Top Ten Tuesday: ‘Ugly Cry’ Reads That I Loved

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Happy Tuesday, my friends! Today’s Top Ten Tuesday theme is ‘Books I Enjoyed That Are Outside of My Comfort Zone’. And let’s face it – one of my comfort zones is laughter and swoons. I am very picky about the books I choose to read outside of that ‘safe place’, and these ‘ugly cry’ reads are totally worth every night you muffle your sobs into your pillow or startle strangers in public by bursting into gutwrenching tears.

In fact – Catherine West. Lori Benton. Brandy Bruce. Jolina Petersheim. Jennifer Rodewald. Tessa Afshar. Cynthia Ruchti. Patricia Beal. Heidi Chiavaroli. Melanie Dobson – anytime I pick up a book by one of these authors I know I’m in for at least one cry, be it an ugly cry or just a delicate sniffle. I chuckle sometimes too. And swoon at other times. But the ones I’ve selected for today’s list are the ones where the emotion still lingers in me when I think about these stories. No matter how long ago it was read. You can’t go wrong with any read from these amazing authors, but this list are the really special ones.


What about you? What are some ‘ugly cry’ reads that you really loved? What’s your comfort zone in reading?

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53 responses to “Top Ten Tuesday: ‘Ugly Cry’ Reads That I Loved

  1. DeAnna Dodson

    I’ll have to think about books that make me ugly cry, but I just wanted to say I really love this category, and I’m eager to see what everyone says.

    I love a nice ugly cry now and again. As long as there is a happy ending, I can face anything. 😀

  2. Winnie Thomas

    All Manner of Things by Susie Finkbeiner and Whose Waves These Are by Amanda Dykes. And yes to Hidden Among the Stars, Where Hope Begins, and A Fragile Hope.

  3. I’m really not an “ugly cry” kind of reader. I feel like life can be hard, so when it comes to reading (or movies), I tend to steer AWAY from all the ugly crying… or I try to! 😉

  4. Andi

    My two ugly cry books this year were All Manner of Things by Susie Finkbeiner an My Dearest Dietrich by Amanda Barratt. I’m reading As the Light Fades by Catherine West and I know I will be ugly crying. I actually like a book that makes me ugly cry because it means I’m going to remember it.

  5. There are some on here that I haven’t read but I definitely agreed with the ones I did. Blue Columbine, Where Hope Begins, and The Last Summer are heartwrenching!

  6. I have a similar post, but only one book on my list shows up here. Just proves there are plenty of uncomfortable books in CF! LOL! Great books on your list.

  7. patsy curry

    I haven’t read all the books on your list but A Flight of Arrows and Blue Columbine were gut wrenching.

  8. Rebecca Maney

    Yes, Blue Columbine, A Fragile Hope and Where Hope Begins tore my heart in two. I had to put the books down and begin reading something else before I could continue. Oh, and Flight of Arrows, definitely an emotional read.

    Crossing Oceans and Confessions of X are two other books that completely broke my heart with their emotional intensity.

  9. Tracey Hagwood

    I loved Land of Silence and A Fragile Hope! One I just recently read that tore me up was Until the Mountains Fall by Connilyn Cossette and definitely needs to be on the ugly cry list.

  10. Patty

    I just finished How the Light Gets In last night! Had to get out of bed and grab a tissue. I was glad my husband wasn’t there yet, because he just wouldn’t understand…

  11. Misty Beller

    Love these Carrie! My favorite ugly cry book is This Same Sky by Joanne Bischof. I think I cried for two days after finishing it! ❤️

  12. Oh my goodness… to be among such fantastic books! Thank you. Here’s a confession: I keep the ugly cry books spaced out too (although, to be honest, I rarely actually cry). Research and then writing them takes it out of a girl. 😉 But if I were to list a fave that did make me cry, it would be This Quiet Sky by Joanne Bischof.

  13. MJSH

    I haven’t read Patricia Beal or Lori Benton yet but the others…..yes, those were ugly cry books that I read slowly to savor all that emotion. Just started Catherine West’s newest As the Light Fades and already have my box of tissues ready.

  14. I’ve read Blue Columbine and it wrecked me, Land of Silence too. Started A Season to Dance and Freedoms Ring is on my TBR pile
    Two other books were Covenant Child by Terri Blackstock and Divine by Karen Kingsbury

  15. Pam Graber

    I see you have Heidi Chiavaroli’s Freedom’s Ring on here. Her book Hidden Side is the one that made me sob!

  16. I’m going to have to write these ugly cry reads down. I like a good ugly cry book every once in a while. My favorites are probably Bright Side by Kim Holden and When It Rains by Lisa De Jong. Those two had me blubbering like a baby, but were so, so good. They’re on a list the Huffington Post put out a few years ago of Ugly Cry books. I pull books off that list when I want a good cry.

      • Rachael Merritt

        I just finished “Whose Waves These Are”…I think that makes the top of my list. I don’t cry, but “heart in throat” must count. How The Light Gets In and Where Hope Begins would definitely make the list as well!

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