Top Ten Tuesday: Fictional Restaurants I Want to Actually Visit In Real Life

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Happy Tuesday!

Today’s Top Ten Tuesday topic is a fun one – “Places Mentioned In Books That I’d Like to Visit”.  There are so many possibilities with this, so this time I’m narrowing it to restaurants, and I’m subtitling it “Cafes, Coffeehouses, and Cozy Diners” in a nod to a popular Food Network show 😉  Join me as we restaurant hop our way through some of my favorite reads!

Let’s start out on the eastern seaboard with a trip to Summer Harbor, Maine, and The Roadhouse, courtesy of Denise Hunter’s Summer Harbor series. On the menu: the Callahan brothers chowder, buffalo wings, seafood


Moving on down the coast, we must stop on the Jersey Shore for lunch at the Kebab Kitchen from Tina Kashian’s Kebab Kitchen Mystery series. On the menu: Mediterranean food, including a hummus bar


Let’s head for the VA/DC area next – to The Maple Pit from Toni Shiloh’s Maple Run series! On the menu: anything that can be maple-ized tastily, including some maple fried chicken that I’m dying to try one of these days!


Our next stop (since it’s close by The Maple Pit) is the Down South Cafe from Gayle Leeson’s Down South Cafe Mystery series! On the menu: southern comfort food including sausage biscuits and oatmeal pie.


Next up is Daphne’s Cafe from Pepper Basham’s Mitchell’s Crossroads series! On the menu: I’m here for that delectable hot chocolate


While we’re here in the South, let’s hop on down to Florida to visit the Southern Charm food truck from Sarah Monzon’s Freedom’s Kiss novel (book #3 in her Carrington Family series) On the menu: southern comfort food, including pimento mac & cheese, citrus sweet tea, and fried okra

Hopping over the Gulf, we’re stopping in at Dallas restaurant Simone from Laurie Tomlinson’s novel With No Reservations On the menu: French-infused yumminess (and not just the chef, Graham Cooper)

Moving on to the Southwest for a brief visit, we must stop in Last Chance, New Mexico at the Dip n’ Dine from Cathleen Armstrong’s A Place to Call Home series. On the menu: typical Southwestern diner fare, with a newly gourmet flair


On our way to the PNW for our final stop, we can’t resist taking a detour to Colorado to visit the Bittersweet Cafe from Carla Laureano’s Supper Club series…. if we’re lucky maybe we’ll get an invite to the Saturday Night Supper Club too! On the menu: Scrumptious pastries and delectable cafe food, created by two fabulous chefs.


Our final destination on this Food Network-worthy road trip is the Oregon coast where we absolutely must stop at Charley’s food truck from Irene Hannon’s Hope Harbor series. On the menu: timely & curiously insightful wisdom … and fish tacos.


and coming April 2019….

What about you? What fictional restaurants make you want to ‘book’ a road trip there for a meal?


33 responses to “Top Ten Tuesday: Fictional Restaurants I Want to Actually Visit In Real Life

      • Janet Estridge

        We have the Pinecraft Pie Shop Series in the Church Library.
        I live about 2 hours from the town of Pinecraft.
        We ate at Yoder’s Restaurant about 3 weeks ago.
        Next door is an Amish Market & Grocery Store.
        Beside that is an Ice Cream Shop.
        No room for ice cream after eating at Yoder’s. The food is delicious and one meal will serve 3 people. Can we say leftover’s?

  1. Karen

    I’m with you! I want the fish tacos from Charley’s food truck and ALL the foods in Denver from Rachel and Melody! I would also like some of those peach desserts that Zoe Collins has at her orchard in Denise Hunter’s Blue Ridge Sunrise!

  2. I’m so glad you wrote this post because it is exactly what I wanted to do … but didn’t! And you included some of my very favorite series too. Thanks!

  3. Tracey Hagwood

    You’ve hit on a lot of my favorites already. I’d add:

    *Seth Walker’s restaurant in the old bank building and Megan’s Coffee shop from Melissa Tagg’s Maple Valley series

    *The Tray Sheek owned by Charlene and Bernard Tray in Miles From Where We Started by Cynthia Ruchti

  4. Brittaney B

    What a fun take on this week’s prompt. I would love to visit The Two Blue Doors from Hillary Manton Lodge’s series. I also wouldn’t mind sampling Jane’s cooking in Jane in Austin.

  5. Gloria

    Kabob Kitchen came to mind and then I saw The Roadhouse and yes to it. For desserts, Swissmen Sweets in the Amish Candy Shop series by Amanda Flower.

  6. Amy M.

    I always like your particular twist on TTT. I would like to visit Mrs. Hudson’s Tea Room from Vicki Delaney’s Sherlock Holmes Bookshop Mysteries. Of course, I would pop by next door and visit Gemma, but would give that crazy cat Moriarity a wide berth. And I would order ALL the Callahan brothers if they were on the menu 😉

  7. I’m glad these are fictional, because just looking at them makes me want to abandon my diet! LOL!!! Somebody needs to write a “low-carb” cafe where all the food tastes like it’s carb-a-licious!! 😉 Love it!

  8. Great post! Charlie’s Fish Tacos sure made an impression on me too! What about the meals at the Curry Hotel in Under the Midnight Sun Heart of Alaska series. The cook was wonderful. I did not know Last Chance, New Mexico became a series. I read the first one but have missed the others.

  9. Melissa Romine

    My first thought was The Red Door (not to be confused with the Red Door Inn which I would also like to visit)! Yay for Melissa Tagg and Liz Johnson!
    The Orange Blossom Cafe (T.I. Lowe)

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