Book Review (and a Giveaway!): Kappy King and the Puppy Kaper

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about the book

Content to be unmarried and plain-spoken, Kathryn “Kappy” King is an odd-woman-out in the Amish community of Blue Sky, Pennsylvania. But she’s skilled at making the special kapps local women need to cover their hair. And she might be the only one who can unearth the danger hiding in this peaceful valley . . .

When Kappy’s neighbor, Ruth Peachey, turns up dead in her yard, everyone in Blue Sky believes it’s a tragic accident. Until the Englisch police find the gentle dog breeder was deliberately struck down—and arrest her mentally-challenged son, Jimmy, for the crime . . .

Jimmy’s sister, Edie, returns to Blue Sky clear his name, yet no one will speak to a shunned former Amish woman, much less give her information. Determined to help, Kappy starts digging for the truth among her seemingly-innocent neighbors. But suddenly a series of suspicious “accidents” threatens Edie and the Peachey farm—property Edie is determined to protect for her brother’s future.

Now, as danger looms large in the small community, Kappy must bait a trap for a killer snapping hard at her heels. And Edie must decide whether to make a home once more in the town she thought she’d left behind . . .

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SERIES: An Amish Mystery #1
GENRE: Amish Cozy Mystery
RELEASE DATE: December 26, 2017
PAGES: 352

“…the realization made her want to pray and eat ice cream, not necessarily in that order.”

Oh my goodness y’all. Kappy King bursts onto the scene in a delightfully quirky hot mess, and I loved every minute of it! She is one of the most unique Amish characters I’ve ever encountered (some of Jennifer Beckstrand’s characters would welcome Kappy with open arms), but it’s her interaction with her new Englisch best friend Edie that makes her even more delightful.

Edie and Kappy aren’t quite as opposite as one might first think. Though Edie is formerly Amish and under the Bann, she feels just as out of place as Kappy does. Whereas Kappy has come to accept her differences and embrace them, Edie still struggles to belong. Together, the two of them are like a Lucy-and-Ethel crime solving duo and the friendship that is born is truly endearing. Not only that, but their conversations read a bit like I imagine the Gilmore Girls would chat if they were (or had recently been) Amish. Lots of delightful sentence structure (I keep using the word ‘delightful’ but there’s just not a better word to describe all aspects of this read) and word choices keep the dialogue lively and thoroughly entertaining.

There are plenty of tender moments too, courtesy of this blossoming friendship and Edie’s brother Jimmy (a young Amish man with Down’s Syndrome) as well as Kappy’s maybe-boyfriend Hiram. I also enjoyed the subtle flirting and romantic developments going on with Jack and Edie; those scenes just had me grinning. But the crowning moment for me in the whole book is when Kappy looks at the culprit and says, “I know karate…My hands are lethal weapons.” It’s just so deliciously ‘Kappy’ that I couldn’t help but laugh out loud!

Bottom Line: Kappy King and the Puppy Kaper by Amy Lillard is witty, endearing, and just plain lots of fun. The mystery is well-plotted and kept me guessing until nearly the big reveal. The romance subplots are so subtle that it appeals even to readers who would rather just read a mystery but also satisfies those of us who like to swoon a little too. If you want a sweet, quirky and cozy mystery to keep you company on a cold winter’s night, this is a great choice! Perfect for fans of Jennifer Beckstrand and Jen Turano!

(I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book which I received from the publisher. All views expressed are only my honest opinion.)

My Rating: 4.5 stars / Love it!

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about the author

Amy Lillard is the award-winning author of more than twenty novels, including the Wells Landing series, The Quilting Circle novels, the Sugarcreek Amish Mysteries and the Kappy King Mysteries. Born and raised in Mississippi, she now lives with her husband and son in Oklahoma. Please visit her online at

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What about you? What do you find most interesting about the Amish?

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37 responses to “Book Review (and a Giveaway!): Kappy King and the Puppy Kaper

  1. John Smith

    “What do you find most interesting about the Amish?” Living without electricity and the modern comforts and conveniences! An old-fashioned icebox certainly wouldn’t be convenient for freezing popsicles!

    • No they would not! LOL My Lancaster friends actually have a solar panel and propane powered fridge. Kappy isn’t so lucky. Her community in Kishacoquillas Valley, PA, is a bit more conservative. Thanks for stopping by today!

