Book Spotlight (and a Giveaway!): Love at Lakewood Med by TJ Amberson

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about the book

GENRE: New Adult Contemporary Romance, Clean
Sweetwater Books
March 13, 2018

Savannah Drake would be thrilled about starting her final year of medical school if it weren’t for one thing: she has to spend a month working in the emergency room with cold, aloof Dr. Wesley Kent as her mentor.

When her first day in the ER proves to be a humiliating disaster, Savannah is ready to swear off emergency medicine forever. Gradually, though, she finds that the unpredictable, emotional experience of caring for patients in the emergency room is affecting her far differently than she expected – and Dr. Kent turns out to be anything but the arrogant attending physician that she assumed him to be.

But just when Savannah finally admits to herself that she is falling for Dr. Kent, she learns that things at the hospital are not all what they seem. Faced with a seemingly impossible choice, Savannah must decide between her future career and everything that she has come to care so much about.

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10 Behind the Scenes Facts about the Book

1. TJ Amberson started writing LOVE AT LAKEWOOD MED in 2012, put it aside while she wrote and published two other novels (THE KINGDOM OF NERETH, FUSION), and then returned to the story in 2016.

2. The working title for the book was WHITE COATS & STETHOSCOPES.

3. TJ queried Cedar Fort Publishing & Media with the manuscript because she thought that the company would be interested in publishing a clean romance.

4. The novel was originally scheduled to be released in October 2017.

5. Dr. Kent’s name was initially Dr. Hunt. But after someone pointed out that this was the same name as a character in a medical television show, TJ wanted to change her character’s name to something else. TJ decided on Dr. Kent because she felt that it had a strong yet approachable sound to it.

6. The figure on the front cover of the book was designed to stay true to the main character, Savannah, including the slightly messy hair and white coat.

7. One of TJ’s favorite scenes to write was the night hike.

8. TJ found that the restaurant scene was one of the most complicated and nuanced scenes to write.

9. Lakewood Medical Center is a fictional place, and TJ Amberson deliberately does not say in the novel where it is supposed to be located.

10. While the characters in LOVE AT LAKEWOOD MED are fictional, the character of Lynn Prentis pays homage to one of TJ’s friends.

about the author

TJ Amberson hails from the Pacific Northwest, where she lives with her husband and nutty cocker spaniel. Her most recent novels include The Kingdom Of Nereth, Fusion, and Love at Lakewood Med. When she’s not writing, TJ can probably be found enjoying a hot chocolate, pretending to know how to garden, playing the piano, or surfing the Internet for cheap plane tickets.


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  1. Tracey Hagwood

    Night hikes, restaurant scenes, a male doctor mentor and the name Savannah I have always liked, Yes please, count me in, sounds like a good read!

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