KissingBooks 101 Lesson Three (and a HUGE giveaway!): Closet Kisses

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Happy Valentine’s Day, dear reader friends! Here on RimSP, Valentine’s Day is kind of a big deal. Why? Because I LOVE KissingBooks and Valentine’s Day is the perfect day to talk about them! Since the last KissingBooks 101 lesson (wow – it’s been two years!), I’ve developed a new favorite kind of kissing scene – the kind of kisses (or tension-filled almost kisses) that take place in closets and otherwise confined spaces. Get your favorite list-making device ready because school is back in session!

Pepper Basham first introduced me to this wondrous type of kissing scene – in her book The Thorn Keeper – and she remains the queen of the closet kiss, in my book. Each of her subsequent books (historical and contemporary) has some sort of a closet kiss, and boy howdy can she write a toe-curling kiss!

Clicking on each book’s graphic will take you to Amazon. Affiliate links are used at no cost to you.

Aaaaaaannnnnnd…. check out this exclusive excerpt from The Substitute Bride, a not-yet-published historical romance from Pepper Basham!! The main characters, Frederick and Grace, are married (marriage of convenience) and are so adorable together! AHHHHH!!! I love them.

“Frederick! Did I hear your voice?” His mother’s call pierced their quiet from the end of the long hall. “Frederick!”

Without another hesitation, Frederick flung open the nearby closet door and tugged Grace inside, closing them into darkness and linens.

“What are you doing?” She whispered, her hands feeling for his jacket in the darknes and drawing him into her rosemary scent.

“Greeting my wife without interruption.” With a firm tug of her body against his, he seized her surprised lips with his own. She tasted of warmth and strawberries, and home. To her. As expected, after her gasp, she melted into him. Her palms took a possessive hold of his back and he growled in response, moving his kiss from her pliant lips to her exposed neck.

The softest breath of a sound escaped from her throat and he pushed her against the wall, breathing in her skin, stamping it to his memory. “The train couldn’t move fast enough to bring me home to you.”

He couldn’t make out her face in the darkness of the closet, only her profile, but her quick intake of breath as his palms slid down the side of her body had him visualizing her reaction. Her fingers dug into his back. “You’ve been missed, my dear Lord Percy.”

“Have I?” His mouth found its way back to her soft lips, waiting for him.

She nodded against his head, her fingers trailing up to his neck and into his hair. “I don’t like sleeping alone.”

“Neither do I.” He shook his head, the memory of those two nights without her warmth quaking his emotions deeper. “Grace, I’ve never longed for anyone like I long for you.”

She pulled back, glimmers of faint light from beneath the doorway reflected in her eyes. “Really?”

Her question humbled him. The women, the careless life? Here was someone wholly pure, and his, with no other images of anyone else’s kiss, or touch, or intimacy but his. And he was determined never to make her doubt the exclusivity of his heart. “I’m quite useless without you.” He cupped her face, kissing one corner of her mouth, then the other. “Next time you’re going with me to London.”     

Excerpt and characters property of Pepper Basham. Used with permission.


I love Frederick and Grace so much! I can’t wait for y’all to meet them!!

Pepper isn’t the only author to write swoonlicious closet kisses though. Melissa Tagg wrote one between Logan and Amelia in Like Never Before that will have you sticking your head in the freezer for sure! Marie’s and Seth’s closet moment in Liz Johnson’s Red Door Inn may be an almost-kiss but it’s just as full of delicious romantical tension as if their lips had met just then. Julie Lessman’s Sam O’Rourke and Marcy O’Connor find more than the Advent wreath they’re supposed to be looking for in the church storage closet (i.e. the yumminess that sparks when their lips are together!) in A Light in the Window. And Callie may not have found the raisins she was hunting in Davis’ pantry (in Nicole Deese’s A New Shade of Summer) but she certainly finds a kiss that had me fanning for a while. Jen Turano’s Lucetta Plum (Playing the Part) may be sporting a disguise that would make Nanny McPhee proud but it doesn’t prevent a delightful closet kiss with swoony Bram!

