Author Interview: Tiffany Bluhm & Never Alone

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Join me in welcoming today’s guest, Tiffany Bluhm – Bible teacher, speaker, and debut author of Never Alone: Exchanging Your Tender Hurts for God’s Healing Grace!

Tiffany Bluhm is the author of Never Alone and its companion Bible study. She is a speaker and writer who is passionate about helping women come to know their value and purpose because of a loving, redeeming God. In a style that speaks to women right where they are, she shares insights from a life spent chasing after Jesus.

“I’ve always had a bleeding heart for women. It developed into walking alongside single mamas, teen mamas, sex industry workers, women in jail, sisters in brothels, and mothers living in the slums of Kolkata. It has been said that women are the most oppressed people group in the world, and I believe that women, given the chance to thrive with Christ and others, will be the revolutionaries we’ve been waiting for,” Bluhm shares.

She speaks regularly at conferences and events and writes for a number of websites, print publications, and popular blogs, including the YouVersion Bible app, Deeply Rooted Magazine, and

Bluhm lives in Tacoma, Washington, with her husband and two sons.

You can connect with Tiffany on her website, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Her book, Never Alone, released February 6, 2018 from Abingdon Press.

From the time we’re little girls, we long to be loved and accepted—from the playground to the lunchroom to the places where we live and work as grown women. We do our best to prove we’re lovable and to avoid being left all alone. But the truth is that it’s impossible to walk through life without experiencing the pain and loneliness of betrayal, shame, guilt, loss, judgment, or rejection. These wounds can shape our views of ourselves, others, and God and even make us question if we are worthy of love and acceptance. Whether old or new, our heartache can convince us there’s no one who understands or cares. Yet Jesus tells us a different story.

In Never Alone, author Tiffany Bluhm offers hope and encouragement that as our plans, hearts, and lives change, God does not miss a beat. What we may have mistaken for absence was only our mind questioning his goodness and grace. Tiffany reveals the depth and healing power of Jesus’ unconditional love for us and how we will never escape his love. We do not possess that kind of power. If we are willing, we can discover the sacred truth that we indeed, are never alone.

Accept your invitation to find healing for your deepest hurts as we experience the unfailing companionship of Jesus—the Rescuer and Redeemer of broken lives and wounded hearts.


“Have you ever had your heart broken? Have you ever felt abandoned, unloved? If you have, you will find a friend in these pages. With disarming transparency, Tiffany walks us through her own heartbreak to the glorious realization of this truth: she has never been alone, and neither have we.”

~ Sheila Walsh, author of In The Middle of the Mess

“In her powerful book, Never Alone, Tiffany reaches down a hand of been-there hope to those who still wonder if anyone sees their aching loneliness—to the ones who live with a perpetual sense of being on the outside, of looking in through an impenetrable barrier at an unreachable place of true belonging.”

~ Jodi Detrick, author of The Jesus-Hearted Woman

Hi Tiffany! Welcome to the blog!

apples or oranges

Tiffany: Oranges. I’m a sucker for citrus.

Carrie: If I weren’t allergic to oranges, I might be too.

winter or summer

Tiffany: Winter. I like it cold.

Carrie: Me. Too. (virtual high five)

dogs or cats

Tiffany: Cats. But only in memes.

Carrie: Haha!

coffee or tea

Tiffany: Coffee. Always coffee.

Carrie: That is a very popular answer 🙂

Q: Around here I like to say that reading is my superpower. If YOU had a superpower, what would it be?

Tiffany: Ooh, I would have wings (that are hidden under my cape) and fly.

Carrie: Fun!

Q: Tell me some good books you’ve read lately.

Tiffany: Notorious RBG, Hillbilly Elegy, A Woman’s Place, and Born a Crime

Carrie: An eclectic mix – i love it!

Q: Writing spaces are as diverse as authors and books. Where is your favorite space to write?

Tiffany: My office. I have my favorite quotes on the wall and its straight zen. 

Carrie: I’m a sucker for quotes!

Q: Why write about the fear of being alone? Why was that important to you?

Tiffany: Every woman, if she is honest with herself, fears being left alone. The message that every woman, no matter what she’s done or what she’s been through, deserves companionship with Jesus and others is a game changer. Too many of us disqualify ourselves from the love of Christ and others because we’ve been through seasons that would make us think we don’t deserve it.

Carrie: It’s a vicious cycle – but one that Jesus came to free us from!

Q: You write about six women from Biblical history and their stories of hurt. Who were they, and how do their stories affect ours?

Tiffany: The six women from the Gospels are the woman caught in adultery, the woman with the issue of blood, the woman at the well, the woman who anointed Jesus with oil, Mary Magdalene, and Mary, mother of Jesus. Each woman had an encounter with Jesus that radically redefined her value and role in society. Each of those encounters with Jesus pulls back the curtain on how God views women, how he values them in the Kingdom, and their innate worth. Jesus saw fit for women to serve as image bearers, receivers of restoration, speakers of truth, and valiant leaders for the cause of Christ.

The women of the gospels felt the sting of rejection, shame, and fear. Like them, I’ve fought battles to claim my true identity defined not by the world, but by the death and resurrection of Jesus. In a world of do’s and don’ts, Jesus cut through the noise to speak value, love, and companionship to women. The same is true today. This is a noisy world, but Jesus isn’t white noise to be ignored. He’s the giver of the life we crave.

Carrie: I love the value that Jesus gave to women in a culture that so often devalued them. ‘He’s the giver of the life we crave’ – yes! Amen. ♥

Q: What is something that surprised you the most while researching Never Alone?

Tiffany: How shame affects every fiber of your being, your outlook on love and your outlook on God.

Q: In addition to the book itself, what other resources are available to go along with Never Alone for further study?

Tiffany:  In addition to the book, the companion Bible study is available for further study, which includes six half-hour video sessions that dive into six encounters Jesus had with women in the gospels, each revealing his beliefs about women and each revealing He, indeed, was the Messiah. Each woman found she was loved by Christ, and once she encountered Jesus, her life would never be the same.

There is a workbook, leader’s guide, leader’s kit, and DVD.

Q: What do you most want readers to take away from Never Alone?

Tiffany: Jesus draws near in your suffering. He is acquainted with your grief. As he heals and restores what has been lost and broken, you will find a beautiful story, one better than you could dream or imagine.

Carrie: Amen.

Thank you so much for taking time to talk with me! 🙂 Before we say goodbye for today, tell us what‘s coming up next for you.

Tiffany: Hopefully going back into research mode to write another Bible study about women and their unfulfilled dreams.

What about you? Which of the 6 women Tiffany mentioned do you most want to learn more about?

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