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HAPPY RELEASE DAY to Laura Bradford & A Daughter’s Truth! I always love the chance to chat with Laura, so I’m thrilled to welcome her to the blog today!

GENRE: Women’s Fiction/Amish
PUBLISHER: Kensington
RELEASE DATE: May 28, 2019
PAGES: 288

Emma Lapp tries to be the perfect daughter, to earn the loving embrace of her family and her Amish community in Pennsylvania. Yet she can’t quite win her mother’s smile–or her forgiveness for a transgression Emma can’t quite place . . .

Emma knows she’s a reminder of her mother’s greatest sorrow, having been born on the same day Mamm lost her beloved sister. The one bright spot has been the odd trinkets anonymously left at her aunt’s grave each year on Emma’s birthday–gifts Emma secretly hides because they upset her parents. But the day she turns 22, a locket bears a surprise that sends her on an unexpected journey . . .

Searching for answers, Emma travels to the English world and finds a kinship as intriguing as it is forbidden. But is this newfound connection enough to leave behind the future she’d expected? The answers are as mysterious, and as devastating, as the truth that divides Emma from the only family, and the only life, she’s ever known . . .

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That Thing…
By Laura Bradford, author of A Daughter’s Truth

One of my favorite parts of what I do for a living is that that moment, when a thought hits me out of nowhere (usually in the shower or while driving my car) and that writer part of my brain sits up, tall, eyes-wide, ears perked. Next thing I know, said brain is holding a casting call for the perfect character to play the main role.

Weird, I know. But, there you go; my process if that’s what you want to call it.

In my first women’s fiction novel, Portrait of a Sister, the whole sit-up-tall, eyes-wide, ears-perked thing came when I was trying to imagine what it would be like to be Amish and faced with the pull of leaving after baptism, knowing that if you do, the only family and community you’ve ever known will turn away from you. That’s heavy stuff, right there. As for who was best to explore that? Well, the part went to twins—Hannah and Katie Beiler.  Hannah left before baptism, while Katie stayed home, taking care of her siblings after their mother passes away. When Hannah uncovers Katie’s God-given talent for drawing faces, she pushes Katie toward a choice from which there is no turning back.

In my just-released second women’s fiction novel, A Daughter’s Truth, the whole sit-up-tall, eyes-wide, ears-perked thing came via an image, rather than a thought. In my mind’s eye, I saw a young Amish girl sitting beside her aunt’s gravesite, looking at a small trinket-like item on the ground. I was intrigued, sure, but that intrigue ratcheted up about a thousand notches when I saw that same girl take the trinket, carry it to a tree, and stuff it inside a drawstring bag with a dozen or so other trinket-like items. What were they? Why was she hiding them in the hollow of a tree? How could I use one of those trinkets to shake her world in a way she never saw coming?  These were the questions I simply had to answer. And Emma Lapp, a newly turned 22 year old who has never quite fit anywhere, including her own family, was the one to help me.

Soon, I was off and running. Or, perhaps I should say, off and typing. Sure enough, the trinkets were these odd little things left at the gravesite on the anniversary of her aunt’s death. Emma removes and hides them because seeing them there each year upsets her mother tremendously. She knows she should just throw them away, but considering they show up on a day that also happens to be Emma’s birthday, she can’t. It seems harmless enough, right?

Everything changes on Emma’s 22nd birthday when the trinket she finds while visiting the grave rocks her to her core—Bam!  Soon, instead of simply hiding the newest object in the bag with all the other items, Emma is on the hunt for a powerful truth.

In the Dear Reader letter in the front of the book, I liken this moment of discovery in Emma’s life to the kind of crossroad we all face at some point in our lives. The kind that leaves us with a choice: will the moment define me, or will I define the moment?

What will Emma decide?

You can find out by picking up your own copy of A Daughter’s Truth at your favorite bookstore or online vendor today.


Laura Bradford is the national bestselling author of over 30 books, including the newly released women’s fiction novel, A Daughter’s Truth. Portrait of a Sister, her first women’s fiction novel was a July 2018 Book Club Pick for Delilah of Delilah Radio and a Summer Book Club pick for Southern Lady Magazine.  For more information about Laura and her books, visit:

website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest

Head to Laura’s facebook page to “collect” all the trinkets for a fun Amish-themed giveaway!

What about you? Are you as intrigued by this trinkets as I am??

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  1. Mandy Bentley

    I am very intrigued! It sounds like this story is unlike anything I have ever read before. I would love to read it!

  2. Diane Buie

    of course we are all intrigued by the trinket!!! 🙂 I love that last question in the review; “will this be a defining moment or will she define the moment?” powerful possibilities here. thanks for the chance to enter.

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