Top Ten Tuesday: Books with Pets (and by Pets I mean DOGS)

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Happy Tuesday to you, friends! (And a friendly tail wag from Zuzu) It’s National ‘Love Your Pet’ Day here in the US so I’m detouring a bit from the ‘official’ Top Ten Tuesday theme to talk about our fave books with pets. And, by pets, of course Zuzu and I mean DOGS.

Go love on your pet today if you have one (Zuzu says it’s ok to love on your cats too… today.) and meet some of our fave canines on the page!

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We love the smiling hound dog in Pepper Basham’s Mitchell’s Crossroads series! He grows on you 🙂

Meet Sweetness, along with Tippy & Jellybean!
Sweetness – a quirky, slobbering, rescue-hearted, spatula wielding hot mess of a dog – stole the show and our hearts!


Hawk, the rookie K-9 in Seek and Find, is another Dana Mentink dog that captured our hearts!


Clyde is such a faithful companion; we couldn’t help but fall in love with him!

Poor Ginger. She’s a bit of a hot awkward mess but she’s also quite endearing!

Zuzu is totally #teamBarysh but keep a box (or 10) of tissues handy!

Frenchie is completely adorable. Zuzu wants to be her BFF.


Of course we can’t leave out Samson, the search-and-rescue dog hero of Colleen Coble’s Rock Harbor series!
(Zuzu has a bit of a crush)

Speaking of crushes….

Zuzu has a few celebrity crushes – real life dogs whose moms write books with dogs.

Zuzu emails Kate James’ dogs, Harley & Logan, on a regular basis.
And we both love reading Kate’s books!

Zuzu thinks Noah is exotic, living in Bermuda.
I think Noah’s mom writes awesome books!

There’s always something to be said for a man (or dog) in uniform.
While Zuzu drools over Vvolt N629 (ret), Ronie Kendig’s retired military working dog, I drool over Ronie Kendig’s swoony military heroes!

Those are some of Zuzu’s favorite dogs in fiction – and mine too! What are some of your fave fictional canines?


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40 responses to “Top Ten Tuesday: Books with Pets (and by Pets I mean DOGS)

  1. Megan Hamsher

    Well, I’m proudly owned by a cat ….

    Hidden Springs Mysteries by Ann Gabhart has a cat… love those covers!

  2. So fun! Definitely Dana Mentink’s series and Ronie Kendig’s. Brandilyn Collins has one with a cute dog in it called Pitchin’ a Fit. Dan Walsh has a series on rescue dogs. I also believe there is a dog in Dani Pettrey’s Alaskan series. Since I am a dog lover, I love dogs in books.

  3. So it’s three in the morning, and I just finished writing, but I had to comment on this before turning in. 1) Thanks for including Barysh. He is my girl Kyllian in real life, and she was going through all that stuff as I wrote him. 2) Love many of the dogs on the list – must meet new-to-me ones. 3) My favorite dog in fiction ever is Enzo from The Art of Racing in the Rain by Garth Stein. Guys! Gals! Zuzu! You must meet Enzo. Must. 100 boxes of tissues, but Enzo is worth every tear… He sees a documentary from Mongolia that says dogs, the good ones, come back as humans. Does he? Love Enzo. Have a good day, all. Awesome post!

  4. As the owner of a dog and 2 cats, I love a good pet story. Here’s another for your TBR list — The Dog That Talked to God by Jim Kraus. Super cute! I am also so impressed with you and the other bloggers who went rogue this week. I need to do that more often. 😉

  5. Rebecca Maney

    You make my head hurt with all the bookish info that runs around in your head. This is such a fun post!

  6. Amy

    Oh, how fun! Great topic and I hope you and Zuzu are having a great “Love on your DOG” day. Of course, VVolt brings his intense but utterly lovable self to this list as well as the fantastic books his mom writes. My heart become a total puddle of mush after meeting Clyde, and Dana’s quirky doggies had me laughing out loud numerous times. Thanks so much for always making it so fun, unique and surprising to read your blog. I’m cyberly hugging you to pieces :-).

  7. Gloria

    We are a dog loving family so I enjoy stories with dogs. Samson is an all time favorite as are Ronie’s military pups. I am reading a cozy mystery by Lynn Cahoon coming out soon, Who Moved My Goat Cheese? and she has a St. Bernard puppy, Dom, who is awfully cute sounding. Bishop Henry’s Beagle, Lexi, in Vannetta Chapman’s Amish Bishop series is a sweet little girl and a hero in her new book.

  8. Andrea Stephens

    I love this pet (dogs) post! There are so many great pets in books. Pilot in Jane Eyre is rather intimidating at first but so very loyal.

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  10. lisa

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  11. Lisa

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