Book Review: The Hunter and the Valley of Death by Brennan McPherson

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about the book

SERIES: Psalm #1
GENRE: Inspirational Fantasy/Allegory
PUBLISHER: McPherson Publishing
RELEASE DATE: July 2, 2018

Experience the psalms like never before–through thought-provoking fiction.

A man wakes up in the Valley of Death and realizes he’s given up everything, including his memories, to attempt to kill Death so that he can bring his wife back to life. But when he fails, who will be there to rescue him?

The Hunter and the Valley of Death is a profound meditation on life, death, loss, and love. Formatted as a fantasy parable on the topic of surrender, this story shows that there is only One who could kill Death–and because of him, and him alone, we say, “Oh, Death, where is your sting?”

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If you love digging into an allegory for deeper meaning, the kind that allows you to look at a familiar Bible text in a new way, then you definitely need to check out Brennan McPherson’s The Hunter and the Valley of Death. McPherson kicks off the new Psalm series with this lyrical fantasy novella that paints a beautiful picture of the Gospel even as it draws parallels to Psalm 23.

What does the Gospel have to do with the ‘Lord is my Shepherd’ Psalm? More than you might think at first read. Which is why The Hunter and the Valley of Death makes a great re-read as well – allowing you the ability to absorb the intricacies of the allegory rather than just enjoying the story. (Hint: The in-depth discussion of symbolism and study of Psalm 23 included at the end of the novella helps too lol) In fact, I think this would be a great book to read as a small group or Bible study – not only as proof that fiction can help us grow in our faith (can I get an Amen?!) but also because of the fresh take on Psalm 23 and how much our Savior loves us.

Bottom Line: An intriguing story simply on its own, The Hunter and the Valley of Death becomes even more so when viewed as it was written – a fantasy parable/allegory on the 23rd Psalm. The Hunter is a complex character, and while he seems to be cast in a hero role it’s not always clear if he is the hero or antihero in this tale, adding to the complexity and layers of his story. Lyrically penned, the visuals are easily imagined and beautifully rendered. On its surface, this is an enjoyable and captivating story. But there is even more gold to be found by those willing to take the time to mine deeper for truth.

(I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book which I received from the author. All views expressed are only my honest opinion.)

My Rating: 4 stars

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about the author

Brennan McPherson writes thought-provoking, heart-pounding fantasy based on the Bible. With mind-bending plots and lyrical prose, McPherson crafts a different sort of biblical fiction for readers who like to be challenged to think. Visit him at to download a free short story. Brennan is married to his best friend, works full time at a small nonprofit, and plays the drums in his spare time.

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3 responses to “Book Review: The Hunter and the Valley of Death by Brennan McPherson

  1. I loved this novella! It was fantastically written and very captivating. This series is such a neat idea, and I’ve enjoyed the first two and am so looking forward to the last. 🙂

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