Top Ten Tuesday: Tales from the Deepest Corners of my TBR Pile

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Happy Tuesday, friends! Today’s topic is books that have been on our TBR lists the longest & we still haven’t read them. Which could also be titled “Books that fill my bookish readingasfastasIcan heart with guilt”. It has nothing to do with lack of interest and everything to do with lack of time.

I want to read all the books. Right now. But I can’t. Whimper.

In fact, that’s where I’ll be for the duration of the day – curled up in a little ball, bemoaning why there are not more reading hours in a day.

Never mind me. 😉

Series I Desperately Want to Read, But Haven’t Yet
(It’s not you. It’s me.)

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GENRE: Young Adult/Science Fiction

GENRE: Young Adult/Urban Fantasy


GENRE: Romantic Suspense


GENRE: Romantic Suspense

plus four more titles!

GENRE: Medieval Romance

GENRE: Suspense/Fantasy

GENRE: Historical Western Romance

GENRE: Historical Romance

GENRE: Mystery/Suspense

I have read Rescue Me but I still NEED to read the series as a whole, in order.

…plus two more titles!

GENRE: Contemporary Romance

What about you? Which series are hiding in the deepest corners of YOUR tbr pile?

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49 responses to “Top Ten Tuesday: Tales from the Deepest Corners of my TBR Pile

  1. I *really* (REALLY) need to finish the Gifting series too. Read book one and really enjoyed it. Oh, and the Montana Rescue series too! Much to my own surprise, I’ve only read book one in that series despite being a fan of Susan’s novels. 🙂

  2. Elly

    You need to get the “Age of Faith” series and the “Circle” series out of your deepest corners and into the light! Seriously! The “Age of Faith” books are up on my favorites shelf! They’re SO good!! (The “Circle” Series is really good to!)

  3. Marylin Furumasu

    Carrie, that was fun seeing some of your TBR pile. I’ve actually read a few of these which is fun. You’re going to love them!
    The Lunar Chronicles is one on my list.
    Have fun whittling this list down.

  4. I love the blog title and your graphics are adorable! I second Elly! You need to get the Circle series and the Age of Faith out of the dark. They are keepers for me too. Heather Day Gilbert’s series are in my deepest corners too. Her God’s Daughter is on my list.

  5. Great list! There are a few there that I need to read, too. Like Katie Ganshert’s series and Sara Davison’s series. But definitely get onto those others ASAP!

  6. Oh, Meez Carrie! You have to read The Gifting trilogy. HAVE TO!!! Lol. Other than Shelly Gray and Susan May Warren, I haven’t read the other series either.

  7. Rebecca Maney

    Every year I say that I am going to read Tamara Leigh’s books and I get too overwhelmed to begin!

    But I must say, you must read Heather Gilbert (you could read all three in one evening; they are short), . . . . I daresay you will be joining my Tess Spencer fan club! And I finally finished Stephenia McGee’s books . . . . . wonderful!!!! And that series by Shelley Gray is actually my favorite! And who doesn’t love Susan May Warren?

  8. Kris Markovich

    I have tons of books in my TBR pile! And I read a ton – there are just so many good books out there waiting for me to read them! But, what really cracks me up are the people who re-read books (and no offense is meant if you are one) because I don’t have time to re-read when I have so many to read for the first time!!

    • Carrie

      i would love to reread books…. but I have no time! That kinda makes me sad but the piles and piles of new books to read for the first time cheers me up (and stresses me out lol)

  9. Janet Ferguson

    I’m currently listening to The Gifting. It’s so good and tension-filled! Reading Stephenia’s novels, my Mississippi friend, and they are great! I want to read Heather and Tamara,too. Need more time!

  10. Jeanne Bishop

    I have devoured Tamara Leigh’s Age of Faith Series. Her newest “The Awakening” should be in my mailbox today. Drag out the fainting couch and the fans! ?
    I think if you start reading the first one you will be hooked.

  11. *gasp* The Age of Faith series??!! Carrie, I’m sad for you! I need to read so many series that I’ve made a Trello list! Here’s just a glimpse of my shame… Porter Family, Christiansen Family, Belle Meade, Elite Guardians, and I’m stopping there so I don’t cry or feel compelled to rearrange my books again.

  12. Amy

    I urge, beg, demand that you read The Age of Faith series STAT!!!! Tamara Leigh’s writing is out of this world and you will kick yourself for having waited so long to visit the days of yore.

  13. We (my boys and I) *loved* The Lunar Chronicles. We actually listened to them in the car as we commuted to daily activities. So that’s another way to squeeze some more reading time into an already packed day. 🙂 I hope you are able to get to some of these soon! 🙂

    Here’s my TTT.

  14. Ha! I too have read Rescue Me (out of order) but none of the other books in the series. I adore Amy Leigh Simpson’s novels as well as Tamara Leigh’s Age of Faith series. And Ted Dekker’s the Circle has stayed with me for years, even changing the way I think about some things.

  15. Oh, the Circle series and the Lunar Chronicles are some of my favorites! You really should read them, but no pressure, I promise. 😉 Too many books and not enough time is always the problem.

    I need to finish the Gifting trilogy, too. I liked the first one, and then… not enough time for the next two, of course, haha.

  16. You have to read Age of Faith. ASAP! Tamra is awesome. And thanks for including the Liberator Trilogy! I’m revisiting this series now as I’m writing a fun little time travel novella to go with it. 🙂

  17. MH

    I can’t believe I’m admitting this….but The Quiet Professionals series from Ronie Kendig has been buried under my TBR mountain….but my heart knows they’re there…..I need to read them soon…

  18. i thought i was the only one who hasn’t read Tamara Leigh!! definitely in my TBR galaxy!! Stephenia McGee too! I’ve read Amy Leigh Simpson’s books and 2 of Heather Gilbert’s (this series – and both of her Vikings books)

  19. Caryl Kane

    I loved The Circle series! I have SEVERAL series waiting for me to enjoy. Once we move back into the house, there will be lots of binge reading!

    I’ve not read Tamara Leigh, Amy Leigh Simpson or Susan May Warren. I also have Ronie Kendig’s Quiet Professionals in my TBR.

  20. Aww, I would be so honored if you read my mysteries or Viking historicals, Carrie! The first ones are in audiobook format on Audible, which might help you fit them into your schedule better??? ? The second mystery is also in audiobook. But as Rebecca said, some of my books are shorter length and faster reads. I hope you get to read them someday! And my TBR is getting backed up, but I want to read The Secret Life Of Sarah Hollenback by Bethany Turner and Lady Jayne Disappears by Joanna Politano.

  21. Melissa

    I will have check now if I read “The Gifting” and I have a that sci-fi rendition of Cinderella by Marissa Meyer for a long time now. I pretty sure I entered all the giveaways for that series. Thanks 4 sharing.

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