Top Ten Tuesday: Books I’d Like Back, Please

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Happy Tuesday! Today’s Top Ten Tuesday theme with That Artsy Reader Girl is “Books I’ve Read That I’d Like In My Personal Library” but I’m tweaking it slightly to be ‘Books I’d Like Back In My Library.” For one reason or another, I’ve loaned out or sold certain books… but now I regret doing so.

loaned & never got back


I finally bought a replacement for The Secret Garden that my 2nd cousin borrowed when I was a teenager & has never returned. Yes, it’s been 25 years or so. Yes, I’m still a little bitter about it 😉

sold to half-price books in a weak moment


Several years ago, I went about six years without really reading anything. (gasp! I know) Clearly, I lost my mind during this book-less period & decided I didn’t need to keep all these books. (I know. I know. I’m still ashamed of myself LOL) Anyway, I kept Danger in the Shadows but sold the rest of the O’Malley series to Half-Price Books for pittance. And now I want them back.


This fave series by Terri Blackstock (and her Newpointe 911 series, too) was another victim of what I call the Dark Ages (see above) and some shopper at Half Price Books now has my copies.

disappeared from Kindle unlimited

I really like this prayer resource and refer to it often. I have it in print but i liked having it on Kindle Unlimited too since I have my kindle with me pretty much all the time. I returned it briefly to read another book and when I went to borrow it again it was gone! WAIL!

What about you? What are some books you’ve loaned or sold or donated that you wish you could get back?


49 responses to “Top Ten Tuesday: Books I’d Like Back, Please

  1. Andi

    Nice twist. I am still pretty brain dead so I did the besties topic I missed. I’m kicking myself for not keeping The Harry Potter series, The Love Comes Softly series, childhood favorites like Charolette’s Web, Anne of Green Gables, The Ramona series and so many more!

    • oh ouch. Love Comes Softly hurts, doesn’t it? I found the original set on ebay for only $20 not too long ago! (because I loaned it to my grandmother & don’t know what happened to it after she died)

      • RS

        All three of those are great series. I was so excited last year when I found my 20 or so Thoroughbred books in the attic, having assumed I’d gotten rid of them in high school. They held up, so now I’m having a lot of fun scoping out thrift stores and used book sales for additional books. It’s nice having a low-key quest. Tempted to do the same for Saddle Club — those illustrated covers were always so pretty, and the photo covers are awesome — but should probably only manage one horse book obsession at a time…

  2. I was having a conversation with someone about this the other day about how I wish I had kept all my Babysitters Club and Sweet Valley books from when I was younger.

  3. Tracey Hagwood

    I gave my mom a book of stories on the origin of hymns that she really wanted for her birthday one year, she later lent it to the pastor’s wife. Several years went by and it was never returned, she said she was going to ask for it back. Pastor’s wife said since they had moved it was still in a box but she would look for it. Another year goes by and my mom goes on to be with Jesus. I really wanted that book back because it was a sentimental gift. Like you, it’s been close to 25 years ago and even though I really like this person, I think it’s so disreputable for her to ask to borrow it and not return it. So, how’s that for an “I’d like that book back, please”?

  4. Patsy Curry

    What a terrible testimony for a Pastor’s wife! My husband is a pastor of an inner city church. Our ladies were not aware of Christian fiction. I wanted to loan my books out but was discouraged when books were not returned. I now look for my favorites at thrift shops. Those are the ones I loan out and I still have my favorite copies to keep.

  5. I grew up reading the Danny Orlis series (think Nancy Drew or Trixie Belden, but Christian) and had almost the entire series. In weak moment, a number of years back, when needing more bookshelf space, I sold them at my garage sale. 🙁

  6. Rebecca Maney

    I have given so many books to my church library, which I have access to, but apparently not when I want them “right now”! I end up buying them again. . . . like all of Becky Wade, Kristi Hunter, Irene Hannon, etc. etc. etc.

    I totally get it!

  7. Janet Estridge

    As you know i volunteer in our Church Library.
    I will be more than happy to see if we have the books you are missing in our Church Library.
    We keep duplicates in case they are checked out and never come back. It happens all the time.
    Let me know when you get a chance.

  8. Cool twist! It’s really interesting seeing what books have traveled out of someone’s life, and even more which ones they want back in. (There is a Meez Carrie Regrets pun in here but darned if I can find it.)

    I am trying very hard not to think of an answer to your final questions, because NO REGRETS is the only way I can live with keeping my library under 1,000 (I can’t even keep a record of what I weed out, because I’ll come across it years later and be like “sounds interesting! let’s get it all back!”).

  9. Goodness! What a brilliant idea…I missed posting on Tuesday but just might do it anyway. I have a long list, but the ones that hurt the most is my set of Karen Hancock’s Legends of the Guardian Kings and W. Dale Cramer’s Sutter’s Cross. I lent them out and they were never returned…tears.

  10. The Secret Garden made my list this week, too! I don’t know where my copy went so I can’t even blame anyone for it! I just saw a production of it in the secret walled garden of a manor estate near where I live so I’m determined now to get myself a new copy.

  11. Rosalyn

    oh my. This list brought to memory some long forgotten books for me, too! 🙁 some I loaned out and were never returned, and others I used to own and got rid of in a desperate moment of decluttering…and wish I’d still have… 😉
    The Babysitters Club… yes, I had almost the entire set as a young girl. sigh
    Grace Livingston Hill collection…I had quite a few of these, and then decided I didn’t like them anymore. Now I wish I’d have kept them
    The Brides of Montclair series…one of the first complete series I had of CF. Then I sold them. I’ve found a few again, and have them, but alas, my copies now are not nearly as beautiful as those first ones!
    And I also know there are books that I’ve loaned out, here and there, and somehow they were never returned. A memory I have of this…my grandfather saw a book I was reading, this was when I was about 10, and he wanted to read it. I loaned it to him, and never got it back. Years later, they were putting their book collection up for an estate sale, and lo and behold…there it was! 🙂 He’s been gone now for about 5 years, but I still have to smile when I think of him keeping my book. 😉
    Enough rambling..thanks so much for sharing! Have a wonderful Wednesday!

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