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Happy Independence Day, my fellow Americans! And happy Wednesday to the rest of you 🙂

Just in case you need something to do between now and the fireworks, I thought today would be a great time to delve into some of my favorite books set during the Revolutionary War! This is one of my very favorite time periods to read about, and I’ve been thrilled lately to see more and more excellent stories set here.

Let’s start with one of my most recent Revolutionary Reads – this touching timeslip (dual timeline) novel from Rachel Hauck.  A love letter connecting 4 people across more than 240 years, from the stirrings of the American Revolution to the lights, camera, action of a Hollywood film.

My Review | Goodreads | Amazon


Speaking of timeslip novels, these two gorgeous reads by Heidi Chiavaroli both have a Revolutionary War era storyline as well as a present day one. Freedom’s Ring follows Liberty Caldwell beginning with the stirrings of the fight for independence, as well as Annie David in 2015 Boston. The Hidden Side tells the story of Mercy Howard, part of a revolutionary spy ring in 1776, and Natalie Abbott in 2016 New York.

Freedom’s Ring: Goodreads | Amazon
The Hidden Side: Goodreads | Amazon


Lori Benton’s The Pathfinders series is deeply emotional (have several tissues handy, especially for book 2) and rich in history and vivid characters. The Wood’s Edge begin with the French-Indian War and transitions into the American Revolution by A Flight of Arrows. Anna and Two Hawks ♥

My Review of The Wood’s Edge | My Review of A Flight of Arrows
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I’ve only read the first book in Angela Couch’s Hearts at War series but I loved it! As well as being set during the American Revolution, each book has a hero and a heroine who seem to be unlikely matches, for one reason or another. Enemies, spies, traitors – and the people who fall in love with them.

My Review | Goodreads | Amazon



I am absolutely in love with this series by Amber Lynn Perry – if you haven’t read it, you just must. Perry has deftly captured the tensions and courage – not to mention the romance – of the men who fought for our country’s independence & the women who loved them.

My Review of So Rare a Gift | Goodreads | Amazon

A discussion of recommended Revolutionary War reads is incomplete without mentioning Laura Frantz and her delicious books! Smartly written & rich in historical detail, all of her books have positively swoonilicious heroes and strong, courageous heroines. I’ve only listed 3 above but I highly recommend all of her books, even the ones that aren’t set during the Revolution 🙂

My Review of The Mistress of Tall Acre
Goodreads | Amazon

Revolutionary Reads on my TBR

As much as I try, even my superpower doesn’t let me read ALL the books. The following books are still on my TBR list but come highly recommended from other readers I trust!



And these series:


I’m sure I’ve left some out, even with my long list!

What about you? What are some of your fave Revolutionary Reads?

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29 responses to “Reading Is My SuperPower Recommends: Revolutionary Reads

  1. Great list! I also recommend Washington’s Lady by Nancy Moser, The Creole Princess by Beth White, and The Courier of Caswell Hall by Melanie Dobson. Happy 4th!

    • Carrie

      The Imposter is actually the rerelease digital version of Caswell Hall (I learned that while researching the post lol)

  2. Janet Ferguson

    Great list! I’ve read all of Angela’s books. I have several others waiting on my Kindle I need to get to.

  3. Winnie Thomas

    Great list and yet another book explosion for my TBR list! So many on your list that I’ve been wanting to read!

  4. Megan H

    There’s only a couple that I have during American Revolution:
    American Patriot series by J. M. Hochstetler

    Doing a search, these popped up:
    A Plain Leaving by Leslie Gould
    Saratoga Letters by Elaine Marie Cooper
    The Prodigal Patriot by Darlene Franklin
    Women of the American Revolution by Susan F. Craft

  5. Brittaney B

    I fell in love with Roseanna White’s storytelling when reading her Culper Ring series. I also happened to watch the television series Turn around the same time, which really added depth to that time period for me. Siri Mitchell’s The Messenger and Jamie Carie’s Wind Dancer are also personal favorites of mine. I’m sad that Carie hasn’t had a new release in a long time.

  6. Rebecca

    Amber Lynn Perry’s series is sooooo good! And I have loved so many of the others you mentioned. Like you, this is one of my favorite time periods, especially when spying is involved.

    Another great post!

  7. Samantha

    I actually read and owned (own just my sis hasnt gave it back) Freedoms Ring. It is so beautiful. SOme of my fav books are historical romance! <3

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