Top Ten Tuesday: The Longest Books I’ve Read

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Happy Tuesday! Today’s topic for Top Ten Tuesday is all about the longest books we’ve read. This is perhaps the easiest one of all to research because all I have to do is go to Goodreads and sort haha! I have, however, divided them into two categories…

Also observed: none of these are considered true ‘Christian fiction’. An interesting observation to me, considering how most of my reading list is from Christian fiction. Yet, the longest reads go to mainstream titles.

Longest Books I Read & Enjoyed


Let’s start with 4 books that I’m counting as 1 of my allotted 10 titles (my blog, my rules lol) – all 4 of them were in the top 5 of the longest books I’ve read. Order of the Phoenix clocked in at 870 pages, Deathly Hallows at 759, Goblet of Fire at 734, and Half-Blood Prince at 652.

I love the Harry Potter series so much – I don’t often reread books and I almost never listen to audiobooks but I have read this series countless times – in nearly every format (paperback, ebook, Jim Dale audiobook, Jim Kay illustrated editions). I discover new tidbits of the author’s brilliance at story crafting every time I go through it. And, Hermione is my homegirl.

Next up is a book I read forever ago (at least that’s how it seems) – Christmas at Tiffany’s with 582 pages. I don’t remember a whole lot about it at this point, but I remember really liking it!

The Girl in the Castle weighs in at 576 pages, and while I didn’t care as much for the sequel I really enjoyed this first book in the series.  You can read my review here.

I really enjoy this author’s writing voice and the way it elevates the setting of her stories. The Long Shadows of Summer – 556 – is, like all the other books on this list, not Christian fiction, but there are subtle faith threads throughout. You can read my review here.

Don’t you just love that cover?!? All 544 pages inside are marvelous too! I learned a lot and swooned too  – always a good combo 😉 You can read my review here.

Longest Books I Read & Didn’t Enjoy

Let’s start this section off with my least favorite book of all time, Moby Dick – which also (sadly) happens to be the 4th longest book I’ve read at 720 pages. Call me Ishmael…. Call ME mind-numbingly bored.

Next up is The Valley, weighing in at 606 pages, and book one of a Trilogy. Goodness.  You can check out my review here.

The Book Thief, at 552 pages, was a book I really wanted to love but just couldn’t. And that made me really sad. You can read my review here.

Eh. I guess I don’t hate this book – out of Homer’s books I like these 541 pages the best. But that’s not saying a whole lot lol.

I really really wanted to like this book too, like The Book Thief. Unfortunately it was a big miss for me … all 528 pages of it :-/

What about you? What’s the longest book you’ve read? Did you love it or not so much?


41 responses to “Top Ten Tuesday: The Longest Books I’ve Read

  1. ‘Christmas at Tiffany’s’ and ‘Castle’ look really interesting. But I’m not 100% sure I’d like a Christmas novel to be THIS long. Usually I enjoy short and sweet little stories for holiday reads. 🙂

  2. Winnie Thomas

    It’s definitely got to be Gone with the Wind, which clocks in at around 1000 pages or so. Yes, I did like it, although after reading all those pages, I wish the ending would have been a little more HEA. Talk about a cliffhanger!

  3. Megan H

    longest CF book so far this year is 450 pages – An Open Heart by Dr Harry Kraus
    longest non-CF book I’ve read so far is 520 pages – The Frozen Hours by Jeff Shaara

    Really enjoyed both.
    1st book I had read by Harry Kraus.
    First time I had read anything about Korean War.

  4. Sonnetta Jones

    The Count of Monte Cristo and Lord if the Rings were 2 of my longest and I loved them. After reading them I read the whole Three Musketeers series.

    I tried reading The Time Traveler’s Wife and I couldn’t.

  5. Patsy Curry

    I also didn’t like The Time Traveler’s Wife or The Book Thief. I sometimes wonder why books get so much hype! I think the longest book I have read is Atlas Shrugged. It has long been in my mind to read Les Mis but I just haven’t tackled it yet!

    • Carrie

      I do think some books get hype because snooty people decide they should so then everyone feels like they have to love it haha

  6. Paula Shreckhise

    I didn’t realize that Tiffany Girl was that long! It didn’t seem that long! I loved it.
    I forgot I had read GWTW. I read some Tolkien, C.S. Lewis and Solzhenitsyn and Dostoevsky a looooong time ago. I tend to like mine under or just over 400 pages. More recently it was Dee Henderson’s Undetected at 475. Again didn’t seem that long. I have so many to read! I guess I like them long enough to get the story told!