But closets and pantries and small storage rooms aren’t the only places where a confined space makes the kisses all the swoonier! Airplanes, hollow tree trunks, bell towers, hiding places, caves, under-the-stairs alcoves, tiny all-season rooms, barn stalls, narrow hallways, a crowded-with-projects workshop garage… such delightful kissing possibilities! Even close quarters made even closer when the heroine must tend to the hero’s wound.

Whew!! Is it getting hot in there or is it just me??? Speaking of Dawn Crandall, keep an eye out for a NEW Everstone Chronicles novella – “Enchanting Nicholette”– coming in September!!! (You can also catch it first in June as part of the Timeless Love anthology. Check out my Be Still My Heart cover love post from yesterday for more details on this collection!)

Now… did someone say giveaway?!? (oh yeah… that was me!)

ONE of my readers will receive TWENTY-ONE of these swoonlicious reads! This giveaway includes a mix of print and digital copies. (Print copies sent at discretion of each author & are subject to change to digital copies without notice.) US only. Void where prohibited by law. Winner must be able to accept ebooks or be willing to accept a reduced giveaway of only the print copies available.

Special thanks to the authors who donated books for this giveaway!

One winner will receive the following books:

  • Winner’s choice between The Thorn Keeper or The Thorn Healer by Pepper Basham (ebook)
  • Winner’s choice between Just the Way You Are or Charming the Troublemaker by Pepper Basham (ebook)
  • Like Never Before by Melissa Tagg, print
  • The Red Door Inn by Liz Johnson, print
  • Playing the Part by Jen Turano, print
  • A New Shade of Summer by Nicole Deese, winner’s choice of print or ebook
  • Conspiracy of Silence by Ronie Kendig, print
  • A Moonbow Night by Laura Frantz, print
  • Winner’s choice between A Light in the Window or Love at Any Cost by Julie Lessman (ebook)
  • All FOUR books in The Everstone Chronicles by Dawn Crandall (The Hesitant Heiress, The Bound Heart, The Captive Imposter, The Cautious Maiden)
  • The Esther Paradigm by Sarah Monzon, ebook
  • The Amish Firefighter by Laura V. Hilton, print
  • Forever Safe by Jody Hedlund, print
  • Paper Hearts by Courtney Walsh, print
  • Meant to be Mine by Becky Wade, print
  • The Captive Maiden by Melanie Dickerson, print
  • Kissed By A Cowboy by Debra Clopton, ebook
  • So Pure a Heart by Amber Lynn Perry, print

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What about you? What’s your favorite KissingBook?

(Head over to Radiant Light for more kissing scenes!)

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254 responses to “KissingBooks 101 Lesson Three (and a HUGE giveaway!): Closet Kisses

  1. You should have put a HUGE WARNING in the title or early! Wowza! Swoon..getting hot here! Lol.

    Mine will always be Faith & Colin of A Passion Most Pure by Julie Lessman, very first CF that have that impact! Lol. But I agree with you on most of these that I’ve read!

  2. Oh my!!!!!! Cowboy kisses win my heart each and every time!

    There is not enough ink in my pen for the list I need to make today! What a great post Carrie!!

  3. Tracey Hagwood

    This is one HOT closet kissing lesson, whew! I have had a lot of these on my must read list, but now even more so! I just finished Just the Way You Are a few weeks ago and I would have to say that tops my list!

  4. Perrianne Askew

    The Innkeeper’s Daughter by Michelle Griep. You have a fabulous giveaway, thank you for the opportunty.

  5. HAHAHAHAHAHAA!!!!!! I LOVE THIS SO MUCH!!! Bring on the closet kisses.
    You should also warn your readers, CArrie, that Freddie and Grace are MARRIED and in the closet. 😉

    Oh I can’t wait to share that story with people!!!!

    And I love kisses!
    And I have a newfound love for closets.

    And the combination? WOOHOOO!

    Hopefully readers will start looking for those in my books 😉

  6. Shamekka S

    I actually haven’t read a lot of kissing books. I tend to read mostly historicals. One of my reading goals for this year is to read more books out of my comfort zone which is why I decided to enter this giveaway?. Thanks for the chance to win.

