Top Ten Tuesday: My Favorite Nancy Drew Books From Childhood

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Happy Tuesday, my friends!

Today’s Top Ten Tuesday theme is “Childhood Favorites” and when I think of all the books I loved as a child/tween/early teen, the Nancy Drew series is the first to come to mind that spans all of those years. I spent many hours devouring a new-to-me Nancy Drew book, browsing the book store and the library for more I hadn’t read yet, for the newest addition to the long-enduring series.

Here are some of my faves – then and now.






What about you? Were/are you a Nancy Drew fan? And even more important – Where do you stand on Ned Nickerson vs. Frank Hardy as a romantic lead for her? 😉

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32 responses to “Top Ten Tuesday: My Favorite Nancy Drew Books From Childhood

  1. Michelle Connell

    Oh, yes, I loved these when growing up. I also enjoyed the Trixie Belden series and the Boxcar Children. I was almost always reading one of these and would check out 5-6 books each trip to the library. I didn’t read the Hardy Boys, I couldn’t get into them for some reason, so I don’t have an answer to the Ned/Frank question.

  2. Rebecca Maney

    I loved both the Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys series as I was growing up. I actually went back about ten years ago and read them all again. I still loved them. I could not pick a favorite among the stories. But I am loyal to Ned for Nancy . . . . . plus Ned and Nancy sound good together . . . like names carved on a tree!

  3. Ned, of course. I don’t even remember who Frank was…(A Hardy boy?) I was JUST the other day trying to convince my daughter to read a Nancy Drew Files book. (Nancy Drew Files were my favorite, they’re the most romancy of the series types) and I was looking through all the covers and I don’t remember the plots by looking at them, but I totally knew which were my favorites by the feeling I got just by looking at the covers. My favorite (at least I believe it to have been my favorite from the intense fuzzy warm feeling) was Till Death Do Us Part.

  4. I loved Nancy Drew and Trixie Belden. I used to have a lot of them in a box, but when I tried to find it, it seems to have disappeared. Either it got lost in one of our moves, or my husband got rid of it because I had too many boxes of books. I will never know.

  5. Rosalyn

    oh my–yes! I loved (and still do, to some extent…lol…) Nancy Drew! The Lilac Inn one was a favorite of mine! And yes, I was all for Ned & Nancy… 🙂
    thanks for sharing these!

  6. Lori Parrish

    My grandma had some of these in her basement along with the Hardy boys!! Oh and she had some Trixie Beldwin books too!! I’ve read some of them but they didn’t really catch my eye like the Little House books did. Have you ever heard of the Saddle club series or the Thoroughbred series? Those were my favs. There’s also a book that I loved a child ever since our 1st grade teacher read it to us and it’s called Mr. Pudgins. This book is definitely a laugh out loud book! I forget who the author is. But it’s another childhood favorite

  7. Melissa

    I love Nancy Drew. Between the school library and local library was able to read almost the entire series. My favorite is still the Secret of the Wooden Lady. I can’t remember how many times I read that one.

    As for Ned vs. Frank–neither. I don’t even remember who Frank is, but who needs romance in a good mystery. 🙂

  8. Marilyn

    My favorites growing up were “The HoneyBunch”series,”The Bobbsey Twins”, “Black Beauty”, my Golden Books and of course “Little Women”.

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