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As part of the Celebrate Lit tour for Son of Promise, Caryl McAdoo is here today to share a day in the life of a rancher and a rancher’s wife, featuring her two main characters Travis & Emma Lee.

Be it known, your sins will find you out, but God’s mercy endureth forever!

Can a wife find the grace to forgive when her husband’s withheld the truth? 

Travis Buckmeyer has a secret son, and the morning’s come to tell his sweet wife.

He hates breaking Emma Lee’s heart. She promised him one ten years ago, but hasn’t been blessed to carry a baby to term.

Every miscarriage made the telling harder, but now his clock’s run out.

He’s going for his son, praying he won’t lose her.


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Two days before the opening of Son of Promise

A Day in the Life of a Rancher
by Caryl McAdoo

Born and bred in the Texas Hill Country, SON OF PROMISE’s hero Travis Wayne Buckmeyer, son of a rancher David Crockett Buckmeyer (book eight in the Texas Romance Family Saga), grandson of a pioneer Patrick Henry Buckmeyer (book one in the Saga)—learned to ride before he could walk. He loves the Lord like all his people. His word is his bond, and he eats everything he shoots—‘cept the varmints. With a temper from his grandfather, he does his best to keep it under control and does a fair job. Didn’t know much about love until he first laid eyes on Emma Lee Harris . . .

Rarely are any two rancher’s days the same. Travis rises at four-thirty every morning like he’s got a windup alarm clock in his head. Over coffee, he plans his day. Always . . . there’s the cow to milk, eggs to gather, horses to feed and hay and muck their stalls . . . all before breakfast. On that particular day, he planned to check fences which entailed riding out right after the meal.

He’d saddle his gray, carrying stretchers, a bit of slick wire in case he needed a little to repair the barbed wire, and his hand axe. Kept with a slicker rolled and tucked behind his saddlebags in case bad weather blew in. He’d need a full canteen, gloves tucked in his belt, a couple of pounds of oats and hobbles—if a cowboy’s going to work his horse, he’s got to feed him—and some hobbles since his was still a stallion. He mounted then loaded the 30-30 in its scabbard under his leg.

His own meal would be the hard tack—a kind of dried flatbread—and jerky, also stored in the saddle bags. Though he owned over fifteen thousand acres, only a little more than a thousand was fenced. It’d take him half a day to ride it all with no breaks . . . but that’d never happened. He figured if he got back home dark or dark-thirty, he’d be blessed.

A Day in the Life Of Rancher’s Wife

His sweet wife, Emma Lee (book ten in the saga) became a Buckmeyer in 1939—the same night her daddy disowned and kicked her out for rejecting what he called the one true religion to become a holy roller. A self-taught artist who’s every painting sold the minute she released it—and her adoring fans paid more and more every time—she also loves tinkering with anything mechanical. But she can be just as girlie-girl as any of them—well, maybe not her sister Sandra Louise who’d rather faint out than get her hands dirty. The deepest and strongest desire of her heart is to give Travis a son.

Sleeping in until five or even after, she shared a pot of coffee with her husband as most every morning. They prayed together, and she’d sing. Soon as he left for chores, she got breakfast started. That morning, the meal consisted of eggs to order, ham, biscuits and gravy, sliced tomatoes, and pear preserves she’d put up back at the end of summer. He loved those.

Since he’d be gone the most of the day, she planned a trip to town to resupply her larder on account if the rain set in, the cow trail they called a road between the house and the blacktop could become impassable for who knew how long. She never liked to run low on anything. Such a thing wouldn’t do any good, only prove her a woman who didn’t watch well over the needs of her home.

Twenty pounds of potatoes, ten of carrots, and five of onions was usually the bare minimum. She liked to keep forty pounds of flour in her bin. With twenty pounds each of coffee and sugar, five of salt and three of pepper would suffice that trip. Since meat was plentiful and eggs collected daily, she could keep three decent meals on the table for a month or more. The cocoa and red hots were thrown in for a treat now and again, and she’d pick up a bag of jelly beans for Travis—his favorite.

She’d been meaning to find a bolt of attractive cloth—maybe even a new pattern, figuring to make him a shirt or two and her, a dress. Needed to order more art supplies from the catalogue, too, and while at the General Store, she’d use their phone to call and make sure Mama was home before heading over for lunch. The two of them could cook up some chicken and dumplin’s with cornbread enough for her to take some of both home for supper. Travis loved her Mama’s dumplin’s.

Author’s note: They barely knew each other when they married, but boy, Howdy Doody, God sure had melded their hearts together . . . She didn’t care a bit if the mansion didn’t have electric lights or a telephone, not as long as she was with Travis. If only she could give up cigarettes, and give her beloved a son . . . Anyway, that was the next to last normal day they’d have, just the two of them.