  7. I’m with Annie… many kisses! Ahhhhhh!!!!! LOL LOVE this post. You will never know how grateful I am for these *ahem* lessons in kissing books…….

  8. Melony Teague

    Oh my goodness, this blog post has me grabbing my fan! I have to say my fave kissing book is Kristin Heitzmann’s “Told you Twice” Alexis and Bo <3 <3 <3

  9. Kay Garrett

    The Amish Firefighter by Laura V. Hilton! Love her books, love love stories and love Amish stories – how can you go wrong. 🙂

  10. Brandi Day

    I now have a lengthy list of books to read. I always put books by Jen Turano at the top of my favorites list.

  11. Kelly Bridgewater

    I just finished the Sea Before Us by Sarah Sundin. A great kiss near the end. My favorite kissing book of all time is A Hope Undaunted by Julie Lessman.

    • Carrie

      Oh yay! I’m going to read Sarah’s book soon – can’t wAit! And YES!! That’s one of my fave Julie books. Wowza.

    • KELLY!! I have to agree with you, my friend, as far as my books — that Luke McGee can kiss like nobody I know … 😉

      In fact, my two favorite kisses I’ve ever written are his and are over on Montana Made blog today with a giveaway if anybody wants to come by. Here’s the link:


      Thanks SO much, Kelly, for making AHU for favorite kissing book of all time — WOW!!


  12. Carol Alscheff

    The only one of these books that I have read is the Red Door Inn so I guess I will pick that one. I would love to win thezse books so I can read the rest of them.

  13. Kailey Bechtel

    I have been waiting for this post!!
    The kissing scene from A Moonbow Night is definitely a favorite! Jody Hedlund also can write some pretty amazing kissing scenes!

  14. Anya

    So many books to add to my reading list! I’ve loved every one of Dawn Crandall’s Everstone Chronicles. She has a gift. Also, Rachel Hauck’s Writing Desk. I guess I need to get busy with this list!

  15. Now that’s a giveaway! My favorite kisses are the just before going off to battle or just returning from battle. They’re passionate and frantic and full of every last drop of life.

  16. Michelle Lunsford

    Oooh, I’ve just started reading The Red Door Inn; delighted to know I have a closet almost-kiss moment to which I can look forward. Some of these others I have read, and I agree that Pepper D. Basham knocks it outta the park when it comes to great kisses, especially closet/close quarter kisses. A few of these others are on my TBR list, and thanks to this post now a few more have been added to that. 🙂

  17. Anne L. Rightler

    Too many to choose from. I haven’t read many of these in this list so here’s hoping! Thanks for the lesson, it was a good one!

  18. This is such a fun post, Carrie! It gives me some great fuel for some writing of my own. It’s has d to pick just one… I really loved Pepper Basham’s A Twist of Faith and Katie Ganshert’s A Broken Kind of Beautiful. ?

  19. How can you pick just one? I love anything that by Karen Witemeyer. I’m just finishing Stealing the Preacher, and recently read Short Straw Bride. Both were great!

  20. Dana Michael

    Any book by Julie Lessman has me going to cool off in the freezer. ISLE of Hope. Is probably my favorite of hers. Of course, you mentioned Pepper’s books. She is awesome. There are so many great ones. It’s hard to pick just one.

  21. Winnie Thomas

    We’ll, this post just warmed me up in a hurry. What a great list of books for Valentine’s Day. It’s hard to choose a favorite. Just a suggestion for next time–could you include the page numbers, so we can find the scenes easier? ?

  22. Carrie, you are the BEST at showcasing books and making us all want to read them!!! Thanks for including The Captive Maiden. I’d almost forgotten about that kissing scene between Valten and Gisela! That was super fun to write! 😀
    I hope you have a LOVELY Valentine’s Day! Love ya, my fellow Seeker!!!

    • Carrie

      It was super fun to READ too 😀 Love ya! (And eeeee we’re SEEKERS! I don’t think that will ever get old lol)

  23. Debbie Clatterbuck

    Any one of Bree Wolf’s Love’s Second Chance books is my favorite kissing book. I love her books. You have some great books available. Thanks for the giveaway and good luck everyone.

