A Sampling of Christian Fiction on Kindle Unlimited

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I admit… when I first heard of Kindle Unlimited, my first thought was, “I can get the same thing for free. It’s called my library.” However when I really investigated it – and talked to a few authors – I realized it’s not the same thing at all. For starters, many independently-published authors have their books available on Kindle Unlimited but are probably not in my library system. Second, authors whose books are part of the Kindle Unlimited program get paid royalties by the pages read. Which can often generate more revenue for them than royalties from outright purchases.

If you’re on the fence like I was, you can sign up for a FREE Kindle Unlimited 30-day trial and decide for yourself whether it’s of any benefit to you. I personally love it because it gives me a way to support authors while still saving money.

Don’t have a Kindle? No worries. Download the FREE Kindle reading app to your smartphone or PC.

Wondering what kind of books are available on Kindle Unlimited? Here’s a hefty sampling of books & authors I enjoy reading!

Click on the book cover to go to that book’s Amazon page.



And about a bazillion more titles! I can’t possibly cover them all here. You can browse more here.

If you read about a book a month, this may not save you a lot of money. But if you read closer to one a week? Your KU membership will pay for itself in the money you’re saving.

What about you? Do you use Kindle Unlimited?

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44 responses to “A Sampling of Christian Fiction on Kindle Unlimited

  1. Michelle Lunsford

    I tried out the free trial of Kindle Unlimited during the Christmas season and have liked it a lot. For me it’s been a good way to try out new books and authors without hitting my book-spending budget quite as hard. But I did not know about the participating authors being paid royalties by the pages read using this program. That is great! Nice to know that I’m still supporting authors while using this feature.

    Now I just need to go research Kindle Library, because this is a service I haven’t been using. Thanks for the heads up, Carrie!

  2. Andrea Stephens

    I do use KU! I’ve found so many wonderful authors there. Plus, there are a ton of Listen for Free books available! You have to download the audible app but don’t have to be an audible member. If you are an audible.com member, there are many instances where you can buy the audible version at a greatly discounted rate when you borrow a book (you keep the audio after you return the book)
    It’s great!
    Sorry if I sound like a commercial for Kindle Unlimited and Audible.com. I just love it.
    There have been a very few times that I wasn’t thrilled with a book but I still flipped through all the pages so the author gets paid. But, it’s another great thing about KU. I can try authors I’ve never heard of.

  3. Thank you Carrie! I had Most of these on my list but several I didn’t so I added them! I have been making a list of KU too, only mine is not as neat as yours, it’s just the book and author with no picture. Send me an email if you want them and I’ll send it to you. So many awesome books on Kinde Unlimited!

  4. Thanks for sharing about KU, Carrie! For many of us authors, royalties from pages read greatly exceed outright purchases.

    I don’t have Kindle Unlimited myself (yet!), but the same books are available to Amazon Prime members through Kindle Owners’ Lending Library (one book/month). I keep a running list of books and authors to watch for – and I’ll make sure the books here I haven’t read are on my list!

  5. Paula S.

    I have Amazon Prime but haven’t figured out how to access it for books yet. I mostly get the free ones on Amazon. KU would not be cost effective for me… I’m on a budget of $0 for books! I win way too many free books anyway- print and ebook. Happy reading!

  6. Katy C.

    I LOVE Kindle Unlimited. I tend to subscribe for a month or two and then cancel for several months and then subscribe again. That way there’s enough new books to choose from to make it worth the price for me. I love that the authors get royalties per page in KU. If I have KU and am re-reading a book I got through some other means (like an ARC), I’ll often read it through KU so I can support the author.

  7. Lindsay

    I LOVE my Kindle Unlimited account! My husband bought me a year’s subscription for Christmas 2016, and then again this Christmas because I didn’t want to lose my subscription. I love it because I really enjoy indie books, and there are so many on KU! Also, it allows me to try new-to-me authors without worrying about whether I will like their writing style or not. So I read a lot more new authors than I would if I had to buy each one individually. I also really like how it helps authors out (can I use that as justification for why I read all the time? I’m being helpful to other people! 😉 ).

  8. MH

    I totally did not realize the participating authors got royalties per page read. How cool is that?

    We have Amazon Prime so the Kindle Lending Library has been a good resource….though I haven’t used it a whole lot. I thought one book a month wouldn’t be enough but quickly realized I have so many books that actually need to be read for reviews and edits and tours….and I never get around to reading the book I’ve borrowed out!

  9. Oh wow. I didn’t realize Bethany House had started putting some of their books on KU. That’s so awesome for readers!

    I don’t have it because I’m a sucker for buying paperbacks so I can loan them out to friends but I think that KU is great for people on a really limited book budget as well as a wonderful way of encouraging readers to try new authors.

  10. April Gardner

    There are some months my KU subscription pays for itself many times over. When it comes to cutting something out of the budget, I fight to the death for my KU subscription. That is one expense that will NOT be cut. 😀

    Thanks a heap for the mention of The Red Feather, Carrie!!

  11. Sarah

    My husband got KU for him but I use it waaaaay more than he does. Only problem is that my kindle is attached to his account so he always gets the emails when I buy or borrow another book. You can imagine how many eye rolls I get hehehe. But without KU and the library, I’d break our bank. And like others have said, KU is great for trying new authors because you’ll never “waste money” on a book you end up not liking.

  12. I didn’t realize authors got a benefit from KU readers. That’s great!
    I prefer print books and only read ebooks if there’s not another option…but will keep that in mind for gift ideas. My sister in law reads on her kindle all the time.

  13. Carrie, you’re AWESOME!!! <3 I don't have KU because, well…I would rather break our bank? LOL! But it's something I've been seriously considering. KU is fantastic for indie authors, especially those of us who are debut as it's a great way for readers to get to know us and our style.

    You're the best, Ducky. THE BEST.

  14. Terrill R.

    Carrie – I’ve also learned and come to understand from participating on a couple of author/reader KU boards that there are a couple of glitches in compensation to authors and reading on Kindles. I’m not sure if this also occurs with the reading app on other devices. As for when I am reading on my Kindle, I make sure to turn off the “Page Curl” feature, because when it is on, Amazon is unable to get an accurate count of pages read. Instead it will be viewed as 1 page read, even if the reader has read the whole book. I can’t be sure if the glitch has been fixed or not, but the “page curl” feature is not a big selling point for me anyway. I don’t miss it at all.

  15. Melissa

    I would add “The Issac Project” by Sarah Monzon, “Frozen FootPrints” by Therese Heckenkamp
    Perception by Lee Strauss, and The Guardian by Katie Klein
    to that list.

  16. I didn’t know about the royalties for authors through KU, that’s awesome! I keep a list of books I want to read that are on KU and then once it has built up a bit I will subscribe for a couple months so I can read those and then cancel for a little while until my list is built up again. I love my kindle and with the price of the KU I can afford to read more 🙂

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