Book Review: Holy in the Moment by Ginger Harrington

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about the book

GENRE: Christian NonFiction/Spiritual Growth
PUBLISHER: Abingdon Press
RELEASE DATE: March 6, 2018
PAGES: 240

Enjoying life (zoe) in Christ comes in the choices we make moment-by-moment. Ginger Harrington invites women to discover how intentional choices made in the moment can become holy habits. With a refreshing perspective, she shows that holiness isn’t a rigid standard to keep but a gift to receive through a vital relationship with God, who makes us whole.

Holy in the Moment explores the practical power of choices to grow in holiness without the pressure of perfectionism. Through gentle encouragement, biblical insights, and applicable ideas learn to discern feelings and overcome distractions and shame, adapt God’s equation for obedience, live a praying life, discover methods for practicing holiness in parenting and the importance of rest, embrace biblical love and forgiveness, and understand how work becomes holy.

Re-energize faith with simple choices to love God, embrace truth, and enjoy every moment of life with practical ways to be holy by choosing to trust God, rely on his wisdom, and live from his resources.

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“Choose holy in the moment, and live in the overflow.”

Ok y’all. I don’t do this very often but I’m starting this review by telling you to go right now and buy this book. Go ahead. Here’s the link. I’ll be here when you get back…

Got it? Great!

Nearly everyone I know is overwhelmed with the busyness of life, with the demands of schedules and finances, of work and even of TBR lists. And then we’re supposed to try and be HOLY too?? Who has time for that??

“When is the last time you rested and didn’t feel guilty about it?”

In Holy in the Moment, Ginger Harrington sets out to lift from our shoulders the perceived-heavy burden of holiness and instead replaces it with a definition more closely aligned with God’s intent. At the same time, she doesn’t diminish the importance of holiness in the life of a believer. Rather, she teaches us the simplicity of holiness lived out in every moment – a way to truly enjoy our lives as we walk out our love for God.

I particularly enjoyed her discussions on surrender and abiding in Jesus – what that means and what it looks like in practical ways – and on a ‘continual conversation’ of prayer. She reminds us that Jesus has made it so attainable for each of us, FREEING us from the burdens of impossible perfectionism and frantic busyness. I also really liked her personal stories, the thoughtful questions she asks periodically throughout each chapter, and her ‘simple lists’.

The lists that really spoke to me were:

  • 3 simple ways to abide in Christ on a busy day
  • 5 simple ways to find rest for your BODY
  • 10 simple ways to find rest for your SOUL

My kindle version of the book is highlighted on nearly every page… sometimes the whole page. Here are just a few of the quotes I want to remember:

  • “Holiness comes when we make room for God in our busy lives, offering our hearts just as they are, not as we wish they were.”
  • “Abiding trains us to trust God’s heart in hard times.”
  • “Abiding is the only way to live holy in the moment.”
  • “Prayer transforms any moment from mundane to significant, from temporal to eternal.”
  • “Aim for consistency but walk in grace.” (this one is my fave!)
  • Far more than a doctrine to follow, holiness is a life to enjoy.

Bottom Line: With warmth, grace and camaraderie, Ginger Harrington shares the sacred simplicity of holiness as a means to fully enjoy the life God has given us. She uses her own personal story, as well as others, but is quick to apply the Scriptural truths to a wide variety of personalities and struggles. The wisdom here is simple but profound, and her practical tips encourage the weary soul. This would be a great choice for personal growth, devotional reading, and/or small group discussion. Highly recommended!

(I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book which I received from the publisher. All views expressed are only my honest opinion.)

My Rating: 5 stars / Love it!

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about the author

Author of Holy in the Moment, Ginger Harrington is an award-winning blogger, speaker, and ministry leader. A military spouse and mom of three, Ginger helped create the Planting Roots: Strength to Thrive in Military Life military ministry where she serves as coordinator of publishing and speaks for regional conferences. She writes at and Planting Roots, and has guest posted at Guideposts, Lightworkers, (in)courage, and others.

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What about you? What interests you the most about this book?



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  1. Carrie, thank you so much for your insightful review! I love the way you shared what you liked best, even specific quotes. It is always a joy to see what is meaningful, and I’m thrilled with how God is using this book to encourage people in a freeing way! It is an honor to have you review my book!

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