  24. Amy

    I’ve read the kissing scene in Laura Frantz’s “The Colonel’s Lady” so many times, the book automatically opens to it. Good gracious alive!! Truly one of the best. Julie Lessman has well earned her title of the Kissing Queen. You know you’re going to need a fan while reading her books. Then there’s Becky Wade’s “True To You” kissing scene that will never have me looking at a bag of sugar without giggling like a little girl.

    • OH MY GOSH, Amy — The Colonel’s Lady is one of my TOP-TEN favorite books in the CBA, and Laura has quite a few in that list! 😉

      Thank you SO much for your sweet comment about me — SO appreciate your support, my sweet friend!

      And Becky Wade’s books? Don’t even get me started — DROOL!!


  25. Rebecca Maney

    Carrie, you never cease to amaze me, what a fun post!!!!! Of course, I love Pepper’s close quarters scenes, but the hollow tree in “Moonbow Night is a personal favorite, along with Melissa Tagg and Becky Wade and . . . . .

    I just read “For the Love of Liberty” by Julie Lessman last night and that hay loft . . . . open air . . . .or not!

    • Hey, Rebecca, thanks SO much for the great review, my friend, and the shout-out!!

      But I have to agree with you — the kiss in the hollowed-out tree??? WOW!!! Laura at her most creative and very best!!


  26. Kim

    Carrie! I need that Pepper book now! When does it come out did I miss that somewhere? Totally agree with you on all the ones that I have read. As for favorite kissing book because I just read it and it is fresh in my mind, I would say Jody Hedlund’s A Noble Groom.

  27. Oh my gosh this post is amazing! I love so many of these books and it took me back to all those swoon worthy moments! For me the kissing queen is Julie Lessman and A Hope Undaunted has some of her best!

  28. Oh my word it just got hot!! **sighes** I love all these kissing scenes. And to be honest my mind is so jumbled from remembering them all I don’t think I could even think of anymore right now! Love this post. 🙂 and the person who wrote it!

  29. Susan Stitch

    Wow — don’t know that I’ve kept track of the kisses in books before, but I love Jen Turano’s Playing the Part — pure fun and romance in a castle!

  30. Oh, gracious – I’d enter the giveaway just to get The Captive Maiden! I haven’t read that book in such a long time, but I remember it being one of my favorites that Melaine Dickerson has written so far <3.

  31. What a KNOCK YOUR SOCKS OFF giveaway and post!! Huzzahs and hearts here!! Thanks so much for including Moonbow and that superlicious hollow tree smooch:) You’re the creative best, Carrie! Hope you and your real life hero have the sweetest day!!

  32. Elly

    The River of Time series by Lisa T. Bergren and the Age of Faith series by Tamara Leigh can be included in this category! ?
    Elly -Indiana-

  33. Chanel Monroe

    Meant to Be Mine by Becky Wade and Save the Date by Jenny B. Jones are two favorites I’ve read recently. A Cliche Christmas has pretty great chemistry and a toe-curling kisses, too. There’s still so many books I’ve yet to read though…

  34. Books, Bits, Bytes, and Buttons

    Sorry, mine are more in a truck cab with Liz Isaacson’s books! She knows how to write a kiss! Somehow in the barn, at the door, in the truck cab!

  35. Terressa T

    Wow! What a post!!
    My favorite kissing books are Sarah M Eden’s books. And most of these books are on my to-read list, but now I need to figure out how to read faster. Haha.

  36. Stephanie

    Since I’m currently reading Married ’till Monday by Denise Hunter, I’ll go with that one. Denise always has great kissing books. There are so many though Pepper Basham, Julie Lessman, the list is long.

    Thank you for such an amazing giveaway opportunity.

  37. Andrea Stephens

    Whew! Melted the ice in my glass of tea reading this post!
    Btw… you have been asking the most impossible to answer questions lately ?
    I can’t pick a favorite. Melissa Jagears has written some good ones but I think Pepper Basham is Queen of closet kisses.? ❤

  38. Rachael Merritt

    One…just one?? Yikes! Umm…how about Just the Way You Are…mostly because the humor of finding the shoe!! Great combo writing in a scene. Plus I love the squishing Grandpa scene,too! ?

