Top Ten Tuesday: Characters Who Remind Me of Myself

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Happy Tuesday! Today’s topic over at That Artsy Reader Girl is ‘Characters Who Remind Me of Myself’ and I have to confess that I had to dig deep to come up with ten. One I knew right off the bat, and then a couple more came to mind. And then I asked my friends. And then I dug some more. lol.

This is the most obvious one to people who know me. In fact, as my dad and brother and husband each read the Harry Potter series, they would individually text me quotes from or passages about Hermione and say “You are so Hermione.” I do admit that I have indeed said (more than once), “Don’t you ever read??” and a fate worse than death for me would definitely have been expulsion. I’m honored to remind people of her because she’s just awesome. AND that bottomless bag of hers, full of books, resembles how I pack for trips, too… and it’s ideal for purse whomping 😉

A bookworm from northern Illinois who moves to rural Kentucky? Sounds familiar…. I knew I would love Alice Grace Ripley right from the beginning simply because she’s a bookworm and we have that exact same move in common but, as Wonderland Creek by the amazing Lynn Austin progressed and deepened, I loved her even more for how we were different. Still, she does remind me of me in more than one way so she for sure needed to make this list!

From my review of this riveting novel, “For all women everywhere who have struggled with their weight their whole lives, this is our heroine.” I could relate to Ruth Ann on this point so very well – as well as the wounds she suffers from careless (but perhaps well-meaning) words about her weight struggles. But I could also relate to her sassiness a little bit too 😉 Also from my review, “Her story is, in many ways, my own story. She is my kind of heroine, and what she taught me about trust – even after being deeply wounded – is priceless.” I think that because we are so much alike her lessons hit even closer to home for me.

Ok. So. I’m not an artist (far far far from it). And I don’t live in a tiny house (too many books). And I’m not a free spirit/wandering soul. At this point you may be asking yourself if I’ve forgotten what list I’m working on. Understandable but nope! Because Callie Quinn and I are both … wait for it … “cool aunts” who fiercely love their nieces and nephews.

Here’s another one that isn’t as apparent (to me anyway lol). Elinor is quite the quirky heroine, and I recently heard Janet Ferguson answer a bunch of questions – hilariously – as Elinor at the Christian Fiction Readers Retreat, which made me raise my eyebrows even more at my friend Beth’s (Faithfully Bookish) suggestion that I should include Elinor on today’s list. But when she … umm… gently? … explained, “Your phobias rival Elinor Bosarge’s allergies and you both love books,” I had to concede that she was right. So while I might not ever be caught dead with a hairless cat named Mr. Darcy, it seems that Elinor reminds me more of me than I first thought 😉

Allegra is not an outdoors person so already we have a lot in common haha! Then when I discovered her idea of exercise is walking around her coffee table five times before eating a cookie, I knew we had bonded for life. She’s way braver than I am though, ultimately, and she likes coffee so here is where we part ways. But in our hearts we’re basically the same person, right?

This character from the New Testament – the woman with the chronic issue of blood who touched Jesus’ robe and was healed – and I don’t share the same illness or the same experience with a father (thank goodness)… BUT we do know what it’s like to go to doctor after doctor, spend all our money on medical visits and tests and treatments FOR YEARS and still have no answers. We know what it’s like to be desperate for healing, and we’ve both come to have a more personal relationship with Jesus as a direct result of our chronic illness. This book brought me to tears more than once and settled right in my heart.

Isadora and I have a similar nightmare … arriving at a ‘manor’ only to discover it’s actually a farm and there are CHICKENS EVERYWHERE. Including (but not limited to) a hen named Elmer who likes to be held. Fortunately, it’s only a hypothetical nightmare for me. Poor Isadora actually had to live it, with the sort of mayhem you might expect from the combination of that situation + a Jen Turano novel 😛

When this book by Courtney Walsh first came out, I was in serious need of getting my priorities straightened out. I found in Lane a kindred spirit whose story purse whomped me but good, in the best kind of way. From my review, “A heroine who is so attached to her work, to her dreams, that she’s more stressed about missing her deadline than she is about the family emergency that called her away. A heroine who deals with body image issues, anxiety issues, and may need to be surgically separated from her smart phone. Oh my goodness, y’all. I related to Lane on so many levels.” Fortunately, Lane and I both grew up a little during this book and learned to prioritize the right things and put the other stuff in its proper place.

Bookish. Loves genealogy. Loves history. Occasionally falls in love with fictional characters. At first glance, you would think this is the one I thought of right away. And yet, my dear book sisters had to nudge me in Nora’s direction. Sorry, Nora! If you haven’t met her and her swoony former Navy Seal hero yet, you really must. In fact, True to You was the 2018 Book of the Year at the Christy Awards – and very much deserved.

grab the books i mentioned

What about you? Do you have some characters that remind you of yourself?


23 responses to “Top Ten Tuesday: Characters Who Remind Me of Myself

  1. Great list! I had trouble with this week. I think my brain is fogged up. I went with characters whose lives ar all about the books — bookstore owners/librarian. The characters are really nothing like me, but the influence of books in their lives was what appealed.

  2. I expect to see a lot of HP on these lists, and you didn’t disappoint! When I read the books, I definitely related a LOT to Hermione, too. Now that I’m older? Well, I probably relate more to the poor adults trying to deal with all these crazy kids. xD

    Great list! Love your format for this post, by the way. It’s so pretty!

    Here’s my TTT post.

    • Carrie

      “Well, I probably relate more to the poor adults trying to deal with all these crazy kids.” – haha yes!

      And thank you! 🙂

  3. Melony Teague

    Well, I knew Hermoine would be there! I had such a chuckle at this! well done, best thing ever!

  4. Winnie Thomas

    I love this post! Several of these books remind me of myself, too! I have a granddaughter named Ellianna, spelled a bit differently, but I don’t hear that name often. Thanks for the fun post!

  5. Megan H

    Annabelle from The Liberator series by Stephenia McGee
    Kylie Walsh in New Beginning (Mysterious Ways, Book #2) by Dawn M. Taylor

  6. I’d still like to read “Wonderland Creek,” and I remember I loved Callie (and the hero, too!). Also, Nora is forever a favorite character. 🙂

  7. I wasn’t the only one struggling with this prompt! I thought I would have to leave it at seven characters or so, but I took a look at my classics shelf and got inspired.

    I’m halfway through reading the Harry Potter series and ironically, it’s Ron that I relate to the most with his large loving family, than I do with Hermione, which surprised me because I assumed that she would be my favorite character … not so far, LOL.

  8. Nora is a fairly popular choice this week. I’m sure there are many people who could identify with Elianna, if not for themselves, perhaps in people they love.

  9. Valerie S.

    Carrie, this is a beautiful list. Thank you for being so open and honest with sharing your heart in your comments.

  10. Marilyn

    Carrie, this was an enjoyable post. I can relate to some of the points you made. I am not an outdoor girl. I love books. I am not a fan of cats or coffee. I hate the hot weather and love Autumn and Winter. I would have to say I relate especially to “Francie” from A’ Tree Grows In Brooklyn”. I was raised in Brooklyn. My father was Irish,too, but did not drink. The Brontes I can relate to because I am most comfortable with my family and a few friends. I am shy. Thank you Carrie for this enlightening post.

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