Author Interview (and a Giveaway!): Kathleen Fuller & The Farmer’s Bride

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I’m so pleased to welcome Kathleen Fuller to the blog today to chat about her new novel The  Farmer’s Bride!

With over a million copies sold, Kathleen Fuller is the author of several bestselling novels, including the Hearts of Middlefield novels, the Middlefield Family novels, the Amish of Birch Creek series, and the Amish Letters series as well as a middle-grade Amish series, the Mysteries of Middlefield. A former special education teacher, she and her husband James are the parents of three adult children and reside in Cabot, Arkansas.

You can connect with Kathleen on her website, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter.

SERIES: Amish Brides of Birch Creek #2
GENRE: Amish Fiction
PUBLISHER: Zondervan
RELEASE DATE: June 4, 2019
PAGES: 304

Bestselling and award-winning author Kathleen Fuller returns to the Amish community of Birch Creek in this charming tale of falling in love while pursuing the dreams of your heart.

Having grown up in poverty, Seth Yoder refuses to be financially insecure again. His passion is woodcarving, but he’s vowed to work on his father’s successful farm, even though his heart is in his craft. Splitting his time between farming and his secret hobby keeps him busy—too busy for social activities.

Martha Detweiler has a different problem—she’s the only single woman in a community full of young men, and they’re all competing for her favor.  All of them . . . except Seth Yoder. Overwhelmed by the unwanted attention, she finds herself constantly fleeing from them, and that isn’t the way she wants to live her life.

When Cevilla Schlabach, Birch Creek’s resident matchmaker, hears of Martha’s predicament, she believes she has the answer—convince Seth to give the impression that he and Martha are dating. Both Martha and Seth think this is a terrible idea, but Cevilla doesn’t let go of something once she gets it in her head. And when Delilah Stoll, a new resident of Birch Creek, eyes Seth as the perfect man for her granddaughter, Nina, Cevilla digs in her heels.

Can Seth and Martha convince their family and friends to leave them alone? Or will their struggles against a community that seems to have decided both their fates bring them closer together?

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Hi Kathleen! Welcome to the blog!

Kathleen: Summer, even though I don’t like extreme heat. Winter is too cold and dreary, although beautiful in its own way.

Carrie: Maybe a happy medium of fall or spring? 🙂

Kathleen: Coffee for sure. I am ridiculously in love with coffee.

Carrie: haha!

Kathleen: Pepsi, and it has to be diet. The superior beverage. 😉 

Carrie: oh no you’re one of THOSE people 😉 #dietcoke

Kathleen: Sandwich. I could eat sandwiches 24/7 and not get tired of them.

Carrie: ooo now i want to know what your fave sandwich is…

Q: Around here I like to say that reading is my superpower. If YOU had a superpower, what would it be?

Kathleen: The ability to eat sandwiches 24/7 while drinking coffee and diet pepsi as I lounge by the pool during the summer. 🙂

Carrie: hahahaha! i love this (even if you do prefer diet pepsi 😛 )

Q: When you walk into a bookstore, where do you head first? 

Kathleen: Usually the Christian fiction section or the romance section.

Carrie: me too! See you there!

Q: Writing spaces are as diverse as authors and books. Where is your favorite space to write?

Kathleen: I don’t have a favorite space. I write everywhere—living room, home office, coffee shop, sandwich shop, outside, etc. Having different writing spaces helps with my creativity. 

Carrie: probably while drinking diet pepsi too … 😉

Q: Did you have the whole plot outlined before you started writing, or did you let the characters dictate what came next? 

Kathleen: As much as I try to outline, my characters end up doing their own thing. That’s one of the fun parts about writing—letting them be in charge. 

Carrie: I have heard that characters tend to have a mind of their own! I love that about them as a reader too

Q: What do you most want readers to take away from The Farmer’s Bride?

Kathleen: I always want readers to be entertained and to feel that their time was well spent reading my story. 

Carrie: Great goals! That’s always best case on the reader’s part too 🙂

TNZ Fiction is offering a copy of The Farmer’s Bride to one of my readers! (US only) This giveaway is subject to Reading Is My SuperPower’s giveaway policies which can be found here. Enter via the Rafflecopter form below.

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What about you? What interests you most about this book?

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23 responses to “Author Interview (and a Giveaway!): Kathleen Fuller & The Farmer’s Bride

  1. Alicia Haney

    Hi, I enjoyed this interview! I love Amish stories, your book sounds like a real page turner and the cover is super nice!! I’ll be looking up your books. 🙂
    God Bless you.

  2. Kay Garrett

    Thank you for the interview with Kathleen Fuller. I know I loved her books, but now I find out she’s a gal after my own heart. Yeah Diet Pepsi! 🙂

    Can’t wait for the opportunity to read “The Farmer’s Bride”. Sounds like an amazing story. LOVE the cover! Grabbed my attention with the purple dress (my favorite color) and love the farm scene.


    I love the simple attraction in a Amish couple. They are friends first then it grows into more while they are not looking. I can not wait to read this book. I love Amish books. Thank you for a great giveaway!

  4. Merry

    I love reading Amish books. Their deep faith and simple lifestyle always intrigues me.

  5. Vivian Furbay

    What interests me is how will this all end. Kathleen is a great writer and I have read several of her books.

  6. desiree

    i have been around amish and love the way they live and act here in mo they help with alot around us the book look like great read and the cover are great

  7. Joan Kurth

    I have read 29 of Kathleen Fuller’s books and always ready to read the newest one! Thank you for your writing, Kathleen, and also showing us your crochet projects.

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