My Fave Reads of 2017: Mystery/Suspense

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Much to my dismay, I didn’t read as many Mystery/Suspense books this year as I usually do. So this list was a tad easier to come up with than the Contemporary and Historical fiction lists were. But not by much. Lol.

One of my bookish resolutions this year is to read more for ‘me’ which means reading more mystery, suspense, thriller, and cozy mystery novels!! uh… although that means next year’s faves list will be out of control. #bookbloggerproblems 😛

Without further adieu – here are (in no particular order) my fave mystery/suspense reads of 2017!!

The Case of the Clobbered Cad by Debra E. Marvin
PUBLISHER: Journey Fiction
RELEASE DATE: August 1, 2017


My Review

The Case of the Clobbered Cad by Debra E. Marvin is just the right amount of campy with a dash of romance, a bit of Scottish brogue, and a delightful landlady who really needs her own series! There’s also a case – specifically about a clobbered cad, as the title would suggest – packed with intrigue and plenty of suspects. If you wished there was a Nancy Drew investigative society to join when you were younger (or was that just me…), you will fall in love with the Nosy Parkers and especially Heather Munro!

Crown of Souls by Ronie Kendig
PUBLISHER: Bethany House
RELEASE DATE: September 5, 2017


My Review

Oh my goodness. Seriously you guys. I’m soo twitterpated over this book. It’s perfection. Every word, every scene, every character well placed and dimensional, hitting you in all the feels before all is said and done. It’s movie material. In fact, I could see it playing out in my head as I read, so caught up in it that I legitimately got teary at the epilogue because it was so poignantly written. But also because, even though the main plot ties up nicely during Crown of Souls, the epilogue sets up the next book Thirst of Steel to be epic! This is Ronie Kendig at her best!

Protocol by Kathleen Valenti
PUBLISHER: Henery Press
RELEASE DATE: September 5, 2017


My Review

Protocol by Kathleen Valenti will keep your pulse racing and keep you on the edge of your seat. Carve out enough time to read this from beginning to end because you won’t want to stop once you start. This could easily be developed into a movie, the suspense notched high from start to finish. I love the romantic development too and look forward to reading more books to come in this series! (Readers should be advised that this is not Christian fiction but is ‘clean’ other than some crude language scattered throughout.)

Out of Darkness by Erynn Newman
PUBLISHER: Erynn Newman
RELEASE DATE: May 18, 2017


My Review

Out of Darkness keeps you riveted to the page, your heart in your throat, as you wait to see where Erynn Newman takes the plot and the characters. I honestly didn’t know how it would end, and I liked that it wasn’t predictable! The high stakes of both the suspense and the emotions insure that this is a one-sitting read, no matter how late into the night that might go. A tender message of faith weaves throughout the story and, while it gets a bit heavy on the sermonizing at times, those scenes do remain organic to the characters so it doesn’t feel forced.

Engaged in Trouble by Jenny B. Jones
PUBLISHER: Sweet Pea Productions
RELEASE DATE: March 30, 2017


My Review

Engaged in Trouble by Jenny B. Jones is a truly enjoyable read from page 1 until the very end. It’s laugh-out-loud funny, keep-a-fan-handy swoony and Southern-belle sassy – all while weaving a mystery that will keep you guessing! Jenny B. Jones’ way with words and her sense of humor are the icing on the wedding cake in this bridal-salon-turned-crime-scene mystery novel. And while this is not Christian fiction, the author’s faith is clearly – if gently – felt.

Distorted by Christy Barritt
PUBLISHER: Waterfall Press
RELEASE DATE: June 20, 2017


My Review

Distorted is an excellent non-stop thriller, yes, but it’s so much more than that too. Mallory Baldwin IS a survivor, and Barritt weaves into the core of her fictional story a victim-turned-victor who reflects the not-so-fictional atrocities and evils of human trafficking … as well as the grace of God that heals. This latest book set in the Cape Thomas universe is not to be missed!

Still Life by Dani Pettrey
PUBLISHER: Bethany House
RELEASE DATE: January 31, 2017


My Review

Can we all just pause a moment and appreciate that cover? I have two words for you that will make that hot guy even hotter. Irish. Accent.  Still Life is Dani Pettrey at her best! Part psychological thriller, part romantic suspense, this book is all kinds of captivating. You won’t be able to put it down. It shows the darkest side of humanity as well as the strength of redemption. The suspense and mystery is extremely well-written, and the romance gives plenty of opportunity for swooning.

Murder on the Moor by Julianna Deering
PUBLISHER: Bethany House
RELEASE DATE: January 31, 2017


My Review

If you haven’t yet met Drew Farthering, you really must. In Murder on the Moor, he and Madeline and Nick (all faves of mine) continue to act as a seamless amateur sleuthing team – and a trio of the dearest friends. They’ll feel like dear friends to you, too, before you’re very far into the book. A well-crafted mystery, a British moor, literary references, a dry sense of humor, a handsome hero, and a witty heroine … what “moor” (ahem) could you ask for?

