Book Spotlight (and a Giveaway!): Breaking Toxic Soul Ties by Tom Brown

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about the book

Going through this world in relationship with other people inevitably creates connections in our inner being called soul ties. When these relationships are loving, supportive, and nurturing, positive soul ties are created. But if the relationships become abusive or manipulative, or cause rejection, they can create a toxic brokenness within the soul that we carry with us, even long after the relationship ends. If these toxic inner soul ties are not broken, we will experience failure, fractured relationships, and even health problems throughout life.

In Breaking Toxic Soul Ties, Tom Brown describes his own story of rejection and the process of inner healing he experienced. He helps you to identify and diagnose toxic relationships as he breaks down the difference between positive and negative soul ties. He also shows why toxic soul ties develop and how they can only be broken by a process of inner healing through confession, forgiveness, and prayer. The truth is, unless your self-image is firmly rooted in the truth of your identity in Christ, you will always be susceptible to bad soul ties. Tom Brown describes the way for you to move forward in life and leave pain and brokenness behind for good!

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GENRE: Christian Non-Fiction, Relationships
PUBLISHER: Whitaker House
RELEASE DATE: January 9, 2018
PAGES: 208

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about the author

Tom Brown is best known for his deliverance ministry. Millions have seen him on ABC’s 20/20, as well as on MSNBC and the History Channel. He is a noted conference speaker, prolific author, and committed pastor. His award-winning Internet site,, reaches more than a million people a year. His books published by Whitaker House are Devil, Demons, and Spiritual Warfare; Breaking Curses, Experiencing Healing; Prayers That Get Results; and Spiritual Gifts for Spiritual Warfare. Tom is the founder and pastor of Word of Life Church in El Paso, Texas.

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5 responses to “Book Spotlight (and a Giveaway!): Breaking Toxic Soul Ties by Tom Brown

  1. Wow. This is such a needed book in today’s society. My daughter got caught up in a toxic, manipulative friendship. After she could see and admit the friendship needed to end, it took a year for her to fully break away. Beth Moore’s “Breaking Free” study was a great help, especially Week 11 (I believe) which addresses toxic female friendships and how prevalent they are. I never realized it until we went through it. I also never realized the damage such a friendship can cause. Thanks for sharing this book, Carrie!

  2. Penny Mooney

    This is such a breakthrough book. So many younger people get into these relationships and don’t understand how to get out of them. There are so many users and abusers out there. Thank you for writing this and I hope that the book spreads though out the world.

  3. Penny Mooney

    God bless you for writing this book! There is such a need in our world for the content in this book. My prayers are going up that this book be spread though out the world.

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