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Please join me in welcoming Ginger Harrington to the blog today!

Author of Holy in the Moment, Ginger Harrington is an award-winning blogger, speaker, and ministry leader. A military spouse and mom of three, Ginger helped create the Planting Roots: Strength to Thrive in Military Life military ministry where she serves as coordinator of publishing and speaks for regional conferences. She writes at and Planting Roots, and has guest posted at Guideposts, Lightworkers, (in)courage, and others.

You can connect with Ginger on her website, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter.

Her debut, Holy in the Moment, released March 6, 2018 from Abingdon.

Enjoying life (zoe) in Christ comes in the choices we make moment-by-moment. Ginger Harrington invites women to discover how intentional choices made in the moment can become holy habits. With a refreshing perspective, she shows that holiness isn’t a rigid standard to keep but a gift to receive through a vital relationship with God, who makes us whole.

Holy in the Moment explores the practical power of choices to grow in holiness without the pressure of perfectionism. Through gentle encouragement, biblical insights, and applicable ideas learn to discern feelings and overcome distractions and shame, adapt God’s equation for obedience, live a praying life, discover methods for practicing holiness in parenting and the importance of rest, embrace biblical love and forgiveness, and understand how work becomes holy.
Re-energize faith with simple choices to love God, embrace truth, and enjoy every moment of life with practical ways to be holy by choosing to trust God, rely on his wisdom, and live from his resources.

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Hi Ginger! Welcome to the blog!

apples or oranges

Ginger: Granny Smith apples because they are crisp and tart.

Carrie: Those used to be my faves – and then i discovered HoneyCrisp!

winter or summer

Ginger: Summer for sure. I love going to the beach and backyard barbeques.

Carrie: I do not understand why people love going outdoors when it’s so hot… LOL

dogs or cats

Ginger: I’m allergic to cats, so dogs are my choice. We have two dachshunds that we love dearly. 

Carrie: Yay for dogs!

coffee or tea

Ginger: Ccccoooofffeee!! Enough said?

Carrie: This seems to be a theme with authors… 😉

Q: Around here I like to say that reading is my superpower. If YOU had a superpower, what would it be?

Ginger: Making messes. I can walk into a perfectly clean kitchen and create a disaster in minutes. Of course, that’s not really a superpower I want to have—it chose me. On the positive side, I’d say creativity. It’s something that feeds my soul, gives me energy, and I hope blesses others.

Carrie: haha! I love that answer!

Q: Who is your favorite book character from childhood?

Ginger: I was a Little House on the Prairie groupie, long before I knew what that term meant. Between 3-6th grade I probably read the entire series at least 6 times. I definitely wanted to live the prairie life with Laura Ingalls Wilder!

Carrie: I loved Little House – still have my original little yellow box set ♥

Q: Which authors have inspired your own writing?

Ginger: How much time do you have? I love this question. Whenever I read Ann Voskamp my fingers itch to write. Her use of language inspires me, sparking my writing energy. Mark Buchanan’s use of language and imagery in unpacking deep spiritual truth also inspires me. Oswald Chamber’s ability to make deep points quickly and succinctly is a craft I hope to emulate. Emily Freeman speaks to my creative side that wants to live with room for my soul to breath. I love Holley Gerth’s ability to make you feel like you’re chatting over coffee. Henry Blackaby, Dallas Willard, Watchman Nee, and John Ortberg have been influential authors in my spiritual growth. I admire Priscilla Shirer’s teaching gift of sharing illustrations and stories that enlighten deep spiritual concepts. Quite a variety of authors have influenced my growth as a weaver of words and truth.

Carrie: ooo these are some of my very faves too!

Q: In Holy in the Moment, you approach holiness, not as a rigid standard of perfectionism, but as a gift we receive through our active relationship with God. Why do you think we make it so much harder on ourselves than God intended?

Ginger: In the book, I talk about the rich man who ran to Jesus, asking, “What shall I do to inherit eternal life?” When Jesus told him to obey the law, the man replied, “Teacher, I have kept all these things from my youth up” (Mark 10:17, 20).

This man has done it all right. Every single bit. Every single day. Sounds great, doesn’t it? Haven’t we all, in some way, wanted to be the one who gets it all right, to make everything all right?

And yet, something’s missing; he still felt he wasn’t doing enough. This man asked the question the flesh always asks, What shall I do? Poieo, the Greek word for “what shall I do,” is also translated as “to work or perform.” To act rightly, do well, and perform to a promise is also bound in this concept. God speaks to this tendency to make holiness a rule to perform in Ephesians 2:8-9: “For by grace you have been saved through faith; and [a]that not of yourselves, it is the gift of God; not as a result of works, so that no one may boast” (NASB).

Carrie: such great truth!

Q: You also talk about the importance of REST, which just so happens to be my word of the year for 2018. (Don’t ask me how I’m doing with that yet lol) What are some practical ways to be intentional about rest and intentional about holiness at the same time?

Ginger: We all need time for our souls to breathe and our bodies to rest, as chronic busyness is just a normal day in today’s world. Pressured by culture, we’ve swallow the lie that a busy life is a fulfilling life. More is better, faster is sooner, as if frantic is the new holiness. But we are paying the price in exhaustion, as individuals, families, and communities.

Here are a few practical ways to counter weariness in my world:

  • Invite God into my day and seek to create margin in my schedule.
  • Take time to look at my calendar, talk to my family, and pray before making commitments.
  • Make forgiveness a lifestyle. Forgive easily and often. Holding grudges and resentments is one of our most taxing burdens, and one we often don’t recognize.
  • Choose to stop trying to control things I can’t control. Choosing to trust God with the outcome relieves the energy of trying to make things work out a particular way.
  • In the midst of work, seek God’s help and choose to trust Him with the results.

Carrie: margin is where i am seriously lacking… ugh. lol.

Q: What do you most want readers to take away from Holy in the Moment?

Ginger: I want readers to celebrate life and live well with purposeful choices to trust God in each moment. Holy moments are for giving love—heart, soul, mind, and strength to God, to others, and to ourselves. I hope many will experience the practical blessing that comes when we offer our moments to God, trusting Him to put all our scattered pieces of self together, holy and whole, living well in the daily choices we make one moment at a time. 

Carrie: Amen.

Thank you so much for taking time to talk with me! 🙂 Before we say goodbye for today, tell us what‘s coming up next for you.

Ginger: This next year I’ll be working with this book and creating related content for my website. I’ve had some fabulous opportunities to share articles, podcasts, and radio interviews, and I’m looking forward to more. Holy in the Moment Community is a Facebook group we’re building around the book. I’m excited that we’ll be discussing the book, sharing our moments, and cheering each other to keep making holy choices.  I’m looking forward to seeing people share their holy and whole moments on Instagram by using the hashtag #HolyintheMoment. I’ll also be speaking a several upcoming events. Lots to look forward to as the powerful message of Holy in the Moment impacts people!

It sounds like you have a FUN year ahead, Ginger!

What about you? Which of Ginger’s practical weariness-countering tips do you most want to employ?

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