Undercut by Heather Day Gilbert
PUBLISHER: Woodhaven Press
RELEASE DATE: October 12, 2017


My Review

Undercut will keep you on the edge of your seat from the first word to the last. Edge-of-your-seat suspense, high-stakes action, and some surprising twists ensure you won’t be putting this book down until you’ve reached the end. Fortunately, it’s a quick read so you shouldn’t lose too much sleep lol. A gentle message of faith fits organically into the story, and you’ll be solidly invested in the McClure family and their circle of friends.

Justice Delayed by Patricia Bradley
RELEASE DATE: January 31, 2017


My Review

There are lots of suspects and not many of those that I could easily eliminate as I tried to solve the crime along with our cold case team (Will, being the only official member lol). Mysteries that keep me guessing are my favorites, and this one is nicely done! Enhancing the drama are the well-placed and well-written flashbacks that Bradley incorporates into the present-day narrative – as well as the chilling scenes told from the killer’s perspective.

I love me a great mystery! What were some of your fave mystery/suspense reads in 2017?

(Come back tomorrow when I finish out my faves list with a hodgepodge of Amish fiction, timeslip novels, speculative & YA, and nonfiction!)

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38 responses to “My Fave Reads of 2017: Mystery/Suspense

  1. Oh my word! I’m so thrilled you included UNDERCUT! Zane and Molly were a fun couple to write, although of course they were in such a life-threatening situation! Thanks so much for the shout-out, Carrie, and I hope to have a really fun cozy mystery to get to you sometime this year… 🙂

  2. I didn’t read a lot of Mystery/Suspense… but I did read Heather Day Gilbert’s book and Debra E. Marvin’s book. Both were really great! Julianna Deering’s series is on my TBR. I hope to get to them this year! I tend to read mostly historical, as it is my favorite, but I’m branching out a little…there is hope! LOL! 🙂

  3. Debra E. Marvin

    I’m done. I’m toast. This is quite a thrill and an honor. Do you see the other books on this list? My fave genre is mystery and suspense so I’m beyond thrilled to be here and to have the opportunity to write for Nosy Parker series. Thanks Carrie!

  4. I’m loving the 2017 “faves” and “best of” lists floating around the book blogs. It’s been great to add to my TBR titles I wanted to put on my TBR earlier but didn’t because I didn’t have room at the time. (If I don’t limit my TBR, reading starts to feel like a task instead of a joy.) Anyway, I made good progress on my TBR this year, so I appreciate the reminders of books I wanted to add (and have)!

  5. Paula S.

    So glad you included Debra’s Julianna’s , Pat’s and Dani’s on this list! The others are on my TBR pile. I would add Vanishing Point by Lisa Harris and Criss Cross by C. C. Warrens . There are more on my TBR that I consider mystery/ suspense like Dee Henderson and Irene Hannon, Nancy Mehl, Susan Sleeman and DiAnn Mills. This is another of my favorite genres. Thanks for this list.

    • Carrie

      I’m behind on my reading on some of those authors, Paula, but I really enjoyed DiAnn’s latest series too!

  6. Rebecca Maney

    Oh wow, my favorite genre . . . . and you have done a great job of picking out some of my favorites. I must check out Erynn Newman’s book. It has popped up several places.

  7. Oh Tox. HOW I LOVE THEE!!! I love seeing Ronie’s book there! And all the rest!!! I hang my head in shame that I haven’t read most of these. I OWN THEM, THOUGH! I need to learn how to speed read.

  8. Janice Moore

    I also love Christian romantic suspense books! There are a lot of fantastic writers in that area now! My favorite one last year was “If I’m Found” by Terri Blackstock. I loved how the main character was running for her life, but also stopped to help people and make a difference in their lives!:)

  9. Susanne

    I’m afraid I would never be able to narrow down my list in this category! LOL So, maybe I will list a few I would have to put in my Top 5 (in no certain order) – Moving Target by Lynette Eason, Deadly Proof by Rachel Dylan, If I’m Found by Terri Blackstock, The House on Foster Hill by Jaime Jo Wright and The Worst Detective Ever (series) by Christy Barritt. So many amazing books! 🙂

  10. Winnie Thomas

    Great list, Carrie. I loved Crown of Souls, The Case of the Clobbered Cad, Distorted and Dani Pettrey’s books. I haven’t read the others on your list, but they sound so intriguing. I must put some on my TBR/wish lists.

  11. Janet Estridge

    I am currently reading the “Chocolate Shoppe Mysteries” series by Guideposts.
    Thanks for introducing me to a few new authors I am not familiar with.

  12. Terrill R.

    Although released in 2016, I read Connie Mann’s Tangled Lies in 2017 and loved it. But since I’m such a fan of YA, my favorite was The Lost Girl of Astor Street.

  13. Great list, Carrie. I read and loved a number on your list. I need to read Distorted and Undercut — both by favorite authors. I want to read more just-for-me books too. And of course I need to work on the teetering TBR pile. Happy New Year!

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