Book Spotlight (and a Giveaway!): The Burnheart Redemption by Chelsea Curran

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about the book

Sixteen-year-old Adam Garrow ran away when he learned the truth about his father and his inheritance. After six long years away from his family’s estate, Adam returns to make amends with his parents and help his brother, Phillip, grow into his role as head of the estate. Before he even makes it to the door, a chance meeting with one Solana Rosenlund–his intend from before his self-imposed exile-sparks a fire in his heart that will not be quenched. But before they truly get a chance to explore their feelings for each other, Adam is devastated when ahead injury results in Solana forgetting that they had ever met.

Things only get worse when Phillip’s business venture to Morocco is commandeered by pirates. Adam and his friend Ian O’Connor leave England to rescue Phillip, and in doing so discover a sinister plot that threatens the Garrow estate and all those they left at home. Through conspiracy, sabotage, and kidnapping, can all three men survive what fate has thrown at them and find their way back to the women they love?

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about the author

Chelsea Curran lives in the desert valley of Arizona. Though secretly a romantic, she used to spend most of her time brooding over the idea of love until her college roommates (now best friends) introduced her to the exciting and fantastic world of romance novels. When she’s not teaching, dancing, painting, laughing or baking cookies, she’s in her blanket fort giggling over the handsome hero capturing the fair lady’s heart. And no matter how old she gets, that will never change.

Countless authors have inspired to her to write stories for those who seek the same ideas that brought her comfort, joy and hope for the future. By experience, she believes one good book can change a person’s life forever.


Behind the Scenes Facts About the Book

1. I started writing “The Burnheart Redemption” at nineteen years old. It became the first book I ever completed, and tried to publish.

2. The story took me six years to write, mainly because my writing skills were still developing, and I knew very little about romance. Growing up a little, I gained more perspective and wrote a much better version of the story that I’m proud of.

3. My main character, Adam Garrow, is based on a very real man I had a huge crush on at the time. But after six years, all three of my leading men have taken on traits of chivalrous men I’ve met throughout the years, and the book is mostly dedicated to them.

4. The story is based on a short story I wrote for my friends in college as we were all in love with pure romance novels. They also inspired characters in the book.

5. While editing the manuscript, I asked my attractive guy friends to dress as my characters and act out a few of the scenes. They even let me take their photos and publish them on my site. But this helped tremendously in better describing scenes that needed more visual detail.

6. I chose my romantic settings to be an apple orchard because it was where I always pictured my first kiss to be growing. Turns out my first kiss never came close to it, but still fun to write about.

7. When I first decided to give Ian O’Connor Irish origins, it had to do with my friend insisting I’d find a tall, dark and handsome man with an Irish accent to sweep me off my feet. So if not in real life, definitely vicariously through my imagination. 🙂

8. Solana Rosenlund is the leading heroine of the story, who has a younger sister name Faye. Though she’s a side character, she’s who I can identify with the most. Whereas Solana is who I’d wish more to be like as far as spirit and bravery goes.

9. Fun fact: The guy who dressed as Adam and took picture for the character profile on my website, I was actually dating at the time. During the editing process, a day before the submission deadline, I was no where near finished and stressed out of my mind. In my moment of need, he heroically rushed over with a chocolate smoothie. After a much needed hug and swoon-worthy kiss, I was inspired enough to crank out twenty more pages and hit “submit” just in time. Definitely one of my fondest memories.

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    This book sounds exciting and full of action and suspense. Thanks for the post and behind the scenes information.

  2. Connie Saunders

    This book sounds intriguing and I loved the chocolate smoothie, the hug and kiss that helped a deadline be met!/

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