So You Got An Amazon Gift Card For Christmas… Ideas For Bookworms

Posted December 27, 2018 by meezcarrie in miscellaneous / 12 Comments

If you’re like me, the initial excitement at getting an Amazon gift card fades slightly to be replaced with the very real panic of WHAT DO I BUY?!? There are so many books we want that narrowing it down is a nearly impossible task. So, instead of suggesting a bunch of books (at least not only a bunch of books) I thought I’d give you some alternate ideas for spending that gift card while staying true to your bookworm heart.

Affiliate links used at no extra cost to you.

Just One More Chapter bracelet, $15.89
when someone bothers you while you’re reading, just hold up your wrist a la Wonder Woman 😉


LED Clip Reading Light, $14.99
because our reading shouldn’t be limited by light mobility…


Bookshelf Mug – $9.27
because it’s pretty.


Jane Austen Every Day box calendar – $14.99
It is a truth universally acknowledged that we can never have too much of Jane Austen!


Go Away I’m Reading sign – $14.95
because let’s face it, we get tired of saying it 😉


NEW Kindle Paperwhite – $129.99
now we can read in the shower!! #dreamcometrue


And ok… if you can’t help yourself there are always BOOKS!




What about you? How would you spend your Amazon gift card?

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12 responses to “So You Got An Amazon Gift Card For Christmas… Ideas For Bookworms

  1. Megan

    nope .. my Amazon gift cards are going to books….
    I certainly have plenty of holes in series to fill in and plenty of series that have been sitting on my wishlist that have been out of price range for me to get!

    (I might break down and buy some more yarn somewhere along the line if I go crochet-crazy… if there’s any left over…)

  2. Andrea

    ? I didn’t get an Amazon gift card this year. I got a 10 inch Fire tablet. It’s easier to read, especially since I need a larger font.

  3. I got an Amazon GC. I haven’t decided what I’ll use it for yet. Your suggestions are awesome. I got my bookworm granddaughter a clip-on reading light for Christmas. She’s coming in a couple of day, so I’m anxious to see what she thinks of it. 😀

  4. Tracey Hagwood

    I got two Christmas books and FOUR amazon gift cards totaling $150! My people know me 🙂 I’ve already ordered some non-bookish things I needed, but I still have $66 left. I’m pouring over my wish list in anticipation. I think I’ll be buying some new releases for Jan/Feb. I’m going to check out that book, The Bookshop Book about weird sayings in bookstores 🙂

    An author friend sent me that bookshelf mug a few years ago and I love it!
    Happy reading new year in 2019!

  5. Jeanne Crea

    Such cute ideas!! I have the sign up at the lake! I just ordered a mug from etsy that says “Just one more chapter” 🙂 That being said, I used my Amazon gift cards for books!!

  6. Sherry Moe

    If I had received any amazon gift cards I’d save them up for a new kindle fire. I need a new one. ?

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