New Releases I’m Excited About: Spring/Summer 2018 Speculative & YA Fiction

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Happy Saturday! Just two more posts in our week-long series of great Spring/Summer New Releases that we’re excited for! Today we’re looking at upcoming Speculative and Young Adult fiction (and a children’s book, just because) that’s coming up May-August

Here’s a refresher of the schedule in case you’ve missed a post:

Tuesday: Contemporary Fiction (non-Amish & non-suspense)
Wednesday: Historical Fiction (non-Amish & non-suspense)
Thursday: Mystery/Suspense (non-Amish)
Friday: Amish Fiction
Saturday: Speculative/YA
Sunday: Non-Fiction

If you want to know more about each book, clicking on the covers will take you to that book’s Goodreads page.





I’m excited about all of these, but which ones am I most excited about?

  • Unbreakable by Sara Ella – ok, so I’ve already read this one but y’all. I’m so excited for YOU to read it!! The way the whole series comes together in this finale is aaaaaaaahhhhhhh – i’m still flailing it was so good!
  • Everywhere You Want to Be by Christina June – I’ve already read this one too – and I was completely intrigued by the premise – what does a modern retelling of Little Red Riding Hood look like? You’ll have to read it to find out 😉
  • No Less Days by Amanda Stevens – a man who can’t die, over a century old, who makes a quiet life for himself as a used bookstore owner? Yes please.
  • Her Place in Time by Stephenia H. McGee – this author + a time travel novel? Sign me up!
  • The Orphan’s Wish by Melanie Dickerson – this author + an Aladdin retelling? i need this book ASAP

My Fave Covers?



What about you? Which Speculative & Young Adult fiction titles are you most looking forward to? Which covers are your faves?

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16 responses to “New Releases I’m Excited About: Spring/Summer 2018 Speculative & YA Fiction

  1. I’m so excited for the Kasie West! Great post as always my friend!!

    Have a great weekend Carrie! I will be here making my lists from the previous posts, but I think I better go and buy a new notebook and some pens first! Hahaha

  2. Danielle Hammelef

    I’m waiting on Everywhere You Want to Be, Listen to Your Heart, and The Edge of Over There.

  3. Carrie,
    I like your choices. I’ve had the opportunity to read Fawkes and I LOVED it! It had such a twist on the historical side of England and the plague time. So good!
    I’m also waiting on PINS AND NEEDLES for Unbreakable! I really can’t wait, I want to know how it all ends! UGH!
    Thanks, for giving me other new suggestions for my TBR Planet! BAD BAD….NOT! It’s really growing soooooo big!

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