My Fave Reads of 2017: Historical Fiction

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Please see whimpering-in-the-corner disclaimers on yesterday’s Fave Contemporary Reads post 😉

Without further adieu – let’s look (in no particular order) at my fave historical fiction reads of 2017!! (Mystery/suspense and Amish historical reads will be spotlighted on a different day this week.

So Pure a Heart by Amber Lynn Perry
PUBLISHER: Liberty Publishing
RELEASE DATE: June 20, 2017


My Review

Since I reviewed this book for RT Book Reviews, I am not allowed to reproduce a snippet here on my blog. But click on the ‘my review’ link to read it in its entirety.

Also check out reviews from Joy of Reading, Remembrancy, and Katie’s Clean Book Collection.

A Moonbow Night by Laura Frantz
RELEASE DATE: January 3, 2017


My Review

A Moonbow Night by Laura Frantz is a book you’ll want to devour in one sitting, yet somehow simultaneously find a way to savor each word so it lingers as long as possible. The beauty of the landscape, the richness of the history, the heart of the characters – all of these will beckon you to settle amongst the pages and immerse yourself in a world of wilderness and courage and discovery. And above all, steady and true, shines the moonbow with its promise of hope and restoration after a season of despair. A promise we could all use a little of today, aye?

Legacy Redeemed by Aubrey Grayson
PUBLISHER: Aubrey Grayson
RELEASE DATE: November 6, 2016


My Review

Legacy Redeemed by Aubrey Grayson is a refreshing new voice in Christian historical fiction. It is witty and droll and romantic and full of grace, not to mention vibrant characters that settle in your heart. The underlying subplot of Susannah’s guardianship promises to continue its intriguing story in future books, and I’m very much looking forward to anything this author has coming up next! If you’re a fan of Kristi Ann Hunter, then you definitely need to check out Aubrey Grayson!

To Wager Her Heart by Tamera Alexander
PUBLISHER: Zondervan
RELEASE DATE: April 8, 2017


My Review

To Wager Her Heart reminds me yet again why I love Tamera Alexander’s novels. She gets to the heart of the history while maintaining the heart of the gospel. Her characters are vivid, sincere, and diverse without straying into stereotypes or losing dimension. The historical themes are compellingly timely for our current world, and the emphasis on doing the right thing no matter the cost is timeless. Go ahead and plan not to get anything else done while you’re reading To Wager Her Heart, because you won’t be able to tear yourself away once you’ve begun.

Lady Jayne Disappears by Joanna Davidson Politano
RELEASE DATE: October 3, 2017


My Review

Since I reviewed this book for RT Book Reviews, I am not allowed to reproduce a snippet here on my blog. But click on the ‘my review’ link to read it in its entirety.

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Behind the Scenes by Jen Turano
PUBLISHER: Bethany House
RELEASE DATE: April 18, 2017


My Review

Behind the Scenes by Jen Turano is a light, fun romance with a dash of suspense and a bucketful of hilarity! The characters – and the setting – leap off the page, and you’ll find yourself more than once wanting to grab Permilia into a spontaneous hug. Particularly during the Go-As-You-Please quadrille. Although… that hug might be for self-preservation purposes more than anything else. Gilded Age society has never been more entertaining, and I’m already eagerly anticipating the next wildflower in the spotlight!

Never Forget by Jody Hedlund
PUBLISHER: Northern Lights Press
RELEASE DATE: January 4, 2017


My Review

Romantic chemistry off the charts! Kisses sure to melt even the most frozen of pearl-clutchers. A setting which perfectly complements the characters. Characters so dimensional you feel their joys and agonizings and fears and longings as clearly as if they were your own emotions. Life lessons that will linger, thanks to the beauty of the story. While I hate to see this series by Jody Hedlund end, Never Forget is such a fitting finale and is without a doubt my new favorite of the bunch!

A Name Unknown by Roseanna M. White
PUBLISHER: Bethany House
RELEASE DATE: July 4, 2017


My Review

Since I reviewed this book for RT Book Reviews, I am not allowed to reproduce a snippet here on my blog. But click on the ‘my review’ link to read it in its entirety.

Also check out reviews from Christian Shelf Esteem, Singing Librarian Books, and Fiction Aficionado.

