Guest Post (and a Giveaway!): Joyce Tremel & A Room With a Brew

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I really love this brewpub cozy mystery series set in Pittsburgh! I’ve had the privilege of reviewing the books for a magazine, and I’m excited today to introduce y’all to the Brewing Trouble series and its author, Joyce Tremel.

Disaster is on tap in this all-new mystery from the author of Tangled Up in Brew.

It’s Oktoberfest in Pittsburgh, and brewpub owner Maxine “Max” O’Hara is prepping for a busy month at the Allegheny Brew House. To create the perfect atmosphere for the boozy celebration, Max hires an oompah band. But when one of the members from the band turns up dead, it’s up to Max to solve the murder before the festivities are ruined.

Adding to the brewing trouble, Candy, Max’s friend, is acting suspicious… Secrets from her past are fermenting under the surface, and Max must uncover the truth to prove her friend’s innocence. To make matters worse, Jake’s snooty ex-fiancee shows up in town for an art gallery opening, and she’ll be nothing but a barrel of trouble for Max.

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SERIES: Brewing Trouble #3
GENRE: Cozy Mystery
RELEASE DATE: October 3, 2017
PAGES: 304

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Joyce Tremel was a police secretary for ten years and more than once envisioned the demise of certain co-workers, but settled on writing as a way to keep herself out of jail. She is a native Pittsburgher and lives in a suburb of the city with her husband.

Her debut mystery, To Brew Or Not To Brew was nominated for the 2015 Reviewers’ Choice award for Best Amateur Sleuth by RT Book Reviews. The second book in the series, Tangled Up In Brew was released in October 2016 and chosen as a “Top Pick” by RT Book Reviews. It was the winner of the 2016 Reviewers’ Choice Award for Best Amateur Sleuth. It was also named one of the Best Books of 2016 by Kings River Life Magazine.

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Writing a Series
by Joyce Tremel

One question I’m often asked is, “Is it hard to write a series?” I think it depends on the writer. Personally, I love writing a series. At this point, I know the characters well. I know exactly how each one would act in any situation. Most of the time, anyway. They do surprise me once in a while. A character appeared in A Room With a Brew that I didn’t know existed until he knocked on the door. I was as surprised as my main character Max was. That was great fun! The characters I’ve created have become like family to me. Three books into the Brewing Trouble series I’m not even close to being tired of them. I love seeing how they grow and change from one book to the next. I also like watching the relationships develop—especially the one between Max and her chef-ex hockey player boyfriend, Jake.

Some authors prefer writing standalone novels. They have one idea in mind and when the book is done, they’re ready to move on to something new. I’m not sure I could do that! I have a tendency to fall in love with the characters whether I’m writing them, or reading about them in someone else’s book. Come to think of it, I don’t read very many standalone novels. I much prefer reading a series. When I do read a standalone I always wonder what happens next to the characters. Does she get that job? How does he recover from that tragedy? Do they live happily ever after? It’s even worse when a beloved series ends. I love these people—I need to know what happens next!

There are some difficulties writing a series, though. One is keeping the characters straight. Halfway through writing the first book, To Brew or Not to Brew, I started a character bible. I listed each character, what they looked like, where they lived, where they worked, etc. I’m so glad I did! Believe me, it came in handy by the time I started writing the third book. I also wrote descriptions of the brewpub, the storefronts, and every place mentioned in the book. Every time I added a new character or new place to the books, I added them to my bibles. I even drew a map of the block where Max’s brewpub is located. I didn’t want to have a store across the street in one book and next door in the next book. I’ve referred to it many times.

The other obstacle to writing a series is remembering what happened in which book. I can surely recall the victims and the killer, but sometimes the details are a little sketchy. Before I do any kind of event where I have to speak to readers, I have to scan each book to refresh my memory. I’m always glad I did because it never fails that someone will ask a question that I wouldn’t have been able to answer otherwise. Which reminds me, I’d better go do some rereading. I have a couple of events coming up!

Readers, what do you prefer? Do you like reading a series? Or do you prefer standalone novels?

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17 responses to “Guest Post (and a Giveaway!): Joyce Tremel & A Room With a Brew

  1. Gloria A

    I saw this book on Escape with Dollycas and thought that it looks like a fun series. I like series better probably but like standalone novels as well.

  2. Dorothy Boucher

    I would love to have a chance to read these books, They look very interesting with a whole lot of something going on…

  3. Kay Garrett

    I love series that continue on with the characters but also want to be able to read each as a stand alone book.

    • Carrie

      yes, that’s a good point, Kay. I’m the same way usually. And these books are good like that – part of a series but also can be read as stand alones if needed.

  4. Paula S.

    This looks quirky and tasty!
    I love series. But I prefer to read them one after another. I guess if it was long standing and many of them( like Annie’s Attic, 30 Books ) then I don’t have to go back because I do know the characters and the small town. This seems like it would be similar! Sounds good! Thanks.

  5. Lori Smanski

    these books look interesting. seems that there is a lot going on and that it keeps the reader engaged.

  6. Penny Mooney

    Hi Joyce. I enjoyed reading your articles on her. I really don’t care whether it is a series or sand alone. I just love to read a good book.

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