Top Ten Tuesday: Characters I Wish Could Be My BFF

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Happy Tuesday! Today on the Top Ten Tuesday linkup with That Artsy Reader Girl, we’re looking at characters I wish could be my BFF. I’m blessed to have several dear ladies I consider my best friends in real life, but I think these characters would be good additions to our gaggle too!

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“Gracious sakes! I squished a grandpa!” Enough said.

Allegra is my people, though she’s way braver than I will ever be.

Paisley’s sassy narrative voice endeared her to me from word one.

I adore Millie – this totally-without-guile, sweet and spunky, hilarious bookworm!

Kappy King is a delightfully quirky hot mess, and I love it!

An author of smutty romances, now a Christian who’s in love with her pastor… how is that not perfect BFF material?!?

Nora is just endearingly quirky, relatable and cute. She’s a librarian, a historian and a genealogist. She uses words like “indubitable” and “tout” on a regular basis. She owns a historic village (because of course she does).

Kirstin is delightfully witty (with a dusting of snark) as narrator.

Who wouldn’t want to be besties with the girl detective? 😉

Do I really need to explain this one? #HermioneForTheWin

What about you? Which characters from your fave books would you want to be besties with?


16 responses to “Top Ten Tuesday: Characters I Wish Could Be My BFF

  1. I’d love to be friends with Nancy and Hermione. They both seem like they’d be very loyal…and the conversations they’d start would be amazing!

    My TTT.

  2. Brittaney B

    Well looks like we share similar tastes in book BFF’s. Eisley made my list too and several others (Paisley, Sarah and Nora) just missed the cut.

  3. I feel like Hermione and Nancy are SUCH essential BFFs for our little community. When I was little, I definitely wanted to be both or befriend both depending on the day. I’m honestly a little surprised that your list is the first one I’ve seen to feature Nancy! Anyways, so many great picks!

  4. nancy reynolds

    I didn’t know some of the characters/books – so … I have to now go read them and get introduced to them. Of course, I am definitely a fan of both Nancy Drew and Hermione Granger. I would definitely add Anne of Green Gables and Elizabeth Bennett to my list. And Maisie Dobbs. And … OK, I’d better stop now. Thanks for making me think – and for giving me some new books/characters to discover!

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