Caryl McAdoo prays her story brings God glory, and a quick scroll through her novels’ rankings by Christian readers attests to the Father’s faithfulness. She loves writing almost as much as singing the new songs He gives her—look her up on YouTube to hear a few. Her high school sweetheart husband won her heart fifty-two years ago, and now they share four children and seventeen grandsugars. Ron and Caryl live in the woods south of Clarksville, seat of Red River County in far Northeast Texas, waiting expectantly for God to open the next door.

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68 responses to “Guest Post (and a Giveaway!): Caryl McAdoo & Son of Promise

    • Hey, Debra 🙂 Thanks. On the day the book starts, Travis figures he’s got no choice but to break Emma Lee’s heart, and he hates that! But he has a son–the product on a one night stand years before he married Emma. The boy’s waiting to be picked -up from a detention school. Anf Travis has got to tell her . . .

  1. Kay Garrett

    Carrie, thank you for being part of the book tour!

    Loved reading about the day in the life of both the rancher and the rancher’s wife. Don’t think most can appreciate the long hours and hard work dedicated to just daily living back in the day. Makes me wonder exactly how they did it – with no modern day conveniences or help in doing the daily chores. I know it was a hard life but I really think the values and sense of worth were greater when one had to work harder to achieve even the small things in life.

    I can’t wait to get to read “Son of Promise.” Thank you for the chance not only in the drawing but in this special giveaway as well. <3

    • Hey there, Kay! You took the words right out of my mouth! I’m thanking Carrie, too. I got to meet her in person at the first CFRR in Nashville and she’s a sweetie. I appreciate you participating in the SON OF PROMISE tour, too 🙂 But you’re right, Kay Travis put in a lot of morning to night days, but you’ll find in the book that he’s all far “moving on up” to the modern conveniences (like electricity!) I love to write about those days, but wouldn’t want to live there! Blessings!

    • Aww, thanks, Audrey, I appreciate your endorsement! I love your name. Used Audrey in one of the early book, a contemporary romance released by an east coast publisher as The Apple Orchard Bed & Breakfast in 2002. I got the rights back and republished as an Indie in 2014 as Lady Luck’s a Loser. Thank you again, and blessings!

  2. Jeanne C

    I am slowly compiling her Texas Family Saga series in the hopes I can read them one right after the next! Thank you so much for the chance to win!

    • Hello, Jeanne! Good to see you here, glad you came by! You need to let me know which ones you’re missing! Someone will win choice in the Celebrate Lit Blog Tour. The books I’m giving away here with Carrie will go one of her commenters 🙂 Blessings, Jeanne. I just know you’re going to love reading thhose first ten in order!

  3. Sounds like I just found a new-to-me author. This book and the series sounds amazing!!! I loved the day in the life of a rancher and his wife. So engaging. I work hard at my job as a teacher, but definitely never worked as hard as a rancher.

    • YAY! I love to be the New-to- You author!! All of my books I write as a stand-alone, but if you start with book one and read those ten Texas Romances one after another, you’ll know how much I love these people and why. They aren’t perfect . . . (some even sin!) . . . but never on-scene and there’s never any cursing going on. Well, I may say . . . The villain cursed—but never write the words he used. I have worked hard as a rancher AND my #1 grandsugar girl is a teacher, too! I think this is her 4th yr, maybe 5th. Time flies faster the older you get! 🙂 I hope you’ll friend me on FB, Nicole! Blessings

    • Every time I run across your name, I think of my best friend, Donna Casey, in elementary school at Letot in Dallas. I just loved her, and she moved north–I think up to Lewisville. I went to spend the night with her there a few times, but we lost touch. I have no clue about her married name . . . Anyway, glad you enjoyed the lead in and hope you get to read the book! Blessings

  4. Melissa

    I just typed in the wrong space and typed in the giveaway comment area by accident. Lol Anyway, what I said was something to the affect of so many women who go through this will find this book as something to identify with on this topic.

    • Indeed, it would be hard. It’s especially hard for Emma Lee because though she’s gotten pregnant several times, she keeps losing her little babies . . . that’s why Travis couldn’t bring himself to tell her before now . . . but when he was in town . . . he got the letter, and now his time has run out.
      Better stop or I’ll be crying again! And I know how it ends! 🙂 Blessings, Melissa!

  5. Janet Estridge

    I say that “work is work” no matter whether you live in the city or the country.
    When I retired from working, I thought that life was going to be, not quite so busy.
    Boy, was I wrong!