Shine Like the Dawn by Carrie Turansky
PUBLISHER: Multnomah Books
RELEASE DATE: February 21, 2017


My Review

Shine Like the Dawn is Carrie Turansky’s best novel to date. With a vividly drawn setting, lovable characters, and even a little mystery and historical tension, you will certainly find it difficult to put down once you’ve started reading! The tender message of trusting God with even the most painful parts of our past is sweet and sincere, never preachy, and the romance will steal your breath. It’s a stand alone novel but I for one wouldn’t mind returning to Heatherton for a visit or two, should the author feel so inclined…

A Dangerous Legacy by Elizabeth Camden
PUBLISHER: Bethany House
RELEASE DATE: October 3, 2017


My Review

Since I reviewed this book for RT Book Reviews, I am not allowed to reproduce a snippet here on my blog. But click on the ‘my review’ link to read it in its entirety.

Also check out reviews from A Fair Substitute For Heaven, A Transparent Mom, and Best Reads.

You have no idea how many times I revised this list lol. SO MANY great historical reads this year. Contemporary too. One of the hardest ‘best of’ series I’ve had to do since I started blogging. Stay tuned tomorrow for Fave Mystery/Suspense reads!

What about you? What were some of your fave historical reads from 2017?

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24 responses to “My Fave Reads of 2017: Historical Fiction

  1. Caryl Kane

    The struggle is real! CARRIE, you are so brave to even attempt to list your top favorites. *wink*

  2. Rebecca Maney

    Great job! It overwhelms to think about how many books you must have wanted to include. You have certainly selected many of my favorites. I also loved “The Mark of the King” by Jocelyn Green, “Many Sparrows” by Lori Benton and “Freedom’s Ring” by Heidi Chiavaroli.

    And wasn’t “Dangerous Legacy” great??? I think it’s my favorite “Camden”.

    • Carrie

      yes! those are all excellent too! And look for Freedom’s Ring on my timeslip list on Saturday 🙂

  3. Paula S.

    Some of these I have read and I have never heard of Aubrey Grayson but the rest I have the physical book or they are on my giant TBR mountain!
    I agree with Rebecca about Mark Of The King , the others are on my pile! I would add These Healing Hills by Ann Gabhart, An Inconvenient Beauty by Kristi Hunter and The Promise of Breeze Hill by Pam Hillman. This is my favorite genre.
    I don’t envy you the hard choices!

  4. Sarah

    Loved Amber’s and Roseanna’s and Laura’s. I’d add Freedom’s Ring though not technically exclusively historical.

  5. Carrie Turansky

    So many wonderful books, many of my favorites. What a treat to see Shine Like the Dawn on your Favorite Historical list! You really brightened my day. Blessings to you, Carrie, and thank you for all you do to highlight Christian fiction and encourage authors. Congratulations on joining the Seekerville Team!

  6. Great list (as usual)! I enjoyed Jen Turano’s Behind the Scenes, though I would list Out of the Ordinary above it as a favorite. The rest of this list is at “still to be read” and “potential future favorites” status 😀

  7. Wonderful list Carrie! I see several of my favorites here, and also a couple that are on my #TBR. Thanks for the shout out on So Pure A Heart! <3

  8. Haley Resseguie

    I haven’t read Legacy Redeemed, but the other 9 books were wonderful! Adding Legacy Redeemed to the ever growing wish list on Amazon! Thanks, Carrie!

  9. Andrea Stephens

    I loved so many! I read several Barbour Collections, Seven Brides for Seven Mail-Order Husbands and The Regency Brides Collection are the two that pop in my mind first.
    Melissa Jagears’ A Love So True
    All of the My Heart Belongs (so far) series
    MHB in Fort Bliss by Erica Vetsch. MHB in The Superstition Mountains by Susan Page Davis. MHB in Ruby City by Susanne Dietze. MHB on Mackinac Island by Carrie Fancett Pagels. MHB in the Shenandoah Valley by Andrea Boeshaar MHB in Castle Gate by Angie Dicken and though not technically released in 2017 (the Kindle version came out a little early) MHB in Niagara Falls by Amanda Barratt
    Oh and I can’t forget the audible versions of A Name Unknown by Roseanna White and Shine Like The Dawn by Carrie Turansky.
    How do you make theses lists, Carrie!?! I can’t stop!!!

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