Top Ten Tuesday: My Fave Winners From The Last 10 Christy Awards

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Happy Tuesday, friends!

For today’s Top Ten Tuesday topic, we were asked to list our fave books from the last ten years (1 per year) but… umm… I needed some sort of focus or we would be here for the next 10 years as I debated my choices. So I decided to go with my fave books from the last 10 years of winners for The Christy Award™!

Interestingly, I always think I’m a bigger fan of contemporary than historical – and suspense more than the other two – yet almost all of my picks this week are historical so maybe I need to rethink that description of my tastes. Hmm…


Winner for Historical Romance


Winner for Historical Romance


Winner for Historical Romance


Winner for Historical Fiction


Winner for Historical Romance


Winner for Book of the Year, First Novel & Historical Fiction


Winner for Contemporary Romance


Winner for Book of the Year & Visionary


Winner for Historical Romance


Winner for Book of the Year & Contemporary Romance

What about you? How many of these have you read too?

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21 responses to “Top Ten Tuesday: My Fave Winners From The Last 10 Christy Awards

  1. Emilee Douglas

    I’ve read all these except Rubart’s and Camden’s. They’re all amazing!

  2. Jocelyn

    Great list. I have read seven of those listed. I loved From a Distance by Tamera Alexander. I will have to look for the ones I missed!

  3. Brittaney B

    I’ve read and loved so many of these books. Most of my choices were historical fiction too. But then I am well aware that is my favorite genre.

  4. Jeanne

    Great list and I’ve read 6 of the 10. Elizabeth Camden’s “Against the Tide” and Becky Wade’s “True to You” were my favorites. I’ll have to bookmark the other four.

  5. Fun spin on the topic, Carrie!! Loved Elizabeth’s Against the Tide, and of course, Becky’s True to You is a charming story. 🙂

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