Guest Post (and a Giveaway!): Jessica Kate & Love and Other Mistakes

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I am SO EXCITED for today’s guest!! The delightful Jessica Kate is here with a sneak peek at her debut novel Love and Other Mistakes which releases in July from Thomas Nelson. Isn’t that cover so fun?!?

There’s a fine line between love and hate . . . And for the last seven years, Natalie Groves has hated Jeremy Walters.

Natalie Groves was meant for great things. But soon after her fiancé left, Natalie’s father was diagnosed with cancer. Suddenly her grand plans evaporated . . . and God felt very far away.

Fast-forward seven years, and an internship presents Natalie a chance at her destiny—but she needs a job to work around it. And the only offer available is worse than a life sentence. Her ex Jeremy, now back in town, is desperate for help with his infant son and troubled teenage niece, Lili. And Natalie may be just the one to help Jeremy . . . provided they don’t kill each other in the process.

When Jeremy and Natalie join forces, sparks fly. But will either of them get burned along the way?


G’day! So, why is this quote one of my favs from Love and Other Mistakes?

Love/hate romances are my jam! I loved writing about ex-fiances who were forced to work together. I love this quote because it shows what I enjoy about the book—Natalie has history with Jem and knows his good qualities better than anyone, but hates him for hurting her.

It’s so much fun to unravel attraction, betrayal, history and loyalty all at the same time.

The sticky notes on my heroine’s fridge reveal some of the details that got me addicted to this story:

My heroine, Natalie Groves, needs three things: cash, a career and a bucket of M&M’s. What she has is a job offer from her ex-fiance.

Natalie’s been stuck in dead-end jobs ever since that awful year her engagement ended and her father was diagnosed with cancer. Now, a ministry internship with up-and-coming youth pastor Samuel Payton offers her a shot at her dreams—but she needs a job in the meantime to help pay her father’s medical bills. Enter Jem. He’s now back in town, single, and desperate for help with his infant son and troubled teenage niece.

The sticky notes on Nat’s fridge—which she unsuccessfully tries to hide from Jem—shows how tough the balancing act of her life is. She’s too busy working both jobs to remember to feed her landlord’s goldfish, but she still manages to spend time working on a school project with Jem’s niece, Lili. Natalie’s someone with a huge work ethic and deep sense of loyalty.

Plus, she has a fun side. She’s addicted to M&M’s, and she can’t resist pinching from Jem’s secret stash of romance novels. And Jem teases her by hiding her chocolate stash all the time.

But despite this banter, there’s some huge issues between them—like the reason they broke up, Jem’s seven-year silence, and now his son with another woman.

It was also fun digging into Jem’s motivations and the oh-so-healthy relationship he has with his father. Starting with one tiny problem: he hasn’t told him about the baby.

Things get even more interesting when Jem and his dad, who have both boxed for years, step into the ring.

And I have a special soft spot for the subplot around Jem’s niece, Lili. Lili’s dealing with a serious betrayal from her father, at the same time as she adjusts to living with her uncle and getting to know a cute guy named Nick who loves Nirvana, math, and knows how to hotwire a car.

Plus, it’s fun to watch Jem be an uncle and dad.

I hope these quotes give you a fun little snapshot of the book! I’m addicted to love/hate romance, complicated families, plenty of drama, and zingers that make me laugh. Hopefully you enjoy them too. ?

Australian Jessica Kate is a sassy romance author and addict.

Her novels feature wit, snark and grit, and her StoryNerds podcast gives her a chance to nerd out with others about these ingredients in books, movies and TV.

She has a passion for garlic bread, theme parks and Batman.

Sign up to her newsletter at to hear first about her books, including her upcoming novels Love and Other Mistakes and A Girl’s Guide to the Outback.

The StoryNerds podcast is available on Spotify and Apple Podcasts and at

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What about you? Which of the snippets that Jessica shared is your favorite?

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29 responses to “Guest Post (and a Giveaway!): Jessica Kate & Love and Other Mistakes

  1. Chrystal

    I literally laughed out loud at the baby hiding and garden gnome collection piece above. It really gives insight into their past relationship and how they knew each other so personally. I had a guy friend from years ago that I could imagine having this type of know-you-so-well and jab left/jab right conversation with if we met up again.

  2. Winnie Thomas

    Thanks for the fun post! I loved reading all the snippets. I can’t wait to read the book!

    Thanks Carrie and Jessica!

  3. Kay Garrett

    Loved the snippet about ditching the baby stuff. Made me think of how friends help each other and keep the others secrets. I could see me and my BFF having that same type conversation. 🙂

  4. Amy M.

    I’m already itching to read this book after the snippets. All of them had me laughing, but since I’m an protective auntie…I’ll go with the ninja uncle one as the funniest. My life is post-it notes, so I can definitely relate to Natalie’s covered fridge.

  5. Terrill R.

    Rom-com’s are a favorite romance sub-genre and hate-to-love is a favorite trope. Which makes sense since it’s ripe for comedic banter and circumstances. The Christian market doesn’t have enough rom-coms like this (in my opinion.) I’ve been so excited for Jessica Kate’s release in July and also Bethany Turner’s in May!

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