    • I KNOW, Janet! How does that happen? I say BUSY is a four-letter-word! Of course, in my case, the BUSY is trying to get all these wonderful stories God give Ron (my dear husband–we write together) and me in the computer then onto paper and bookshelves. E’books are awesome, too, what a WONDERFUL invention! Hope you at least get to read more! 🙂 Blessings!

  6. Paula S.

    Thanks for the glimpse into the life of a rancher’s wife . I have two of Caryls books and look forward to reading them! Thanks for the giveaways.

    • You and me, Paula! I had to get a whole new bookcase JUST FORmy TBRs, but I hope mine make it to the top of your pile sooner than later! 🙂 Thank you for coming to Carrie’s and leaving a comment. Glad you enjoyed the glimpse into Travis’ life 🙂 Blessings!

  7. Thank you for coming by, Marilyn. SO far all of its readers but one have given it a five-star rating and the one gave it four! I love a new book coming out of the gate that way 🙂 Blessings!

  8. SO! My time to say thank you, Carrie! I appreciate you jumping aboard on my new release blog tour! DO you know I have another new release tomorrow? SILENT HARMONY, a historical romance I wrote for the Lockets & Lace Collection! I’ve published 1 a month for eleven month (2015) but never two in a month! Am I crazy? YES YOU ALL they all shout 🙂 Another big party tomorrow! Woot!

    Love and hugs and blessings, my friend! May God bless you for blessings me!

    • Kathy

      Caryl, thank you for sharing this short part about your new book. I look forward to reading it. As with all your books, I know it’s going to be a great story and witness of the Lord.
      I also see that you have another book “Silent Harmony” coming out. I look forward to that one also.
      You are a blessing to your readers.

      • Oh, Kathy! What a nice thing for you to say as I do pray to be a blessing. Thank you! Yes, I went daffy and am releasing TWO books this month. SILENT HARMONY, a part of the Lockets & Lace Collection (book two) debuts TOMORROW! It’s a sweet novella I enjoyed writing! Three sisters, what fun! Thank you for coming by Carrie’s and leaving a comment! Hugs and Blessings!

    • A fellow TEXAN! Hey, Paula! I’m so glad you’ve enjoyed my stories and am so thankful to God that he nurtured me on this journey to learn my craft and be able to take my readers right into the story to enjoy living vicariously through the awesome characters He gives me. I just LOVE being His vessel! And setting my books in this incredible state of ours! Hugs and blessings, Paula!

    • Hey, Natalya! Me either! I mean for YOU to read it 🙂 I’ve already read it about ten times. I’m reminded of the saying “Only God writes in stone. The rest of us rewrite.” Blessings!

  9. Patty

    I know I read the first book in this series, maybe one more… just can’t keep up with all of the new releases that come out!

    • HI Patty! So you’ve read VOW UNBROKEN 🙂 It’s set in 1832 . . . this book is all the way up to 1950! You’d enjoy the nine in between, I’m sure! And I know what you mean about new releases! I had another one yesterday for a novella SILENT HARMONY (Tuesday the 23rd) TWO in one month is a first for me! Blessings

  10. sheila mast

    I enjoyed reading the two pieces. It’s amazing to me that jelly beans are that old. I did not know that.

  11. Connie Saunders

    I enjoyed reading these two special stories and I had to grin when I read the supplies that Emma Lee wanted to keep on hand. I certainly don’t keep that much flour or sugar but 20 lbs. of potatoes seems about right! I live about 15 miles from a grocery and since my retirement, I don’t go to town every day. And potatoes are a food that we really enjoy.
    This new book sounds great!

    • Ah potatoes, Connie! So versatile! Love them, too . . . I think potato soup’s my favorite 🙂 Although there’s a grocery store in town about 10 minutes away to pick up somthing, my Walmart is 30 minutes. I go to Paris TX to shop shop 🙂 Blessings !

    • I know . . . you’d have to read CHIEF OF SINNERS to know the unusual circumstances around these two getting married. And the mother of the boy had been married when she got pregnant and begged Travis to just go away—-that her husband and the boy would never know. Sin causes so many hurts . . . and they will eventually come to light. Blessings Brenda!

  12. Arletta

    I grow a large garden and still have potatoes in my pantry from my garden. I think last year I “downsized” and only planted 35 plants…. We’re still enjoying onions from the garden as well. And, of course, all the fruit and veggies we froze and canned.

    We do have a convenience grocery store about 10 minutes away but I do most of my grocery shopping about 1 hour away so I stock up. My pantry will always have the necessities in it.

    We have grown our own pigs for the last few years so our freezer has always got pork in it. My sister and I bought a steer last year and each got half. It’s great walking to the freezer and pulling out everything you need for a home cooked meal. The downside of it is that my husband prefers eating at home to eating out. 🙁

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