  39. Connie Scruggs

    Can I just say all of the Julie Lessman kisses?!
    I don’t know how often she practices, lol, but she knows how to write about a kiss.

    • LOL, Connie, I just HAD to comment on your comment because you made me laugh out loud, darlin’!!

      And as far as practice — A LOT — unless hubs has a cold, then he won’t kiss me to save his soul. Not that it needs saving, mind you, but you know! 😉

      Thanks for your sweet comment, my friend. 🙂


  40. Oh my goodness! I love the one of Sarah Monzon’s, read this from inside your freezer. ROFLOL That is too stinkin’ funny!!! These are great, Carrie!! Muah! And Happy Valentines Day to you and your real life hero!!

  41. Christian Palmer

    I think my favorite is The Redemption by Marylu Tyndall! There are so many more though. It really is hard to choose. Julie Lessman’s scenes are amazing!

  42. Linda

    I know I can’t pick just one book, or even one author! On the list would be Pepper, Becky Wade, Julie Lessman, Sarah Monzon, Rachel Hauck, Melissa Tagg…ok, pretty much ditto Carrie’s list!

  43. Pam K.

    I’ve read too many kissing books to pick a favorite. You certainly have a good selection here. I’ve read several of them. Thanks for the giveaway.

  44. Lori Smanski

    I don’t know that I have a favorite kissing book. But I do love cowboy books that kiss. there is just something about a handsome, rough and tough cowboy.

  45. emilee

    Denise Hunter’s couple get locked in a closet in Dancing With Fireflies. It’s a steamy scene but they never actually kiss in the closet! The steamy tension continues to build in the story! Oh yeah, it’s a kissing book For Sure!
    Yes, I agree with Ty and Celia, one of the hottest CF books around! But do you remember the kiss in A Love Like Ours? Jake’s brooding and somewhat cold personality gave way to a very memorable KISS! Amazing!

  46. I haven’t read Pepper’s books yet but now I think they may have to move to the top of the TBR pile! I’d have to say A Passion Most Pure is my favorite Kissing Book. No one writes a kiss like Julie Lessman.

  47. Jeanne Bishop

    I think the most unique place was the hollow tree trunk in Laura Frantz’s “A Moonbow Night.”

  48. I’ve never read a Pepper Basham book but you’ve just convinced me. How have I lived my whole life without knowing about closet kisses? I can’t really think of the best kiss…I don’t remember any, it seems like I can only think of movie kisses.

  49. MJSH

    Hmm. So many choices. I did thoroughly enjoy Conspiracy of Silence and Charming the Troublemaker kissing scenes…..

  50. I don’t have a favorite one. That’s like asking me to pick my favorite child. 😉 I think Becky Wade always does a good job of getting my heart racing with her stories. Thanks for the fun post and the giveaway!

  51. Wowzers! What a post! I’ve read a few of these and definitely agree. The ones I haven’t read . . . well, now they are all on my TBR list if they weren’t already!

  52. BLESS YOU for sharing Freddie and Grace with the world!!!!! I CAN’T WAIT for that to be a real book sometime (hopefully soon — right Pepper?!). It’s one I’ll reread endlessly. 🙂

    As for kisses, you’ve covered the best!!!! I would add those between Devin and Grace in Kristen Heitzmann’s Told You So series….. I love that their relationship is still growing in book 2. Happy Valentine’s Day, Carrie!

  53. Linda May

    I’m looking forward to reading all of these books. I love Debra Clopton’s Cowboy Romances. Thanks for your generosity.

  54. Caryl Kane

    I need to wipe the steam from my monitor! OH! MY! GOODNESS!

    So many steamy kissing books, I’m not even going to try to pick just one!

  55. Linda P

    I was asleep till I read this post. And oh, my am I awake now! Don’t recall reading any of the kissing books listed. The Amish Firefighter caught my attention from the cover. It looks steamy!

