Cover”

  11. Winnie Thomas

    Great list, Carrie! I totally agree with most of these (I said “most” only because I haven’t met a few of them, but I’m sure they will be swoonworthy, too, when I finally get to meet them). I would add Griffith from An Inconvenient Beauty and Tox from Conspiracy of Silence and Crown of Souls. And now I’m in need of a quick trip outside to cool off!

  12. Pam K.

    What a tough job you have, Carrie, making a limited list of book boyfriends! This post just made me laugh, though I do agree with you about the heroes of the books I’ve read on your list (Tyler, Holt, John, Sion, Drew, and Josh). I just finished Roseanna M. White’s A Name Unknown. Though Peter isn’t the typical hero, there is something quite appealing about him too.Karen Witemeyer taught us in Heart on the Line that heroes can come in different packages, like Amos Bledsoe. I also recently read the first two books in Sandra Orchard’s Serena Jones mystery series so I’ll also include Tanner and Nate. I’m looking forward to reading the last book in the series (Over Maya Dead Body) to find out which of these hunky heroes captures Serena’s heart. I know The Pursuit of Tamsen Littlejohn by Lori Benton is not a 2017 book but I read it this summer so I just have to add Jesse to the list. My list can’t be complete without two of Tamera Alexander’s heroes: Sylas Rutledge from To Wager Her Heart and Nathaniel Tate Whitcomb from A Note Yet Unsung. Oh my! These book boyfriends help me feel young!

  13. Late to the party but just recovered from a swooning fit after seeing this earlier today!! You are the hostess with the mostest & all this reminds me of the swoony candle I got at CFRR called- you guessed it- BOOK BOYFRIEND?! xoxox

  14. I would probably pick-up MoonBow Night. The cover photo for that book just draws me in. It is so elegant (I know we shouldn’t judge books by the cover, but sometimes we as humans do).

  15. I’m still swooning over Davis!! Love him – and Drew. He’s always one of my favorites.

    Oo, and I cannot wait to read “Just Look Up.” I hear amazing things about this novel.

    Like you, I talk about bookish boyfriends all the time. And since I forgot some (last week), I don’t think that’ll stop any time soon. 😉

    Thanks so much for visiting Finding Wonderland, Carrie.

  16. Andrea Stephens

    Wowsers! An amazing list you have here Carrie.
    I must have missed it when my email was messed up.

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