First Line Friday (week 93): The Valentine Quest

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Happy Friday!

And welcome to a special Valentine’s Week edition of First Line Fridays, hosted by Hoarding Books!!!

Since it’s Friday, it’s time to grab the book nearest to you and leave a comment with the first line.

I’m pausing my nominees/finalists series to bring you a Valentinesy book in keeping with today’s theme.

The book I’m featuring today is The Valentine Quest by Melissa McClone,
a clean romance read with a yummy cover!

And the first line is….

“Cupid had gone on a rampage in Marietta, Montana.

Let me know the first line of the book closest to you & then head over to Hoarding Books to see who else is participating!

First Line Fridays hosted by Hoarding Books

If you’re a blogger or just a social media-er, we’d love for you to join us too!

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44 responses to “First Line Friday (week 93): The Valentine Quest

  1. Megan Hamsher

    “I won’t run.” A shudder skipped down Lady Cailin MacMurray’s spine, and she stared at her younger sister. “I’m committed.”

    Marriage By Arrangement
    by Anne Greene

  2. Andrea Stephens

    The dream came in waves, soft and gentle at first.
    Love’s Bright Tomorrow by Naomi Rawlings. ❤

  3. I love love love this series and really need to finish it!

    Happy Friday!

    Today my First Line Friday comes from a book I will be reading next week. A Mother’s Gift by Charlotte Hubbard.

    As Lenore Otto sat on the bed with Leah, wistfully watching the dusk of late November fill her daughter’s room, her heart was torn.

    Have an awesome weekend!!

  4. Kay Garrett

    Heaven only knows I should have brought back a tote sack full of beignets that day, like I’d planned, and NOT a sales flyer for the old Sweetwater mansion down the road.
    By Sandra Bretting

  5. Paula S.

    My first line is from Heart on the Line by Karen Witemeyer:
    The cheerful tinkle of a bell alerted Grace Mallory to the arrival of a guest.

  6. Jeanne Bishop

    “Wyatt Paxton never realized coming home could be as bittersweet as leaving.” from “The Sea Before Us by Sarah Sundin.

    • Haley Resseguie

      I just finished The Sea Before Us last night and it is so good!

      The book I am reading now is Legacy Redeemed by Aubrey Grayson (based on Carrie’s recommendation of course!).
      “The air was warm, the moon bright, and if Susannah Blackmon turned her head precisely the right way, she could catch the fragrance of summer flowers weaving in and out of London’s usual stench.”

  7. What a cute first line (and cover)! My first line is from Partners in Crime by Vickie McDonough, one of the novellas in the Seven Brides for Seven Texas Rangers Romance Collection (read through NetGalley):

    “Run, Laurel. Run!”

  8. Rebecca Maney

    Not my typical first liner, but here goes . . .

    “It was as good a day to die as any.” – from All Things Bright and Strange by James Market. What a talented writer!

  9. Fun first line!

    Happy Friday!

    Today on my blog I am sharing the first line from the new novella by Bell Renshaw, As Easy As Riding A Bike. It’s a really fun read.

    I am currently reading The Captain’s Daughter by Jennifer Delamere. I am LOVING this story so much. I am just beginning chapter 7, so I will leave that first line here:

    “Rosalyn drew the blanket around her to ward off the chilly night air as the carriage moved briskly down the near-empty streets.”

  10. This sounds like a cute one! ?? My line comes from Carrie Ann Ryan’s paranormal romance, Eternal Mourning: “Agony ripped through her. She threw her head back, letting the sweet taste of it swallow her whole. She was the wind, the air, the breeze along the trees, yet she knew there was more to it.”
    Have a great day!?

  11. I love these lines and I love Montana! Happy Friday 😉 Here are my lines on the blog: “It was her favorite dream.

    The golden dagger lay before Valia on a velvet cushion. Beautiful. Powerful. Deadly. She picked it up, the golden hilt ice cold against her skin.”

    These are the lines of a much awaited conclusion of the Falling Kingdoms series: Immortal Reign by Morgan Rhodes.

  12. Melissa

    “Execution day was the best day. While most fought, screamed, and cried, I welcomed our only escape.”

    Thompson, Shannon A.
    Bad Bloods: November Rain

  13. Caryl Kane


    Vincentio Rossi lifted his glass of ten-year-old Lombardi Brunello di Montalcino, closed his eyes, and sniffed the complex bouquet of the ruby red wine. – Lethal Legacy by Irene Hannon

    Happy Friday and Happy Reading

  14. Shannon

    What a great first line!! Here’s the one from The Matchmaker’s Match by Jessica Nelson…

    “Lady Amelia Baxley admired the male species.”

  15. The Valentine Quest sounds like a fun read!

    Here are my first lines:
    “Vladimir Kolnikov sat in his Corvette in a nearly empty parking lot for a long time.  Just a few feet away was the entrance to the private hotel where his friends, teammates, and the woman he loved waited for him to arrive.  He was getting married in less than an hour, but instead of heading inside to change into his tuxedo, he was sitting here sweating.  Thinking.  Panicking.“ Las Vegas Sidewinders: Vladimir by Kat Mizera

  16. What an adorable cover! I like it very much. It sounds like a fun read. The book I’m featuring on my blog is Rumors and Promises by Kathleen Rouser. Since I’m on chapter 14, I’ll share the first line from that chapter here. “I insist that you stay here and rest today, Sophie.” Have a wonderful weekend!

  17. Sorry I’m so late. Been one of those days. 🙁
    First the cover is adorable! And the line is too cute!!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  18. Becky Smith

    I know I’m late but yesterday was busy! Happy Weekend! My first line is from A Langhorne Romance (which is in Right Where We Belong collection) by Deborah Raney.

    “No sooner had Lily O’Neal plunged her hands into the sticky bread dough than the doorbell rang. Why did it always work that way?”

  19. Gloria

    I’m late too. I’m between books but plan to read this one soon. Blue Ridge Sunrise by Denise Hunter. The second line added a lot to the first so I included it.

    Zoe Collins never expected to step foot in Copper Creek again. But the one thing that could bring her back had happened.

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