Author Interview (and a Giveaway!): Dave Howe & Live Pure and Free

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As part of the Celebrate Lit tour for Live Pure and Free, I am pleased to welcome Dave Howe to the blog today!

Dave Howe is an author, speaker, musician, consultant, retreat leader, and a Regional Group Leader for Pure Desire Ministries. After fighting his own battle for purity, Dave co-founded For Men Only, a support group for men seeking freedom from sexual sin.
His prayer is that Live Pure and Free will be a game changer for men around the world as they seek their freedom in Christ.

You can connect with Dave on his website, Facebook, and Twitter.

Live Pure and Free is a 90-day devotional for men who want to win in their battle for purity. Author Dave Howe shares practical insights gained over 10 years of work with both single and married men who are committed to living the way God intended: pure and free.

Dave writes for men from a unique vantage point. As someone who, by God’s grace, has overcome the battle for sexual purity, it is his mission to help others do the same. Each daily reading in Live Pure and Free challenges men to get in the game and take action.

Live Pure and Free is real. It’s gritty. But most of all, it gives hope.

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Hi Dave! Welcome to the blog!

Dave: Summer over winter. I live in an area full of lakes and I love to be near or on the water. It’s inspiring and relaxing. I love boating, fishing and beach time. 

Carrie: that does sound relaxing, even though I’m a fan of winter 🙂

Dave: Coffee over tea. Love my coffee.  Can’t imagine writing without it. I love espresso, dark roasts, and skinny lates. I grind my own beans at home. And I love coffee shops for meeting and writing. I wrote of the bulk of my book, Live Pure and Free in a coffee shop. I even make reference to the peonies growing outside my favorite place in Day 52 “Breakthrough Will Happen.” That day I was sitting outside on the patio and the fragrance of the peonies was overwhelming.

Carrie: I don’t like coffee – or tea. But i do love hanging out at coffee shops…

Dave: Music over audiobooks– I’m all about music. I play guitar and love listening to a variety of music styles on Sirius/XM.

Carrie: I’m all about books but even i would pick music. I’m not a huge audiobook fan

Dave: Board games over cards– We play board games with my grandson. But I admit we all love a good game of UNO cards. We usually play until everyone has had a chance to win one round.

Carrie: I just love games in general – and the togetherness and fun they facilitate!

Q: Around here I like to say that reading is my superpower. If YOU had a superpower, what would it be?

Dave: I’d like to be able to fly. I love flying in airplanes for the sense of perspective you get being up and out of the details and routines of life. I can see myself sitting on top of a big puffy cloud.

Carrie: that would be an awesome superpower to have!

Q: Which books are ‘on your nightstand’ right now?


  1. Everyday Grace for Men- 60 devotions, multiple authors, published by Ellie Claire
  2. Grace-Based Recovery- by Jonathan Daugherty, published by New Growth Press
  3. Becoming Mr. Right– by Michael J. Daniels, published by Focus Publishing
  4. Rethinking Sexuality- by Dr. Juli Slattery, published by Multnomah

Carrie: those sounds like all very important and thought-provoking reads!

Q: Writing spaces are as diverse as authors and books. Where is your favorite space to write?

Dave: I have two favorite places to write. My home office is where I go for editing, and when I need a quieter space or access to printing. I have classical music playing and plenty of light coming in from the windows.

For the earlier stages of the writing I like to be in my favorite coffee shop in the front room where there is the most light and they have a wide range of pop music. They have albums and a turntable! The noise of the room and the people give me energy and inspiration to write. Sometime I stop what I am working on and just write about the interesting people.

Carrie: Oh i bet that would give some great inspiration!

Q: Were there any songs that inspired you as you wrote your book? 

Dave: My book was written with a wide range of music in the background. From Vivaldi’s Four Seasons to the Beach Boys and the Beatles. One song in particular I included in the book; What Becomes of the Broken Hearted? By Jimmy Ruffin.  It is in the devotion for Day 41 “The Brokenhearted.” I point out that brokenhearted is not just about romance, but people can be brokenhearted because of difficulties during childhood.

Carrie: It sounds like your taste in music is as eclectic as mine 🙂

Q: What do you most want readers to take away from Live Pure and Free?

Dave: What I want readers to take away from the book are 2 main things:

  1. That God loves them and he is waiting for them to reach out to him for help. He is able and willing to help them.
  2. That with God’s help they can live a sexually pure life. They can have freedom in Christ.

Carrie: Amen.

Thank you so much for taking time to talk with me! 🙂

To celebrate his tour, Dave is giving away a grand prize of a $25 Peet’s Coffee Gift Card!!

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  1. Great chance to get to know you a little better Dave. And thank you for putting a book out there to help men stay sexually pure in a culture that’s doing all it can to pull them in the other direction. I love the book and I highly recommend it to everybody; either men OR women, since the gals are no stranger to this battle too!

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