First Line Friday (week 137): A Return of Devotion

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Happy Friday!

And welcome to First Line Fridays, hosted by Hoarding Books!!!

Since it’s Friday, it’s time to grab the book nearest to you and leave a comment with the first line.

I’m continuing my #CFRR2019 FLF series, spotlighting books from the authors who will be joining us for the Christian Fiction Readers Retreat in April 2019!

The book I’m featuring today is A Return of Devotion by Kristi Ann Hunter, one of our CFRR2019 (and 16 and 17) authors!

And the first line is …

She should have been prepared.

Let me know the first line of the book closest to you & then head over to Hoarding Books to see who else is participating!

First Line Fridays hosted by Hoarding Books

If you’re a blogger or just a social media-er, we’d love for you to join us too!

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18 responses to “First Line Friday (week 137): A Return of Devotion

  1. Andrea Stephens

    I love Daphne’s story! I will miss CFRR so much this year ?
    My first line:
    With the hiss of smoothing irons and the starchy scent of soap trailing her, Ella toted a bundle of hospital linens up the steps. “The Lady and The Lionheart” by Joanne Bischof
    I’m finally getting a chance to read about Charlie! ❤️?

  2. I am counting the days until CFRR! On my blog I am sharing from Daughters of Northern Shores by Joanne Bischof. But here I will share from the top book on the stack on my desk — Almost Home by Valerie Fraser Luesse. Chapter One — “Anna Williams leaned out the truck window and let the wind blow her damp auburn hair away from her face.”

    Happy Friday!

  3. Kay Garrett

    It was a nightmare.
    Lightning flashed across the black sky. Thunder boomed so close that vibrations shook the ground. Rain, mixed with pebble-sized hail, pelted the van’s window with enough force, it seemed the glass might now withstand the impact.
    ‘FIRE STORM” by Laura V. Hilton

  4. Becky Smith

    Happy Friday and Weekend! My first line is from “Castle on the Rise” by Kristy Cambron:

    “Fairy-tale weddings never included rain on the guest list. Or snow – and they had both.”

  5. Thank you for sharing!

    My first line is from On Magnolia Lane by Denise Hunter; Jack McReady had fallen in love with Daisy in one-hour increments.

    Have a great weekend!


  6. Have a great weekend Carrie.

    My first line comes from Remembrance by Suzie Waltner:
    “Who would have thought a little drive would turn into this fiasco?”

  7. I’m sharing from Katherine Wentworth by D.E. Stevenson on my blog today. Here’s a semi-random sentence from the e-book page I’m on:

    “All around us were the rolling hills, one behind the other as far as eye could see; they were like huge green billows in a rough Atlantic gale, which had suddenly frozen into a state of immobility. Later they would be clad in heather, purple as the robes of a king.”

    Happy reading and have a wonderful Friday and Weekend !

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