  2. I like the way that they work as a community and the way the group follows the rules of the community. I also like the way faith is such a big part of their lives. I’m afraid that I wouldn’t be able to live in such a group because I think I might find it to confining. However if it was the only way of life I knew I think I would feel very secure in the community and never feel alone. ???

    • Good point, Ginger! If it’s what you grew up with, I’m sure it’s a comforting feeling. My mother always says I’m too independent so I would probably have trouble too. Thanks for reading!

    • Thanks, Vivian! The book is actually dedicated to my beagle who we lost last year. I knew he was sick when I started the series and worked it around so there are beagles galore!

  3. Carol Alscheff

    I find many things interesting about the Amish especially the fact that they travel in buggies using horses and other ways that they are so different from the way we live. I was always fascinated by the few businesses that still used horses in the city where I lived when I was growing up.

    • Buggy horses are an important part of the community! My Lancaster friends have gone through 3 in so many years. The first one grew old and was retired, the second lacked the temperament, and the third is being trained. Interesting fact, the Amish near me (in Oklahoma) drive tractors during the week, but have to slow it down and drive their buggies on Sunday. Thanks for coming by!

  4. Evangeline

    The most interesting thing about the Amish is their simple lifestyle. I cannot imagine living without all the modern conveniences that I have grown accustomed to. ? I have not yet read anything by Amy, but this sounds like a great book. Thanks for the giveaway.

    • Thanks, Evangeline! Modern conveniences would definitely be hard to give up. And depending on how conservative the community is, indoor plumbing might be among those! My Lancaster friends have a phone in their barn, solar panels for small appliances, and a propane-powered fridge. However, my newest Amish romance series take place in Mississippi and is in a community that is among the most conservative in the country. Not sure I could live like they do. Though it might be fun to try for a week or so. Kappy King falls somewhere between these two. Thanks for stopping by today!

  5. Kay Garrett

    The thing I find so intriguing about the Amish is how they can stay true to themselves and their beliefs it today’s society. I really admire their simplicity life style and they high regard for family. You never hear of any elderly parent going to a nursing home or someone with an illness or disease being an outcast. We spend a lot of vacations traveling to Amish areas like Shipshewana, IN or Jamesport, MO. It’s amazing that when you step into their world how so many of your own life slows down and the hustle and bustle of life doesn’t seem near as urgent. Folks are friendlier and there’s not the caution of others like there is in other areas. I admire their ethics for hard work and working for what you want – earning your keep so to speak.

    Oh my goodness, “Kappy King & the Puppy Kaper” by Amy Lillard has everything I love in a book – cozy mystery, four legged fur-babies and Amish story. Thanks for the information and the review. I’d LOVE to be the very fortunate one selected.

    • That is so true, Kay! I find myself slowing down when I’m with the Amish as well. It’s almost a respect thing. Hard to describe to a person unlike you who has never been there. Someone once said, the Amish may only have an 8th grade education, but have you ever seen one of them standing in a welfare line? Interesting thought. Thanks for coming by today!

  6. Gloria Browning

    I enjoy the lovely furniture that many Amish craft. My mother had a nice, handmade bedroom suit produced by Amish craftsmen.

  7. Janet Estridge

    What I like about the Amish is their way of living, their “total” complete trust in God, and also their food.

  8. Tiffany Hall

    One thing that intrigues me about the Amish is their love for God, family, and community. I am also intrigued by their faith and how they forgive no matter what. All things we all need.

  9. Kara Vaughan Marks

    The Amish intrigue me because it seems like it would be so hard to maintain their simple ways in today’s society.

  10. Natalya Lakhno

    Nice cover 🙂
    The most interesting thing about the Amish is the simplicity of their lifestyle. I’m curious, sometimes, where it comes from and how they justify their way of life…

  11. Heather B

    I have always been intrigued by their simple way of life, and the way that they look out for and help each other.

  12. Penny Mooney

    I think the fact that they have kept to the old way of their belief. I can’t help but think if we all did that we would be better off. I love to learn more about their beliefs and the way they live.

  13. emilee

    Love the cover! This sounds really good. I find the Amish way of life strange. But to them it’s normal. I think it’s sad how they shun their loved ones when they don’t believe and behave the way the say they should.:(

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