  7. Tracey Hagwood

    I’ve read The Tiffany Girl and didn’t realize it was that long at 545 pages!
    I sure miss Deana Gist and wish she would publish something!

    The longest book I’ve read this year would have to be The Masterpiece at 512 pages,
    by Francine Rivers, and that one didn’t seem that long either.

    I guess good writing makes the time fly and doesn’t have me watching the clock or the page count!

  8. My longest books read (and more than once, mind you!), would be “Gone With The Wind,” “The Winds of War,” and “War and Remembrance,” the last two by Herman Wouk. All three before I graduated from high school. Oh. My. Goodness. They all clocked in at over 1,000 pages! I did love The Book Thief, but it took me some time to get into it and figure out who the narrator was, and then I was all over it!

    • Carrie

      i still need to read all of those (shame!) except GWTW which i (sorry) didn’t love and don’t think i’ve even included on Goodreads lol

  9. Rachael K

    According to Goodreads, Emma of Aurora by Jane Kirkpatrick is the longest book I’ve read at 1,168 pages, but it’s a bit of a cheater, since it’s really three books compiled under one cover.

    But otherwise, mainstream fantasy novels hold the next dozen plus slots (with a couple classics thrown in, like Lorna Doone at 750 pages and Jane Austen’s Emma at 590 in the edition I own). Christian fiction doesn’t pick up until Ronie Kendig’s Operation Zulu Redemption (another semi-cheater, being an episodic series of novellas) at 528, and Julie Lessman’s A Hope Undaunted at 505.

    I really do enjoy long books (when the writing style and story are good, that is), but it seems like Christian fiction mostly stays in the 300-400 page range, so that’s the average length I read.

  10. War and Peace, it’s like 1300 pages, and yes, I liked it. I took a Tolstoy & Camus class in College, had to read War and Peace in like 3 weeks– it was a miracle with how busy life was that I got that done in time, but I liked it well enough. The absolute picturesque writing of an entire chapter about cutting grass….which is weird because I’m not into description usually and when I read Vanity Fair (that one was just for fun like 750 pages) the chapter that was just about some non-major character’s heirloom silverware did not win my love – though I did like VF all right, especially a subplot which I one day hope to spin off in one of my own books when I get to it–not that I’d reread it, I’d reread W&P though, plan to some day. I also read Anna Karenina (600s) and all Tolstoy’s other long tomes that semester – War and Peace wins over Anna. Plato’s The Republic is up there, maybe 600s? But I might have chosen a condensed version since it was just for fun too–don’t remember. Of the one’s you’ve mentioned I’ve read the first HP (it was ok), Book Thief (did not understand the hype), Moby Dick (bore me to death), The Odyssey (yes, of Homer, that’s the best one), Tiffany Girl (liked it), The Time Traveler’s wife (I did NOT like it. I could rant about that one a lot if you want to rant, and I couldn’t take any more past the halfway point and decided to skim it to see if anything got better–it only added fuel to my rant–and it wasn’t because of yucky content, I knew I’d likely get that from the book and wouldn’t judge it on that, but uggggggghhhh).

    • Carrie

      I have not read ANY of the ones you mentioned. What is wrong with me?!? Lol! And YES that’s exactly how I feel about Time Traveler’s Wife. I skimmed from about halfway point too

  11. I used my Goodreads to sort, and the biggest would be the Bible! Barring packaged sets, I’ve read two 1000+ pagers. War & Peace and The Count of Monte Cristo – The Count was all right, but it’s a book I’d say is not as good as the movie, the movie added romance – best screenwriting decision ever. 🙂 Oh, and Vanity Fair is in the 900s, and Anna is in the 800s. I’m totally using Goodreads word counts over random google searches, I feel so much more accomplished with GR page counts! 🙂

  12. The Time Traveller’s Wife and The Book Thief are two books that I started and did not finish either, although I watched both the movies and enjoyed them. My longest was Gone With The Wind, over 1000 pages. Some of the others look interesting, but I am not a big lover of long books.

  13. Marilyn

    The longest books I have read are Gone With The Wind, Roots, North and South by John Jakes, Vanity Fair,David Copperfield, A Tale Of Two Cities, Texas by James Michner[spelling might be wrong]. There are probably more that I will remember later. Thank you for your list Carrie.

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