Top Ten Tuesday: Cover Love, Fall Edition

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Happy Tuesday! Today’s theme, courtesy of The Broke & The Bookish, is Fall Covers/Themes so I happily put together this list of some of my fave fallish covers! Combining two of my fave things – fall and book covers – may have made me clap like a giddy schoolgirl too. And … just to make it even more fun … I’m going by the Pantone Fall 2017 color palette for New York (below) as a guide when picking out the covers!

Clicking on covers will take you to my review or the book’s Amazon page.











What about you? Which of these colors & covers are your faves?

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39 responses to “Top Ten Tuesday: Cover Love, Fall Edition

  1. This is such a clever guide (pattern) to use as a way to inspire today’s list, Carrie. So fun.

    Glad to see Julianna’s, Elizabeth’s, and Jaime’s books on this list. All are highly anticipated reads of mine. Also, I’m SUPER curious about ‘Jack the Ripper,’ and Melissa’s book covers are MADE to be the perfect pair for fall. 🙂

  2. Winnie Thomas

    My BFFF is very creative and clever! I love this! It makes choosing the covers so fun! I’m partial to blue, but there are so many lovely covers shown here. A bunch of these books are sitting in my ginormous TBR pile. Awesome post, Carrie!

  3. I was almost going to do mine my fall colours, but decided to go for the obvious fall pictures instead. Even so, I can see I missed some that would have been good choices. Like Lori’s book!

    • Carrie

      there are so many great ones to choose from – I’ve already been reminded of one i left out of this list that would have been a perfect fit! lol

  4. Marti Wilson

    They are beautiful covers. I hate to admit it but covers always draw me to a book. And these are great, I see several there I will add to my list. ❤️???❤️

  5. Rebecca Maney

    Brilliant idea! . . . . I am a color AND cover girl when it comes to books! Love seeing some of my favorites in this parade of colors.

    One of my favorite books and covers this fall has been “Lady Jayne Disappears” which would seem to fit in the Natural Gray category?

  6. Caryl Kane

    YUMMY colors and covers! Carrie, this is such a CREATIVE post! I’m amazed by your “super powers”!

  7. Fabulous idea!! Pantone is so great! I think our CA yearbook advisor wonderwoman said they are releasing something like 260 NEW colors soon.

  8. Gasp! I see one mine up there!!! 🙂 Thank you. <3 and also, My all time favorite covers is up there… Such A Hope! Sigh… I just love it. And, the book is so, so good too. 😉 Thanks, Carrie! This is such a fun post.

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