  56. Hmm….I guess I haven’t read a lot of kisses-books, or else I just don’t remember the scens, which is likely. XD I do love Melissa Tagg’s novels though! And “The Cautious Maiden” by Dawn Crandall – that was so romancy-amazing! <3

  57. Penny Mooney

    My favorite kissing book is Kissed By A Cowboy! I was raised on a ranch with cowboys all around. I have a thing for cowboys.


    OH. MY. GOSH!!! And to think I almost missed this post!!! I have subscribed to your blog before, but I don’t get them in my email so I am going to sign up again!!

    CLOSET KISSES!!! Only you, darlin’, would think of a kissing post on that, but then you’re good friends with the Queen of Closet Kisses (Pep!), so it looks like she’s rubbing off on you, girl!! 😉

    I am sitting outside reading this because this post is TOOO HOT to read inside!! LOVE IT!!

    As far as favorite “closet-style” kisses, I would have to see the hollowed-out tree by my dear friend Laura Frantz is a favorite, along with Pepper’s of course!

    But I will have to say some of THE BEST on the planet in my opinion are in Diana Gabaldon’s first book, Outlander. OH. MY. GOODNESS!! Now mind you, Diana Gabaldon is a SECULAR author so I’m giving fair warning to anyone who only reads Christian romance (which is me now, but I read Diana Gabaldon BEFORE I stopped reading secular).

    The kisses are soooooo sexy, but they are between a man and his wife, which fits more into my moral guidelines and they are beautifully written, not graphic although they are VERY sexy, so fair warning.


    • Carrie

      OOO I need to go back and reread Outlander one of these days. I wasn’t crazy about it before but I clearly stopped before these great kisses 😉

  59. I can’t possibly pick a favorite kissing book, but I will say that Sondra Kraak’s upcoming release, Three Words and a Kiss, has some serious sizzle that I absolutely loved. It would definitely fit in nicely with the group of books in the giveaway.

  60. Amy

    Loved Victoria and Tom in Forever Safe! But sounds like I need to get started reading the rest of the books on this list 🙂

  61. Rachael

    The Princess Bride, of course. But I also love such kissingbooks as A Noble Masquerade by Kristi Ann Hunter and My Stubborn Heart by Becky Wade.

  62. Oh The Captive Maiden!!! Love, love that kiss!! The kiss that I think holds my heart, though, I think must be in The Lady and the Lionheart… I’m just still not over that book 😉

  63. Shannon

    Oh, my! There are just too many amazing kisses to pick from. Even great authors of kisses. I’m just glad they keep them coming!

  64. Julie Waldron

    Honestly, I don’t know. I like Nicholas Sparks and have read a lot of his books. So, if I had to pick one it would be from one his books but I’m not sure which one.

  65. Lucy Nix

    I love The Amish Firefighter by Laura V. Hilton. However I’d love to read any of these fabulous books.

  66. Laurajj

    Oh goodness….I read so much…I cant believe I have not read any of these yet…so I cannot pick one yet! Oh they all look so good! So many new authors for me to try too!

  67. Alison Boss

    I am having a total brain freeze trying to think of my favorite kissing book…..probably due to reading your list of KissingBooks 101, Carrie….where’s a fire extinguisher!!! 😉

  68. Mallori

    I can’t think off-hand what my favorite kissing book is, but I did enjoy the above excerpt from “The Substitute Bride.” Many of the above books have been on my TBR pile for awhile, but unfortunately I still have not had a chance to read them yet. After this post, I will definitely have to remedy that. 🙂

  69. Sabrina Templin

    I think they kiss in Anne of Green Gables or it’s Anne of Avonlea…..but when Anne and GIlbert kiss oooooor in Princess Bride when Buttercup and Wesley kiss ……lol LOOOOVE those kisses!

  70. Terrill R.

    I’m going to choose my favorite kissing book from the last few months – Belle by Sarah Price. Besides from being one of my top favorite Amish books from last year, the romance was divine. Since it was a MOC story, the build-up to the first kiss was agonizing and oh so worth it. Sarah Price nailed it!

  71. Allison Wilson

    My favorite “kissing book” is, “The Princess Bride”. Even the book is wonderful, though the movie is just amazing. 🙂

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