Top Ten Tuesday: Settings I’d Like to See More Often In Fiction

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Happy Tuesday! Today’s Top Ten Tuesday link-up theme is Settings I’d Like to See More Often in fiction. I had a lot of fun coming up with these locales that light up my bookish heart when I realize a book is set there – as well as some of my fave reads already set in these places.

Since I’ve lived in Kentucky for nearly 30 years (even though I’m only 29… don’t know how that happened), books set here always have a place in my heart. The rolling hills, horse farms, and unique mix of urban and rural is prime material for great stories. It’s mostly historical fiction (which I love) but I’d really like to see some more contemporary romance and/or suspense books that are set in Kentucky too.

some of my fave books set in Kentucky

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Moving further south, Atlanta has another big piece of my heart. Both of my nephews were born & are being raised here – and my parents recently moved there to be close to my brother & his family. Other than the traffic (ugh), Atlanta makes my big-city-loving heart come alive so books set here always grab my attention! Such layered history here – as well as a fun city with an eclectic mix of cultures and urban renewal. The perfect setting for suspense too!

some of my fave books set in atlanta


I’m not an outdoors person, so living vicariously through fiction when it comes to national parks is a big plus for me. I love learning more about the parks, ‘seeing’ the gorgeous vistas through the writer’s descriptions, and uncovering unique history. They also seem to be another perfect setting for suspense novels – so many possibilities!

some of my fave books set in national parks


special emphasis on my happy place (the Smokies)


Closely related, and including, my happy place of the Smoky Mountains is the region known as Appalachia (pronounced App-ah-latch-ah). Books set here are full of the delightful Appalachian lilt, delicious food, and some haunting settings. There’s also a lot of intriguing history and culture to be found here, too. And with its rich storytelling heritage, this region is ripe for stories that stay with you.

some of my fave books set in Appalachia



Music City is a recent favorite city of mine, thanks to various book-related conferences here that I’ve had the pleasure of attending. I love the big city culture mingled with ‘country’ values and faith, as well as the wealth of history, to be found here. Thanks to Tamera Alexander and her delightful novels, I’ve fallen in love with that history – now I’d like to see more contemporary stories set here too.

some of my fave books set in nashville


I have never been to the Pacific Northwest but oh how I want to. The best of both worlds – ocean and mountains – takes my breath away every time I see photos from this area. When I’ve successfully fought off Lyme Disease and can travel beyond my current pain limit of 6 hours at a time, this is the first place on my bucket list. In the meantime, bring on the novels set here so I can get my PNW fix 🙂

some of my fave books set in the PNW


I’ve only visited the East Coast once but I’ve been wanting to go back ever since. Lighthouses, rocky coasts, history from our nation’s birth, colorful boats … definitely great for historical fiction, to be sure, but also prime for suspense and romance. I’ll take more of all of those please!

some of my fave books set on the east Coast


When I was talking about the PNW, i said that area would be first on my travel agenda when I’m healthy again. Alaska will be second. I’ve always been drawn to photos of Alaska, to the unique landscape and the small, remote towns, and of course the SNOW. Books set here merely feed my Alaskan wanderlust, and I almost never pass up the chance to read one. It’s perfect for just about any genre, so bring ’em on!

some of my fave books set in alaska


After the PNW and Alaska, western Canada is next on my list. But then I also have to go over to Ontario & visit all my friends who live there. In the meantime, I’ll visit Canada vicariously through fiction (and of course Hallmark movies lol). It seems to be the perfect setting for suspense but there’s also so much layered history that we in the US don’t often learn about in school. Fortunately, novels are there to help fill in those gaps.

some of my fave books set in Canada



Finally, we come to Australia – where we must first pause and give thanks for Chris Hemsworth and Hugh Jackman 😉 From the big cities to the outback, there is much story potential across multiple genre possibilities. This is an almost untapped market in Christian fiction and I’d love to see more books set here.

some of my fave books set in australia


Of course, for all the settings we’d like to see more often, there’s also a wealth of settings for which we have no shortage. For good reason, too – these places are just made for good fiction & we love them. Keep these settings coming, y’all!!

  • Chicago
  • New York
  • Western/Southwestern USA (because… cowboys)
  • England
  • bookstores/libraries

What about you? What are some settings you’d like to see more often in fiction?

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43 responses to “Top Ten Tuesday: Settings I’d Like to See More Often In Fiction

    • Megan

      Grounded Hearts by Jeanne Dickson
      Castle series by Kristy Cambron

      There’s actually quite a list of books that involve Ireland over in Avid Readers of Christian Fiction…

  1. Megan

    SW PA …. there are TONS of books out East, like Philadelphia and Gettysburg,
    but we are pretty much ignored over here in Pittsburgh region…..

    There are TONS of small towns, most going back to late 1700s/early 1800s around here.
    We have more bridges than Italy,
    the only city in the whole country that has the same colors for all 3 major sports teams,
    known for make cannon during the Civil War,
    a stop on the stagecoach line in 1800s,
    making steel,
    innovative medical breakthroughs.,
    world-class symphony……

      • My husband is from Pittsburgh, the south hills, so I love stories set in your area too! 🙂
        Laura Frantz’s series, The Ballantyne Legacy, is set in Pittsburgh in the nineteenth century. The first book, Love’s Reckoning, begins in York County and ends in Pittsburgh. The next two books both take place in and around Pittsburgh. I loved how vividly she brought the young city to life and could imagine places I know today, as they must have been long ago.

    • Megan! When I saw your comment I squealed! I just read an advanced copy of ABOVE THE FOLD by Rachel Scott McDaniel, which is a historical romance set in the 20’s in PITTSBURGH! Whoop! Whoop! It comes out in December. Rachel captured the feel of Pittsburg brilliantly, so I’m sure you’d enjoy it. Plus the hero was super-swoony. 🙂

  2. I always want more books set in my home state of Washington, so I get the Kentucky thing. I really loved Katie McGarry’s books that were all set in Kentucky. I would also like to see more books set in the South. I love that setting for some reason. Great list!

  3. Thanks for the mention Meez Carrie! It always makes my day (year?) to appear on one of your Top Ten Lists!! Doubly happy to be there representing Canada 🙂

  4. I love this, Carrie! Your sweet and sometimes sassy commentary and your adorable graphics PLUS great book recommendations and observations. This is why you are the queen bee, my friend!

  5. Winnie Thomas

    Scotland, definitely! I’m impressed that you limited your list to 10 settings (except for the little add-ons at the end)! 😀 I’m hoping for more books set in Utah. There are a lot more in Kentucky than Utah! Fun list, my dear BFFFC!

  6. I’m always a little torn on books set in Alabama (where I live) because it’s always so much fun to see places that are familiar but so often they’re written by people who are going off of stereotypes. Yes to Appalachia and Nashville and National Parks and all your other choices!

  7. Great list of books! I don’t read many books set in Australia, so, I appreciate the stories you included. 🙂 I’ll be adding them to my TBR list.

  8. As an Aussie, I just want to thank you for including my beautiful country on your list, and 100% objectively agree that books set here seem to be a virtually untapped market in Christian fiction, something which needs to change. There are also two authors not included in this post I would absolutely recommend you check out; Amanda Deed & Meredith Resce.

  9. Pepper Basham

    APPALACHIA!!! YES YES!!!! But oh, what wonderful other places to visit!!! (and…you know I’m all about England 😉
    So…how about…Egypt 😉

  10. Great picks! And so many of these settings would be so great to see more of! You know, I don’t think I’ve ever read a book set in Kentucky? Which never struck me as weird until this exact moment when I realized I hadn’t!

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