Book Review: The Beginner’s Gospel Story Bible by Jared Kennedy

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about the book

How do you explain the gospel to toddlers and preschoolers?

Often adults are stumped, but Jared Kennedy’s focus on the promises of God makes the gospel come alive to the littlest hearts. Through fifty-two Old and New Testament stories, The Beginner’s Gospel Story Bible highlights God’s perfect promises. Every page pops with bright colors, playful illustrations, fun learning opportunities, and, best of all each story points children to Jesus.

Kids know the value of a promise. Through the gospel, our good and all-powerful God keeps his word and fulfills his promises to us better than we could have ever thought or imagined!

In The Beginner’s Gospel Story Bible, author Jared Kennedy traces God’s perfect promises through fifty-two Old and New Testament stories, retold in simple and compelling ways with toddlers and preschoolers in mind. Each gospel-centered story highlights God’s tale of redemption through Jesus and the unexpected and surprising ways that God’s grace and mercy are revealed throughout the Bible. Children will hear the good news of God’s love for them clearly expressed in ways that will speak to their young hearts. Brightly colored illustrations highlight the stories and add fun teaching elements of counting, opposites, patterns, and object recognition to keep even the youngest child’s attention. Every story also ends with a question that parents and caregivers can use to further reinforce the message.

Through reading this book one chapter at a time to your children-or letting them read it to you!-even the youngest kids will come to know that God’s promises are especially for them, and that God always keeps his promises.

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GENRE: Inspirational Children’s Devotional
PUBLISHER: New Growth Press
RELEASE DATE: November 13, 2017
PAGES: 272


The Beginner’s Gospel Story Bible is such a great way to introduce preschoolers to God’s story as a linear concept. Specifically, that’s God promise of rescue is the common thread that runs through Scripture.

The illustrations are positively gorgeous and adorable, all at once. Preschoolers will be drawn to the bright colors and not-too-busy illustrations. Heck, I am drawn to them too. It makes me smile… and books that make me smile deserve a shoutout 🙂

The stories are geared toward a child’s short attention span but at the same time they are packed with truth. I really like the format of the highlighted main idea as well as a question that you can discuss with your preschooler. This can be used for early elementary ages too, thanks to the verse references and those discussion questions.

Bottom Line: This is adorable. And truth-filled. And well-done in every way. I’ve already added it to my Christmas shopping list for my nephews, and I might even buy a copy for myself while I’m at it 🙂

(I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book which I received from the publisher. All views expressed are only my honest opinion.)

My Rating: 5 stars!

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about the author

Jared Kennedy, MDiv, ThM, is the husband to Megan and the father of three girls-Rachael, Lucy, and Elisabeth. He serves as Pastor of Families at Sojourn Community Church-Midtown in Louisville, KY and as children’s ministry strategist for Sojourn Network. He blogs regularly at and is also the coauthor of “Leadership Mosaic” and two VBS programs, “Proof Pirates” and “Clap Your Hands,” “Stomp Your Feet.”

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